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October 27, 2017 6:26 pm

Collision Knocks Out Power to Over 300 Hydro Customers

Sunday, March 19, 2017 @ 4:09 PM

Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – A one-vehicle collision has knocked out power to over 350 BC Hydro customers.

A witness tells 250News a logging truck hit a power pole at the corner of 17th Avenue and Spruce Street at around 3:45 p.m.and kept on going.

BC Hydro estimates they’ll be on scene to repair the damage later this hour. No word yet on when power is expected to be fully restored.



The driver may not have been aware he hit the pole

    That’s just as bad as hitting it and driving off.

    That’s a scary thought. The driver might not have been aware. He hit a van loaded with a family. What the hell is a logging truck doing at 17th and Spruce

      He hit a van loaded with a family?

      The city allows heavy trucks access to the whole city, old news.

      The irony is palpable. An anchored log in servitude being taken out by a load of roaming logs . Keep that guy away from mister PG .

      @Dumbfounded dpj noted the driver might not off noted he/she they hit a pole. Obviously on aware. Is this the kind of person you would like driving a logging truck in a residential area Once again dumbfounded. Why is a logging truck driving on 17th and Spruce. I have never noticed a logging truck driving on Victoria street. I have seen logging truck drivers for sometime and they don’t to seem give a damn about others on the road.

      Mr PG is not made out of wood anymore, he is sheet metal and fiberglass. Think they said his new body is a septic tank.

      The original was made of wood, I heard a story that that one was cut down with a chainsaw long ago but that may be a wives tale

NO Dumbfounded, the city does not allow logging trucks there. If they find out who did it, he’ll be in very deep doo-doo.

    Thank you

    The city does not allow logging trucks there? Please show proof of that? They do not allow the PARKING of a heavy truck on city streets, but there is no restrictions on the travel of a heavy truck.

    It seems most on here assume that the possible logging truck was loaded, but frankly in that area and being on a Sunday when no mill is open if it was a logging truck it was likely an empty truck and a local resident making a pass by to his home for one reason or another.

      The city allows parking of trucks for 3 hours at a time.

      Stomp’in, someone finally got it right, thankyou.

    YES Dirtman they do. Trucks have 24 hr 7day a week access to residential neighbourhoods for 3 hrs at a time. Look it up on the city bylaw page. That’s why our hoods are infested with trucks parked in driveways everywhere.

If it indeed was a logging truck involved in the incident it most likely was the trailer which made contact with the pole and not the truck itself, a truck making a tight turn and the trailer swung over the curb and clipped the pole?

Either way it would be nearly impossible for the driver to not have noticed the extra drag from making contact with such a pole and if indeed that is what happened he most likely fled because he scared himself an is indeed a very poor driver and a bad person to have on the road.

Truck drivers are like the rest of society, there are some who are very good, there are many who are average and there are a few who are real idiots who make the rest look bad.

    Agreed, this driver knew he hit something and fled the scene.

As someone already stated, It is unlikely that it would have been a loaded logging truck. It was most likely a cab with rig on the back.


    No, it was most likely a truck pulling either a hayrack or train. The truck in your picture would have to have a drunk driver half a sleep to make contract with that pole.

Of course the driver knew he/she hit the pole, it is ridiculous to think otherwise. The driver should be charged with failing to remain at the scene.

It was probably a Nodwell heading for the bush! Jeez, talk about assumptions, LOL!

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