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October 27, 2017 6:22 pm

Watch Out for Slick Roads

Thursday, March 23, 2017 @ 11:29 AM

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Prince George, B.C. – The calendar may read spring but driving conditions continue to be winter-like in many areas around the city following last night’s dusting of snow.

250News is hearing multiple reports of slick roads in shaded areas all around town.

Problem spots include Foothills Boulevard – where this SUV went off the road around 10 this morning – and University Way.

In light of the roads police are reminding motorists to drive to conditions.


So in other words dthat person was driving too fast for the road conditions. I wonder how many are going to blame the city and YRB for not sanding the roads when they were driving on it instead of slowing down and driving for the conditions but then again not a lot of intelligent drivers out there either

    You can bet the driver will be blaming everyone but the driver that was behind the wheel.

      How could you possibly know that? Unless of course that is your vehicle.

did you two go out this morning the roads were ice not one hill sanded waiting for the sun to come out I crawled up university hill should have been sanded as you see on foothills not sanded either

    I was driving during the worst of the snow and I was driving to road conditions you also might want to learn that the city has so many trucks and can only be so many places at one time same with YRB so it falls to you as the driver to drive to road conditions if you can’t follow that one simple rule the question I have is how did you get your license?

      you must have a good job to been up that early to see the small amount of snow to fall all the hills were not sanded

      Dearth, that was excellent, you happen to be a good driver.
      I damn near died laughing this morning when a fella passed me and 6 other vehicles on Foothills heading for 15th, well over 60. I usually sing out, “Go ahead, get your ticket”, and lo and behold, he’s pulled over before 15th. Made my day (yah,it doesn’t take much!)
      With that little bit of snow, anyone who’s driven here a winter should know better, but as usual, blame everyone else.

      There are only a few bad spots at this time of year and everyone knows where they are, including the city. Sanding the very few bad spots that are well known at this time of year is not rocket science. There are enough sand trucks in the city to take care of these very few bad spots that do exist. Public safety, that’s why we pay taxes for sanding our streets.

    ultimately “YOU” are responsible for your vehicle. read the speed signs it says “MAXIMUM” not minimum speed.

I`ll bet Peden Hill wasn`t either and I know Hwy 16 east / Cariboo Hwy wasn’t, serious go slow time, black ice everywhere!!!!

Everyone made it except for one person, the roads could not have been that bad. Just simply a case of driving too fast for conditions.

This is a tricky time of the year, where it will slick up pretty fast. Just like November, when the pavement is colder than zero, and its easy to make ice.

I crawled down foothills at 9am doing 30km. Foot on the brake the entire time. Super slick with ice and it was all I could do to keep my car in control. Worst they have been the entire season.

The hills should have been sanded. Our City crews are on a different budget time frame now, ” cut back, after all it is March, won’t be that bad out there” It is still winter conditions out there, city should still be on top of it!!

    Starbright- Have to agree with you. The roads were terrible in the morning. As I have said before it appears they send their workers home at 5 PM and they don’t get out of bed in the morning until after 8AM. There is no excuse to leave the roads in the condition that they were this morning. Not even any maintenance on the main roads or hills.

One putz hits the ditch, the rest of us made it no problem… SOUND THE ALARMS!

    Good One!

3 cop cars 2 fire trucks and 1 ambulance. For an suv that stuck less than most rednecks are every weekend out 4x4ing.

    Man, you’d think our system was run by those communist Albertan NDPer’s eh X-it?

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