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October 27, 2017 6:27 pm

Cash for Fan Con

Saturday, March 18, 2017 @ 10:56 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  “One of the most important  sectors in the Province today is  the creative industry” says MLA Shirley Bond.  That’s why the  Province has kicked in  some cash to  FanCon.


FanCon’s Norm Coyne talks about opportunities

Bond   says the creative  sector is driving the economy,  with  nearly 300 television  and film productions   which accounted for direct spending of $2 billion dollars in 2016.


“When  you think about what that does for the economy, it’s pretty   amazing” said Bond “The British Columbia   motion picture industry  supports 25 thousand direct and indirect jobs  and one of the things that is so important for us, is we are  on the same time zone as Los Angeles and that makes a big difference for us.”

FanCon  2017, an entertainment expo,   is slated for  May 5th – 7th in Prince George  and this year,  there is  an addition to the  celebrity signings.   It’s called “Creative Corner” and with  a  cash boost of $20 thousand dollars from the Province,   Creative Corner will  feature  jobs  in the television and film industry  that are “behind the scenes”.  Bond says Creative Corner will provide  people with an opportunity to think about a career in the creative industries. “We don’t get the chance to  showcase those kinds of opportunities for  young people.”

The Creative Corner   will look like a career  fair says Bond and will have  guest speakers who are film industry professionals “There will be screen writers,  directors,  sound engineers,  special effects designers.   Young people will have the chance to go right up to a booth and ask questions about   what that  could mean for them.”

There will also be  workshops led by industry experts.



Go ahead Shirley throw some more cash out there. We the tax payers have plenty of it before an election. Everything is so important all of a sudden.

    oldman1, some people are always complaining that no money is ever spent in the northern regions of BC, and now that money is heading our way, some of those very same people are complaining that money is being spent in northern BC!

    So, are you one of “those” people, haha?

      Get bent. Money suddenly being spent up here for the sole reason of getting your Libtard friends and representatives re-elected is not the same as money being spent to support and address regional concerns.

      The tightie rightie objects of your love nickel and dime this region for four years; however, at election they start throwing chicken feed out and everyone here should be so grateful for the scratch that we all should run out and give them another four years at the trough.

      They should be voted out for insulting the intelligence of voters in this region. Unfortunately, the past history of elections proves them right in that the intelligence of the average right wing voter is low. Bond and the other Lib shills that pass for “representatives” are comfortable in the fact that if they throw out a handful of chicken feed here every four years, their base will flock dutifully to the polls, out of gratitude for a few grains, and give them another four years of porking out in public trough.

      And if the shoe was on the other foot money would be being spent to get the SayAnythingJohn dippers elected

“One of the most important sectors in the Province today is the creative industry… Bond says the creative sector is driving the economy…”

Gee, I thought the Forest Industry was our most important industry and driver of our economy, I guess I was mistaken.

    Peeps, looks like you need some more coffee today!

    Shirley said that the creative industry is “one of the most important sectors in the Province today”!

    How does that take away anything from your thought that the Forest Industry was our most important industry and driver of our economy?

    If the Forest Industry is “the most important”, can not the creative industry also be “one of the most important”?

    Another “Oops” perhaps Peeps?

      Goes along with peeps claims about mining claims. Typing before brain in gear.

    The biggest employers in the province are: Construction – 205,000 jobs; Manufacturing – 164,000 jobs; Tourism – 127,000 jobs; Real estate and property development – 121,000 jobs; Technology sector employs 84,000 people; The film (creative) sector adds an additional 36,000 jobs.

    When it comes to paying for big ticket services and items like schools, hospitals, etc. the “creative industry” (Film, TV, Publishing) ranks nearly dead last. So much for the creative industry “being one of the most important sectors in the Province today.” Sorry Shirley, you’ve just been fact checked.

    ht tp://credbc.ca/wp-content/uploads/2014/03/Screen-Shot-2014-03-12-at-12.46.20-PM.png

No forest industry and the jobs it producers not on the radar. We have been here for 100 years building communities and today these bandits just want to tie their strings to the future maybes, Got no problem with the future but to day we have a forest industry that’s being destroyed by this governments inaction over the past 16 years and that’s a fact.

    Millman change your name to whiner. You haven’t worked in the forest industry since you got fired for being a lazy loser.

Considering the amount of young folk who are going to the Vancouver and Edmonton Fan Cons from here, and the attendance here last year, makes good business sense.

Maybe the Libs should take that money and spend it to ensure the people working in such an “important” sector of the economy aren’t being exploited and abused by the owners of the “Dream Factory”.

You know, like enforcing rules that prevent unpaid overtime, brutal working conditions and low wages, instead of creating a special class of “technology workers” that allow film studios both large and small to avoid virtually all of the existing labour laws that cover virtually every other worker in this province.

The working conditions of workers in the animation and VFX industries in this province are ridiculous.

Yeah, they should allow VFX and animation workers to set up a panel to let young people know what they can expect if they go to work in film industry of this province. For example, such great things like unpaid overtime, forced work schedules and removal of credit for work done on a film if you quit or are dismissed, even if the work you did is used in the film.

Look up some of the stories about the working conditions at the animation studio that did the work on “Sausage Party” if a person wants to see what it is really like to be a “valued member” of the “important creative industry” in this province. LOL

It took a s**tstorm of bad publicity for the remaining workers on that production to finally get paid for their overtime hours. People who had left the production got screwed both financially and credit wise.

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