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October 27, 2017 6:26 pm

Sale of New BC Plates Hits Milestone

Sunday, March 19, 2017 @ 10:16 AM

Prince George, B.C. – 10,000 and counting.

That’s how many new BC Parks specialty license plates have been sold in less than eight weeks after they were unveiled in January.

The three designs – of a Kermode bear found only in B.C., the Purcell Mountains and Porteau Cove – are available for $50 and for an annual renewal fee of $40 to keep the plate.

“The license plates allow motorists to show their support, while ensuring BC Parks has additional funds to invest in new programs and improvements,” says the Ministry of Environment. “To date, approximately $150,000 will go toward the Park Enhancement fund as a result of the plate sales.”


Awesom looking plates but too expensive for my budget, must have to give the ICBC executives another ease or get another bonus for doing such an outstanding job! Bwahahahah! Give everybody over 60 a reduced rate then I would get one and would also renew it!

    Not for me, just a waste of money. BUT, they could do a retirement plate for us veterans of the provincial system and make it free!

      For one Canadian dollar you could make a big “O” and put it in your back window…..

I wish the Blue Paint would just stay on, second Set same. 20 plus Year Plates on the old Pickup and the Blue stays on! Nothing new lasts anymore!

    Did the liberals use the lowest bidder employing tfw’s to paint them?

      Careful Dumbfounded, the Liberal supporters will throw a hissy fit and get these comments shut down again.

Now our government is using the same kind of tactics that some charities do to raise discretionary funds for “environmental” purposes? The progression of this type of policy could lead to government representatives telling us they can no longer afford to maintain parks unless people are willing to donate the money.

What’s perhaps more galling than a crown corporation using our insurance premiums to cook up and execute these schemes with our money, would be the fact that people aren’t outraged about it, and that there are seemingly legions of British Columbians stupid enough to pay out of pocket for it. Amazing. Truly amazing.

So, 30% of the fee goes to the parks programs, presumably the $10 difference in the renewal fee represents the cost of the plates themselves or 20% of the original. My question is where does the other 50% or $25 of the fee go? Perhaps more money for them to gamble with in the financial markets? Our governments are completely out of control.

What does a plate with Christy Clark cost? $20,000 and you can renew it every year also. I don’t know if the paint falls off.

    good one

    Careful with that political commentary or they’ll shut down comments on this thread too.

as usual nothing but negative comments. Didn’t your parents ever teach you people “if you can’t say something nice keep you trap shut” personally, I think they are nicer then the plain boring white and blue we’ve had for the last ???? years.
as for paint or anything else staying on, nothing is made like it use to be, get over it. According to some of you – everything shud be free just cos your old.

    I liked the joe Blow comment. twobits–that’s not nice to say keep your trap shut. I know it sucks to be old.

    bud you should have stayed in school??

    The plates are awesome! Careful Liberal supporters, Been Human is being his usual self, which is insignificant! And it is better than the usual boring Canadian plate, great colour! Wonder if they make these for motorcycles, would look great on my Harley! Good post twobits! Free for 60 and older at least!

Careful oldman1, too much rightful criticism of our ruling government might offend their loyal followers, they will complain, and comments can be deleted.

It’s a Number Plate, not a Fashion Statement

Didn’t mean to offend anybody – just did it for fun. BTW I like the new plates, just don’t know which to pick mmmm maybe I’ll get one of each LOL

There is a set of personalized plates for sale on kijiji. The guy wants around $350.00 for “Fish On”

The blue paint stays on just fine as long as you don’t smash into other vehicles in parking lots.

    Lol good one

    No it doesn’t, plate three years old the blue on the numbers is peeling off and the plate is even separating. I have plates from1954 right up to the last time they stamped the year on them in 1969, no paint coming off of those. All garbage they use now, I’ll be going for a new plate and there better not be a cost to me for t he junk they sell you.

      The plates nowadays are probably painted with some “environmentally friendly” crap that is coming out these days. Even Roundup doesn’t kill anything anymore..

If people want to pay more money for a pretty picture on their plate then more power to them. It’s their money to use in whatever way they wish. My issue with the plates is that they have poor contrast, making the license number hard to read.

    Most idiots don’t clean their plates off so they can be read anyway and the idiots that get paid to enforce it don’t.

I am with you twobits. Something new from the ordinary.

For that price they should come solar powered.

I am going to go put on APRIL WINE the whole worlds going crazy (on vinyl) crank it and crack a beer.Life is short , enjoy it.

Most people here do not know that they pay a fee of 18 dollars for the plain blue number plates.

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