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October 27, 2017 6:19 pm

Earth Hour Results Are In

Sunday, March 26, 2017 @ 2:50 PM

Prince George, B.C. – BC Hydro says British Columbians saved 24 megawatt hours of electricity and reduced the provincial electricity load by 0.3 per cent during Earth Hour Saturday  night – the equivalent of turning off about 1.1 million LED lightbulbs.  However, in the northern part of the province electricity consumption was up.

Earth Hour is an annual global event hosted by the World Wildlife Fund that encourages individuals to turn off unnecessary lights and electronics in an effort to conserve power.  Nearly 190 countries and territories across seven continents participated by powering down between 8:30 and 9:30 Saturday night.

BC Hydro lists the following reduction in electricity load by region:

  • Lower Mainland: 16.5 megawatts less (0.4 per cent)
  • Vancouver Island: 3.3 megawatts less (0.2 per cent)
  • Southern Interior: 7.9 megawatts less (1.7 per cent)
  • Northern Interior: 3.4 megawatts more (0.4 per cent)

BC Hydro customers can view their individual electricity use for Saturday evening by logging onto their online account. They can get an hourly breakdown of their electricity use and compare it to the same time period the previous Saturday (March 18).


Beers warm! Who turned the Freak’in Fridge off???!!

Where is BH? There must be a copy and paste somewhere which shows this is the Liberals fault?

    The ‘snowflake” is probably doing some research in the library files on how the Liberals and Christy are at fault! Bwahahahah, love that one Stompin Tom! Give him time. BM will surface!

Just look at those figures, wow what a reduction, very successful. Do I need a sarc tag.

I am sure hydro had to say something for the politics. With those kind of figures and how variable load is by the minute I call BS.

I forgot to turn off my system. I use metal halides to power my solar panels which charge my batteries to power my fans to run my wind turbine.Not the most efficient system .I just have to apply for my subsidy from hydro.

    Well that made me chuckle out loud! :-)

      AND laugh too! LOL

Poor Hydro, they don’t have all the extra power they were hoping to sell or give to the USA at rates much lower than we pay.
I have put in use every power saving option I can think of in my place over the last year and my hydro still went up by 50%

    That’s the sad irony of the whole situation. It’s the BC Liberals “Achilles’ heel”, or would be if we had any opposition Party that knew how to exploit it. Sadly, we don’t. The policy of all the rest of them is exactly the same ~ namely, higher prices are good for us. Not just of electricity, but of everything. That’s supposed to encourage spur us on towards ‘producing’ MORE while at the same time we’re supposed to be ‘consuming’ LESS. We then get more money for the difference, only drawback being is that it takes even more money again just to stay even. As we work our way into what will eventually be a universal bankruptcy.

      Agreed. An effective opposition would be exposing, in laymans terms, the terrible energy policy of the ruling party. Explain how BC Hydro has gone from one of the top utilities in the world, to a financial basket case that wouldn’t survive in the private sector. I know the Liberal cheerleader will say “we have some of the lowest rates in the world”, and they’re right. But, the rates don’t reflect the reality, and we will eventually pay the piper. Sadly, there is no effective opposition.

My guess for the people in the north is, they recognise this for what it is. WWF? How does this help the wildlife in any way?

Sort of like greenpeace I guess. Whole lot of hullabaloo about something that doesn’t make a bit of difference.

Oh by the way, all that electricity that wasn’t used was probably generated by hydro power, not by anything that pollutes the atmosphere at all.

    WWF, the Sierra Club, Earth First, Greenpeace, etc. are businesses unto themselves. Money making rackets. And they take in a LOT of it. If man went along with their various proposals we’d end up either doing more harm to the natural environment they’re so on about saving, or, as the founder of Earth First proposed, we’d have to “…phase ourselves out”. He, of course, didn’t step up to the plate and offer to set an example by phasing himself out.

      On the Coast right now, the Wilderness Committee and the Sierra Club are running around holding seminars on raw log exports. They want, or so they say, manufacturing to stay here. So do most other British Columbians, if not all. So they target log exports, and believe if they were banned, sawmills would come back and everything in the employment garden would be rosy again. It’s not going to happen. The sawmills closed because, in no small part, of THEIR previous efforts to put working forest land off limits. That drove up log prices on what was still available, and the manufacturing industry folded.

      Their real objective is to put off limits to harvest any other timber THEY classify as ‘old growth’. Now as anyone whose ever worked in the industry on the Coast will attest, a lot of this timber is already decadent. Much of it should have been logged long ago. It’s past its prime.

      Just go visit Cathedral Grove on Hwy.4 midway over to Port Alberni on a windy day and you’ll see what I mean. Make sure your life insurance is paid up first, and that your car is well insured if you park near any of these magnificent forest giants. They’re shells. The guts have rotted internally. It wasn’t worth the effort to log it, which is why old H R MacMillan, for whom the park it sits in is named, gave it to the Province. And that was back nearly eighty years ago! Unlike wine and scotch whiskey, it hasn’t improved with age.

      These people are phonies. They’re well paid phonies, too. Who’ve learned how to milk a gullible urbanised public for their and make a good buck doing it.

    And for people in the Central Interior, like us, it’s Ho Hum.
    Just another feel good thing the yuppie suburbanites dreamed up.

    All that electricity was probably coal powered. We save our hydro and sell it during peak consumption. Our reservoirs are like giant batteries, that we can tap into when it’s profitable. Run of the river? Well that’s a whole different story.

Normally I wouldn’t call bs on a fine fellow like bcracer, but I do track my hydro bills monthly and mine has gone up 18.48% in the last 6 years and that is partially due to an addition of a hot tub!

Now here is something to think about how come Hydro does not have a web site showing power generation, Alberta does and notice how little wind is generating right now. Look at coal and gas.
ht tp://ets.aeso.ca/ets_web/ip/Market/Reports/CSDReportServlet

With out this information in BC it makes one wonder what the government is hiding. Would be nice to see what the expensive IPP’s are generating. Wind generation would be very interesting to see considering the subsidized money into that costly boondoogle.

Also people complain about flooded farmland the environmental disruption of site c but totally overlook the disruption of the wind farms. Massive noisy structures, I wonder if there are any moose left in that area? would be nice to know but any studies seem to be covered up same with bird deaths. Kill an eagle and one will get heavily fined, but a wind generator gets a pass.

Lots of Liberal connected money in IPP’s that is why Christy went silent when she was going to investigate the IPP contracts. She was most likely told to back off by her handlers.

    Agreed, an estimated 300,000 birds are sliced and diced annually by wind turbines but one duck dies in a tailing pond and all you hear from the enviros is crickets.

ht tp://www.caithnesswindfarms.co.uk/index.htm

ht tps://www.masterresource.org/windpower-health-effects/secret-silent-wind-power-peril-1/

ht tp://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/earth/energy/windpower/9770837/Wind-farm-turbines-wear-sooner-than-expected-says-study.html

ht tps://www.todaytonightadelaide.com.au/stories/poison-wind

Don Qioxti rides again . If only he knew he could have used his big yap and a few altright articles to slay his foe . A hero in his own mind rather than a delusionist with a wooden lance . Ride on little Donnie , ride on .

Don’t forget to tell those poor farmers that are getting their pockets filled every month by Omaha based Bluestem Energy Solutions . I’m sure once you show them your alturnative facts , they’ll throw the money back .

    Ataloss, are you against the farmers filling their pockets, aren’t you the one who always says “follow the money”?

      No . I’m for the farmers and ranchers that are able to gain another source of income . The energiewende in Germany was spearheaded by the farming comunity . Luckily for the farmers and ranchers of Alberta are reaping the rewards of a renewable friendly government . From them you’ve only seen the beginning . Too bad the bc libcons can’t see what’s coming . It wouldn’t fit with their vertically integrated mentality . The fastest growing jobs sector in Alberta is in the renewables .

      “The fastest growing jobs sector in Alberta is in the renewables”

      Really? It must be Alberta’s best kept secret then. Even if there were “renewable” jobs in Alberta you can bet they will not pay even half what the oil and gas jobs paid, minimum wage jobs at best.

Poor ataloss that all you got, so sad. So just what do you disagree with. I need clarification.

Hey I am still waiting to see some information on your unicorn energy system.

7 Enviro Predictions From Earth Day 1970 That Were Just Dead Wrong

h ttp://icecap.us/index.php/go/joes-blog

    Only 7? LOL

Actually the northern interior had an increase in power usage not the decrease shown.

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