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October 27, 2017 6:13 pm

City Releases Road Rehab List

Thursday, March 30, 2017 @ 11:56 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Now that the snow has melted it can only mean one thing in Prince George – it’s road and sidewalk rehab time.

To that end, the City released its list of road and sidewalk rehab projects for the 2017 season today.

The biggest project will be on Foothills Boulevard, which is scheduled for rehabilitation in the southbound lane from 5th to 15th Avenue, and in the northbound lane from 1st to 5th Avenue.

Other projects include rehab on 12 sidewalks and the installation of six new ones including:

  • Westwood Drive (west side) from Range Road to Ferry Avenue
  • Cathedral Avenue (south side) from Westgate Avenue to Westmount Drive
  • Malaspina Avenue (south side) from Loyola Crescent to Loedel Drive

Council has approved a budget of $5 million for road rehab projects, $600,000 for sidewalk rehab, and $400,000 for new sidewalk construction projects this year.

Construction will begin when hot mix asphalt is available in commercial plants in May and are expected to wrap up by late October.

Road Rehab Map  and legend:



Well those people in city hall have completely lost it leaving out Marleau and Bear roads. Those roads empty the Wal-Mart area onto hwy 16 west and traffic accessing the same area from the west. These roads also service major subdivisions. The surface is constanlty breaking down, potholes, narrow. There is heavy foot traffic and being narrow with no side walks and broken pavement hazardous for walking.

The city is not applying due diligence with these roads compared to others leaving themselves open to liability.

    Does the city even have a clue on the traffic volume with marleau and Bear.

    no one from council lives up there, so what so you expect.

      How do you know?

    Absolutely, the whole corridor is a write-off. Email mayor and counsel outlining your concerns and if enough people do it hopefully it will get added to the list.

Hooray ..Ochakwin and Pilot are finally getting done .. :)

I’m shocked to see sintish rd being done :) hopefully they will fix that big dip after the corner as well widen the corner

some of those roads are just a joke to pave. Strathcona? Spruce St? Tamarack? Stop paving the friggen hood and do some work where the real taxpayers live for christ sakes.

    Language buddy ..language

    Talk about sterotyping. I am sure there are a lot of taxpayers on those streets.

South Fort been done yet?

City crews spending a lot of time on Blackburn, someone important live around there?

    They have been digging the ice out of the culverts so the water will stop running across the road.

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