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October 27, 2017 6:27 pm

Peden Hill Scene of Multiple Vehicle Crash

Saturday, March 18, 2017 @ 8:47 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Eastbound Highway 16  heading down Peden Hill in Prince George, is closed to traffic  following a number of crashes.

Prince George RCMP  say  there are multiple vehicles involved in the crash, but at this time, there is no word on injuries.

Multiple  tow trucks have been called to the scene. Peden Hill downhill ( eastbound) is closed to traffic until the  crash scene can be cleared.

Callers to 250News have indicated  Peden Hill is very slick this evening.

Further information will be  shared when it becomes available.



Right in the curve above Cowart no doubt. All that water running across the road is wonderful. YRB needs to do something about that.

    It’s epidemic in PG having ditches not maintained and spring run off undermining the road surfaces. If they can use the grave sites of our veterans for a road side run off pool than they can do it just about anywhere.

    The Danson industrial site and feeder roads is another example of not maintaining road run off infrastructure and then paying huge dollars in road repairs at a later date. Out of sight for city managers so out of mind is how it goes.

I bet YRB has been called out for sand.

same thing coming south (i think) from the unbc just before the ridge housing
turn off, water all over the road then a quick freeze in the evening.

surely the professional bus drivers would figure this out and put a report in to their supervisor.

Geez, hope no serious injuries or fatalities took place. This hill is becoming very notorious with deaths and multiple crashes, etc. My blessings to all the people involved!

A little bit of grader work on the shoulders to reroute the water from crossing the road would end this yearly problem.

    Who is responsible for maintenance of that hill? Maybe someone needs a hefty fine or the contract taken away. If ice was the issue on the road then it should have been taken care of. Too often this is happening and it appears they send their workers home at 5PM or don’t send them out in the morning until 8AM after everyone has crashed.

    How bout ditching to get rid of runoff? How bout driving defensively. Too many tailgaters coming down that hill, can’t see what’s in front of them for the bumper they’re following.

It is not so much hill but the speed traveled on it. The limit is 60 but 70 or more is the norm. Most vehicles these days have outside temperature indicators well use it especially in this country.

always in a hurry to get nowhere.

    So true!

It’s gotten much worse since the intersection upgrade at Cowart Road for the downhill traffic.

It use to be maybe five six cars turning left to Cowart road during rush hour and since the dedicated left turn signal was put in its more like twenty or thirty cars turning left at a time with the left turn lane backed up past the Costco turn off. The result is traffic backing up past the corner on Peden Hill and it catches the traffic off guard having to stop on a slippery sloped corner.

I think the left turn to Cowart road should be removed completely and have said so numerous times in the past. Look at all that traffic funnelled into side residential streets in College Heights… I bet more traffic uses Cowart road to get to lower College Heights than even the main feeder route of Domano since it was made more convenient with the left turn upgrade.

The province knows this. It’s part of their cost cutting plans in not upgrading that section of highway. Instead they shunt the highway traffic onto city residential streets. Same thing happens at the left turn from highway 97 to highway 16 at the casino… they shunt it all onto Ferry past the school with a short turn light that only allows three cars at a time to use the highway left turn and shorten the through light at Ferry to allow more traffic to take the short cut on city streets past the school and through a residential neighbourhood.

In the case of Peden Hill if the removed the left turn signal and completed the Ospika overpass connector we could have half the traffic from St Lawrance Heights and above using Ospika and thus half the traffic on Peden Hill, so no more congestion at the Domano and Tyner intersection.

It’s just poor planning to cheep out on proper highway infrastructure and the city goes alone with it because we have weak minded politicians with no vision and just concerned about their own short cut home. IMHO

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