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October 27, 2017 6:27 pm

Shriners- So Much More than Just Clowning Around

Saturday, March 18, 2017 @ 7:15 AM

Shrine Clowns ham it up with a  patient – image courtesy Shriners of BC &Yukon Child Services Society

Prince George, B.C. – With so many  fund raising  projects underway  for a variety of children’s health services,  the  Shriners may get lost in the shuffle,  but they are still very active,  and still  improving the lives of some very special children,

“The challenge we have is that  we’re not all that overt”  says Prince George Shriner, Scott Harriman.   While  the Shriners’ presence is most often noted in parades where  Shriner clowns are on  mini motorcycles,  or  walking along the parade route,  there  weren’t  any parades in Prince George last year. “We haven’t really  been  in the public eye” says Harriman,  “We sell some tickets part way through the year,  people see us there,  we help  the Salvation Army with its Kettle drive,  We’re out there,   but we don’t pump our own tires.”  What they are doing is planning their  presence at special events,   like the Bryan Adams concert in Prince George,  where   they  raised $10 thousand dollars through the sale of CDs.

The dollars raised  go  towards  covering the cost of transportation, accommodation and treatment at  any  one of the  Shriner’s  22 hospitals  which offer specialized care for children with  orthopaedic,  spinal cord injury, burn  or cleft palate needs.

Over  the past three years,  the Shriners of British Columbia & Yukon Child Services Society has  helped 824 patients from B.C. and the Yukon visit  one of the two of the Shriners Hospitals for Children   in the west,   one in Portland Oregon, the other, in in Spokane.  Those visits were covered  in full by the Shriners,  all $5.38 million dollars worth.

The Shriners also  help families of children who  need  special  equipment,  such as  wheelchairs  and prosthetics and then there’s  the “Shriners in the Community Fund”. “This  is where our club will gather up some money  and we will put  it into various places where it needs to go  right here in the community” says Harriman, “Lets say your grand daughter needs a special wheelchair and it’s not covered  by insurance,  that’s the next step we are taking.”

There are more than  80 Shrine clubs throughout BC and Yukon all working towards the common goal…for the kids, but  in  today’s world  where social media has demonized clowns, Shriner  Rod Holmes says   he has changed his  approach “This past year,   with   all the nonsense that’s  been going on,  I’m working  on a character clown  so I’m not the white faced clown  so many are afraid of,  I’m  somebody who blows up balloons and has  fun  for the kids.”  Holmes  eyes  fill with tears   as he  talks about the  mission  of the Shriners ” You know,  you  put a smile a on a kid’s face  and  you fix their body,   I  mean , what’s wrong with that?  That’s what it’s all about,   that’s why we do what we do.”

If you know of a child in need of this kind of assistance, the Shriners may be able to help.

For more information about Shriners Hospitals for Children or the Shriners in the Community Fund call  toll free 1-800-661-KIDS (5437), or e-mail services@bcshriners.com


Fantastic work guys..keep it up. Dont need to be in the spotlight to do good for all

At first glance I thought the ndp had opened their campaign office with John Horgan in town along with Bobby and what’s her name sporting their Sunday best courting a 2029 voter:D

Fine work by the Shriners unless the kids are afficted by coulrophobia.

    What, yet another BC Liberal photo op? I can’t wait for the election writ to drop because the situation is getting “comical”.

      You do have a problem! Your fixation on one issue appears to be dominating your entire life! And it is not comical at all!

    That was FUNNY!

      The picture is easily mistaken for an ndp rally as the party is run like a clown car. Former drivers Carol James and Adrian Dix now sit in the back seat with Horgan at the wheel…..by the fall he will join James and Dix in the back and Eby will be driving around in circles because they lost the road map a LONG time ago:P

    Sparrow, without a doubt, the very best comment of the day!

    For another laugh, I read BH’s comment where he tries to hijack your comment and turn it against the Liberals, haha! Not an original thought in his head!

These Shriners are amazing with the the work they do on behalf of all kids.
Got a ton of respect for this group.

Eby should be body slammed! Been Human at it again! Thank you Sparrow for balancing his usually inane, dribble posts out. The unfortunate thing about the Shriners is that this is another fund raising effort! They do awesome work, but I bet you over the years their efforts have dropped off big time! Way too many fund raising projects, raffles etc! I donate my time, not money, to Hospice House! I do buy a house raffle every year as I know all funds go back to Hospice! Hey BM, who do you donate to, the NDP or do you support a legitimate business? Bwahahahah!

Is there as cure for NDP tunnel vision based on denial of verifiable plain evidence?

We do not have a right wing dictatorship, we do not have a left wing dictatorship , we have a democracy which enables us to vote for or against a party according to our preference! Cynical and derogatory remarks are accomplishing nothing. Pity those who confuse politics with religion and act as if they are on a mission to convert others to their point of view, the one they are convinced is the only correct one!

Good post Prince George. Right on topic as usual. I suggest that you read the article and then post on subject instead of being in such a rush to belittle anyone who doesn’t agree with your politics.

Why does a feel good story about the Shriners have to turn into a pissing match between the usual suspects?

News flash, your constant bickering isn’t going to win anyone to your collective sides. If anything, it just makes all y’all look foolish and petty.

Another reason 250 has for shutting down Friday Free for All. This is a good story for a good cause, but look what happens. If you can’t keep politics out of it, gonna lose it.

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