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October 27, 2017 6:22 pm

Provincial Funding for School Improvements

Thursday, March 23, 2017 @ 10:11 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Prince George School District is set to receive $900,000 in school improvement funds from the provincial government.

The School Enhancement Program dollars will go towards plumbing line and heating, ventilation and air conditional systems upgrades at Edgewood, Foothills, Nukko Lake, Pineview and Blackburn elementary schools.

Prince George School Board Chair Tim Bennett

Tim Bennett, Prince George School Board chair, welcomes the announcement.

“Anytime the school district receives additional money it’s always a good news story. The School Enhancement Program was announced by the provincial government a few years ago, and is a grant application process that our staff put a lot of hours into to identify projects to apply for.”

He adds the projects would have went ahead anyways through their annual $3 million facility grant but points out it will “allow that annual facility grant to go a little further.”

The Province says The School Enhancement Program is supporting 223 school projects around the province this year at a cost of $53 million.

It says the extra funds were made possible through “B.C.’s strong economy and balanced budget.”




The liberal purse strings sure get loose and easy with our money just before an election…

We need to have an election every year !

What we really need is for human beings to expand their memory beyond 3 to 6 months. Many of these things should have been done years ago, but they save up the goodies to before the election because it’s how to get re-elected. If the Liberals had done all this in the first year of their mandate – do you think anyone would remember? Think anyone would be talking about how 3 years ago they did all sorts of great things. Nope.

So, we are governed accordingly and this is why it doesn’t matter who is in power, prior to an election, all the good stuff comes.

And it’s why smart decisions don’t get made. If a decision can’t bear fruit within an election cycle, it is rarely made.

    pretty hard to dispute your comment, ski51!

    Beg to differ ski51, the BC Liberals did go out on a limb last election cycle (4 years) and made these promises;

    1. $1 Trillion dollar Prosperity Fund
    2. 40,000 LNG jobs
    3. Debt Free BC

    Of course none of those bore fruit… maybe that’s why they are staying away from the promises this election cycle, and are simply trying to “buy” the election.

      Every party in power does it. I remember living out in the boonies, and new that the roads will be upgraded every 4 years, because it was election time.

      No, I think you made my point. Just shortly before the last election they made those promises. Four years later they are just a dim memory in most minds. Unfortunately the more recent a memory, the more weight we give it, so, here we are again, and people are not focusing on what they Liberals didn’t do, they’re focusing on what they are doing, which I’m sure drives you crazy. It does me. Why do you think Justin Trudeau is breaking major campaign promises now. Because in 4 years from now it won’t seem all that important.

      But on LNG I think they get a bit of a pass because market conditions dictate how that’s going to go, and the market worsened after the election, and let’s not forget the significant challenges environmentalists put up which dragged out the approval process to the point no one was really interested in doing it anymore.

I agree with short term memory with public concerns, remember this when city council elections start, remember Mr Krause as suggested head of the Ft George park initiative for changing its name without heavy public consultation. Remember not to forget this also.

Looks like FFFA will be on ice till mid May as some people simply cannot contain themselves and their rants.

As Elaine posted last week,a reminder:

“250News is not a platform for any political party, and I am seriously considering putting the Friday Free for All on hiatus until after the election so this website will not be ‘used’ by political parties to further their bashing of each other.

-Elaine Macdonald-Meisner”

    Posted on Friday, March 17, 2017 @ 5:38 PM by sparrow with a score of 0

    You have my vote Elaine to suspend FFFA till after the election. Excellent idea.

    If the FFFA does get shut down it would be because sparrow has been “begging” for it to be shut down!

      Unlike some with the exception of the story on the Shriner clowns,where I could not resist cracking wise,I have respected Elaine’s wishes to refrain from politically partisan based comments.

      You on the other hand……..

      I expressed support for a hiatus for FFFA because seeing the same C&P drivel numerous times a week adds absolutely nothing to the conversation and gets boring pretty fast. If truth be told hold similar sentiments for the weekly exploits of Elan Musk or the latest links from wattsupwiththat.

      When you C&Ped my FFFA comment you somehow missed the question it contained let alone an answer.SO?

Please, Tim, don’t get them quoting you.” would have gone ahead anyway “.

It appears unappreciative.

” We are very grateful, for the additional $900,000 to allow us to do the best we can to improve the efficiencies of our schools. “

There has been well over 40 funding announcements in the last month with no end in sight. This government has no shame about using our money to make announcements about funding the services that we as taxpayers have every right to expect! Regardless of your political ideology this behaviour can only be seen as disingenuous, wasteful and should be illegal.

In 1999 Christy Clark had a melt-down in the legislature because the NDP spent $600 thousand on advertising budget implementation (two years before an election), but has no problem doubling the government advertising (now $15 million) budget 5 months before an election.

$900,000 for schools – $15 million for taxpayer funded advertising. Smells of desperation.

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