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October 27, 2017 6:25 pm

Doherty Headed to Washington to Advocate for Softwood Lumber Deal

Monday, March 20, 2017 @ 11:24 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Todd Doherty will be in the U.S. capital over the next three days.

The Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP will meet with over thirty U.S. lawmakers to discuss several issues, including the need for a new Softwood Lumber Agreement.

“This week’s trip to Washington presents an opportunity to talk about issues that matter to most Canadians, including softwood lumber, NAFTA, the environment and defence spending,” he said.

“I know that the hardworking forestry families in my riding of Cariboo-Prince George are looking for answers on how the lumber industry will remain competitive with US tariffs expected as early as this spring.”

Doherty adds the meetings are a chance to “build a consensus with our American counterparts.” He also couldn’t resist a dig at the federal government.

“The reality remains that we have now been without a Softwood Lumber Agreement for the better part of a year-and-a-half. Prime Minister Trudeau failed to make this a priority when he first took office, and the Liberal government has been playing catch up ever since. Canadians are getting tired of waiting for answers.”



Great to hear. Go get ’em Todd.

Although, I’m quite surprised Cullen isn’t going as well.

“The reality remains that we have now been without a Softwood Lumber Agreement for the better part of a year-and-a-half. Prime Minister Trudeau failed to make this a priority when he first took office, and the Liberal government has been playing catch up ever since. Canadians are getting tired of waiting for answers.”

The Softwood Lumber Agreement expired on October 12, 2015 and the Liberals were elected on October 19th, 2015. So who let that agreement expire without renegotiating it? A responsible government would have negotiated a new Softwood Lumber Agreement and had it take effect on October 13th, 2015, so there would be no softwood trade interruptions.

    Yeah, I noticed that too. Conservatives had a whole mandate to work on that. But I can see the US lawmakers really having a turn of heart when an MP who is a member of the opposition reasons with them. Well worth the thousands of dollars that will be spent for him to make this trip.

    I mean, it’s not like I have to work hard or anything to pay my taxes. Good to know they’re going for flights and hotels and not stupid things like health and education.

    If you were to actually pay attention you might of learned something the Liberal government did try on numerous occasions to reopen negotiations but the US government had zero interest in opening negotiations mostly due to it being an election year for the yanks and they had no interest in opening negotiations during an election year.

    Instead of looking for skeletons to bring out might want to do so actual legwork for a change and you won’t get foot in mouth disease

      You mean Conservatives – right?

      Anyhow, my point is if the Conservative couldn’t get it done in a whole mandate it seems to me disingenuous that in opposition the same Conservatives expect the Liberals to get it done in less than a year. The Conservatives had to negotiate with Obama and the Liberals have to negotiate with Trump.

      Thing is, there won’t be a deal until the Americans see it in their best interest.

      And sending an MP who can do nothing about it is just a waste of money.

      Ski51, right on! This opposition MP may do plenty of harm by suggesting solutions that are not endorsed by or not in the negotiating agenda of the Federal Liberal (the official Canadian) government! The Americans will use anything that is to their advantage, including unauthorized opposition meddling. Scary matter which shows that Canada does not stand 100% behind those who have the mandate to do the negotiating!

I think we are sunk now.

    as far as I can search there is no indication that he knows the difference between a toothpick and a 2×4

Who would you send?

So a politician who doesn’t have the ability to sign any agreement with the US is heading there why ? Another vacation on the taxpayers dollar ? When they look up who he is and ask why you ? Might as well sent Cullen as well. Get a package deal ( for travel and sight seeing going on ).

What could possibly go wrong?
Actually he probably can’t do any harm.
Canada already has a strong negotiating team with federal and provincial representation and support from the industry. However as noted above it’s hard for Canada to make a deal without American engagement. This issue really should be non-partisan and it appears that the transition from Conservative to Liberal was pretty seamless.
Doherty is just showboating.

    Precisely! Let’s hope he does not charge us taxpayers for his showboating expedition!

If Christy is so up about jobs in BC why are ferries built off shore?

    Called $. You really want an IPP type deal in BC Ferries? If BC shipyards are competitive why didn’t they bid on the contract. There was a call to tender years ago

    Only the NDP try to create jobs with taxpayer money, much like the 10 buck a day daycare which will cost 1.5 billion a year to create a supposed 69,000 jobs or a government subsidy of 21k a job. Hoagie says we all like large deficits using Trudeau’s election as a perfect example that Canadians are not interested in surplus or balanced budgets,

      Yes good point that would turn into an IPP type costly build. Interesting how Christy was going to look into the IPP contracts then nothing, guess she was told to shutup by her handlers. Even The Tyee seems to have ditched the IPP contract irregularities alone since their first report unless I missed it as don’t go there much. I am suspecting much green money being made off those contracts especially the wind generators.

      Yeah. Right. Like Site C, highway construction and trying to promote LNG with cheap electricity and tax breaks isn’t creating jobs with taxpayers money.

      I guess all the cost overruns on the Port Mann bridge and Vancouver’s convention centre wasn’t taxpayers money when all those projects were all government initiated projects to create work for iron workers in Vancouver.

      I guess now we know why that “Union” wants their members to vote LibCred.

Maybe Doherty is going to Washington to finish the job of getting our city twinned.

good luck. hope we get fair value. it’s a valuable resource: and limited. we haven’t yet logged second growth in the North. we need good value for our wood.

Mr. Doherty Goes to Washington.

It can’t hurt. I think this is what he was elected to do. Hopefully he can talk up the US housing market and their need for our wood, as well maybe get some insights into any potential border adjustment tax and make some early arguments against this for softwood lumber.

    Toad is going to Washington to make friends with people who have connections to Russia. You know, preparing for the next election. Learning how to leak information and to who, learning how to not have a server connected to Russian banks….you know, good stuff.

So why is he going?
Is he part of the negotiating committee?
Who set up his meetings with the 30 lawmakers?
Is he sent by the government?
Can any MP just decide to discuss government matters with foreign countries even if they’re not part of the governing party?
If he’s not sent on government business, do the expenses still become part of his paid expense account?

    All valid questions! I can visualize a recent Conservative PM blowing his stack upon discovering that a Liberal, Green, PQ or NDP member of parliament is about to go negotiating with any foreign country without having been asked by the Government of Canada to do so! In my opinion he is interfering with the usual normal and legitimate process that has been standard practice and respected in the past!

    Strange times indeed! The Trump methods already appear to be taking a foothold in Canadian Conservative politics.

His portfolio is , opposition critic for fisheries and oceans . So far I have yet to see him do his job on his file . His private members bills have had nothing to do with His Job . Has he ever met with a fisher , a cannery worker or anyone in the biz ? A charter captain ? Has he ever met a barnacle , mussel , herring ? Has he been to an oil spill yet ? He either can’t do his job or he doesn’t care about responsibility like the rest of the cons .

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