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October 27, 2017 6:13 pm

Friday Free For All – March 31, 2017

Friday, March 31, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

March is at an end,  as is another week,  so it’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but again,   we advise that you keep your comments  brief and any  comments which resort to name calling will be removed.  Here are the three simple rules:

Keep it  clean

Keep it legal

No bullying.


The borrowing and spending binge by Canadian households, businesses and governments (all levels) continues unabated. Growing the debt in the economy significantly faster than the economy itself grows seems to have developed into a way of life in Canada.

At the end of December, 2016 the total debt outstanding in Canada (bottom line of the Statistics Canada credit market summary data table) was $7.29 trillion. At the end of December, 2015 the total debt outstanding was $6.98 trillion. In the one year period from the end of December, 2015 to the end of December, 2016 it increased by $309 billion. This is an increase of 4.4%.

The approximate beginning of the global financial crisis was June, 2007. At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding was $3.99 trillion. In the last 9-1/2 years it has increased by $3.3 trillion. This is an increase of 82.8%.

Looking at the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors in Canada (17th line up from the bottom of the credit market summary data table):

At the end of December, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $5.15 trillion. At the end of December, 2015 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $4.93 trillion. In the one year period from the end of December, 2015 to the end of December, 2016 it increased by $215 billion. This is an increase of 4.3%.

At the end of June, 2007 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors was $2.84 trillion. In the last 9-1/2 years it has increased by $2.3 trillion. This is an increase of 81%.

The start date of this Statistics Canada data table can be changed by clicking on the “add/remove data” tab at the top of the page.

Canadian annual gdp at the present time is $2.06 trillion.

In the 1 year period from the end of December, 2015 to the end of December, 2016 (calendar year 2016) the Canadian economy grew by 1.4% – ie: the size of the economy grew by $28.9 billion.

In this same 1 year time frame the total debt outstanding in Canada grew by $309 billion. For each $1.00 the economy grew in this 1 year period the total debt outstanding increased by $10.69.

Looking at just the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors in Canada. In the 1 year period from the end of December, 2015 to the end of December, 2016 the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors increased by $215 billion. For each $1.00 the economy grew in this 1 year period the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors increased by $7.43.

At the end of December, 2016 the total debt outstanding in Canada was 3.5 times greater than our annual gdp, and looking at just the total debt outstanding of domestic non-financial sectors, that was 2.5 times greater than our annual gdp.

    What it all boils down to, Charles, is that the rate of flow of costs into prices in the economy as a whole constantly and increasingly exceeds the rate that incomes are being distributed.

    Exponential increases in debt are necessary to bridge the gap.

    When the floating debts incurred by the private sector cannot be repaid as originally agreed, and business defaults start to rise and threaten the continual flow of new credit necessary to make it seem like the system is still functioning, governments move to transmute those floating debts into the fixed debts of the public sector. Governments are always a better credit risk because they can tax to continue interest payments ad infinitum, and debt issues can always be rolled over as they mature.

    The real problem is that while each new private sector investment is apt to increase efficiency by saving labor costs, the labor costs that are being saved are the incomes necessary to liquidate the loans that provided the funding for the investment. While greater efficiencies do tend to lower costs, they don’t lower them enough in and of themselves. The public is charged with capital depreciation as what’s been invested wears out and obsolesces. That’s entirely right and proper from any sane accounting perspective. But the same public is never credited with capital APPRECIATION. Which, if we’re really progressing, is always greater. So we need some accounting corrections.

Have a nice weekend everyone!

Took my brother out for dinner last night and we could not believe the amount of kids that were at intersections and not paying attention to the lights at no fewer than. 5 intersections we encountered s verbal kids not obeying the street lights. Crossing on a green light, crossing on a turn signal and in 2 separate cases running in front of traffic at speed in the intersection. Most of the kids we figure were around 10 yrs old but we saw dome that were definitely younger

Questions I have is where are the parents? Do they not teach their kids road safety? Do they actually know where their kids are?

It’s scary to think that these kids are out without some sort of supervision and crossing busy streets with no thought given to safety.

    Maybe their parents are street people?

    Seen a couple out walking their kids at Ferry intersection with 16 the other day. Parents just oblivious as their three year old was splashing in the puddle in the turn lane with cars trying to get around her… almost like watching child abuse.

    Rotten kids! Go back inside and play video games where it is safe!

Wouldn’t it be great if Christy Clark lost her seat in the upcoming election and then horse traded with Shirley Bond or Mike Morris so she could have a seat in the legislature? It would be FANTASTIC I believe to have a premier represent our city.

    she lost out again she would do what she did last time, pay off someone from another riding to step down so she could get back in.
    Wouldn’t want her to represent PG, the two wonder twins we have now are bad enough.

So just read the latest news on the 45 year old first nation man who was drunk got behind the wheel of a vehicle ran 4 men over killing 3 of them and his mother blames the residential schools for his behavior…oh my God what’s next…

    That guy’s mother is an idiot! Why not blame everybody else! It’s a ‘poor me, poor me’ copout yet again! What about the family of the victim? I got a kick out of the artist’s drawing of the offender holding a feather while on the stand, he is looking for sympathy from the judge? The sad thing is he might get it. Anytime you get drunk and get behind a 1-2 ton 4 wheeled weapon’ you and only you are responsible for your actions! Throw the book at him! The family of the deceased needs to be recognized, not the offender.

    “I understand I killed three people. I am sorry. I have apologized to our creator and also to the three exceptional men,” said Samuel Alec, dressed in a dark grey suit and clutching a black eagle feather.

    That should satisfy our justice system should it not?

    Funny how his invisible friend received top billing in the apology.

    I read that he has had several drunk driving convictions in the past.

    THROW the book at him along with his feather if he’s had other impaired charges in the past. The courts failed to keep this guy off the road in the past

    I like the photo they use on the news with him sitting beside Gino Odjick.

Unfortunetly your comment is so true :( its a bit much these days. You cant blame these things from 30-100 years ago constantly on the actions of today. I dont hear or see jewish people blame any present bad behaviors etc to the consentration camps which took place…. Time to start being accountable

    Personal accountability??? Does this still exist???

Just did my income tax return this week and realized Trudeau is really doing one over on the working family. I can’t believe he called that a family budget when he removed the income splitting. It cost our family an extra $4000 ish in income tax, so how that was family friendly is beyond me. I guess Trudeau the feminist wants women out working in two income families rather than staying home with young families?

    I don’t think anything has changed in regard to splitting pension income, you are still allowed to do it? You were never able to split employment income, although it was talked about under the Conservatives. I agree though, splitting family income should be allowed, a portion of it anyhow.

      It was the family tax cut. It benefited couples where one stayed home and the other was a high earner by allowing shifting of income to low income spouse. Was worth up to about 2000.00. Trudeau found it offensive because it helped one income families who had decent income. He’s rather have both parents out working with kids in his yet to be revealed childcare policy. No tax breaks for parents who want to raise their own kids.

    I know eh… I have extra taxes taken off so I usually get money back… This year I HAD to pay.. WHO is “he’s got nice hair” helping out???

      He’s doing wonders for the Bombardier executives. 32.6 million (US) in bonus for them while taking 372 million from us and laying off hundreds.


      Like I’m sure that Bombardier’s executive class told the government that they intended to give themselves a raise. Trudeau has no control over how low-life, right wing, executives mismanage their company.

    Good job, JT. Good riddance to income splitting. It only benefits high income people anyway. They should get rid of tax advantages for married couples too. Relationship status should have nothing to do with tax rates.

Nice to see the city was out for the second time sweeping the bike lanes on Tabor Blvd. It took 2 sweepers at least two full circuits to get them clean (no big rocks left)
They have even nicely swept the main bike lanes (sidewalks).
The first trip around once two street sweepers, a front end loader with a sweeper was done you could hardly see any difference. I guess queen Jillian made them do it over again.
The rest of Tabor hasn’t seen a sweeper that I know of, just teh bike lanes, nice to see where their priorities lay

    The “bike lanes” you are talking about are the sides of our streets bcracer- so what you are complaining about is the City doing the spring clean-up and sweeping our streets!

    Geez- find something else to complain about.

      so do you feel better now?

      I know what a bike lane is, or is supposed to be. you didn’t read my post very well, I said it appears as if they didn’t sweep anything but the bike lanes on Tabor, and I have seen more bikes on the sidewalk than the dedicated bike lane.

      bcracer….(Imnoone), if memory serves me correctly, you have an issue with any piece of equipment that passes the area of Tabor and Jackpine. But then, every morning on the two local news sites, you’re cranking off about something, get a hobby….

10 charges have been laid against the owners of the ocean freighter MV Marathassa nearly two years after it leaked bunker fuel that fouled the beaches of English Bay in Vancouver. Seems this BC Liberal Government has no problem coming down hard on foreign companies who cause environmental damage in our waters.


Yet when it comes to the worst environmental mining disaster (Mount Polley) in Canadian history, NOT ONE CHARGE, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, against owner Imperial Metals Inc. Perhaps the RCMP, and the Special Prosecutor, should investigate this “situation”, as Imperial Metals Inc. was a BIG donor to the BC Liberal Party.

    one gave political donations and the other one didn’t?????

      I would imagine these kinds of “pay-to-play” situations are just one of the things being reviewed by the RCMP Sensitive Investigations Unit. How much does a political party donor benefit compared to those businesses and corps that don’t donate. We now know, through a CBC investigative report, business contractors who donate to the BC Liberal Party are “twice as likely” to receive government contracts compared to those that do not donate to the BC Liberal Party.

      I believe the outcome of this criminal investigation will determine, as Democracy Watch co-founder Duff Conacher told Metro News; whether the BC Liberals setup, and operated, “system of legalized bribery”.

      You are quite right BH that is how we are on the hook for 60 billion in very expensive electrical contracts.

    The company stepped up to the plate and spent about $80 million doing remediation with monitoring by govt agencies. If they were to issue a fine to do the remediation it would take time and a lot of tax payers money to issue and oversee the remediation contracts. The fine probably would only have been a fraction of what the company spent fixing this anyway..

    “Yet when it comes to the worst environmental mining disaster (Mount Polley) in Canadian history, ”

    There ya go again BH exaggerating. So in this luckily, what environmental disaster? A dam breach caused by poor engineering studies flooded a creek which by the way is recovering quite nicely.

    UNBC has been studying the event for some time and has yet to find a problem but keep on asking for more study money. They are sure there is a problem and with enough money they will find the problem, yes they will.

    Why do I have my doubts there is a problem, all precautionary warnings I believe have been lifted.

    One of the issues with the freighter is that the owners lied.

    I thought you liked mines BH, don’t you have a mining claim under Christie’s house?

      “Worst mining disaster in Canadian history” are not my words seamutt, you should know this of me by now.

      ht tp://news.nationalpost.com/news/canada/anger-and-confusion-after-worst-disaster-in-canadian-mining-history-darkens-prosperous-b-c-town

      ht tps://www.minnpost.com/earth-journal/2015/02/canadas-worst-mine-disaster-grew-dam-built-wrong-place

      “Worst Mining Disaster In Canadian History.”

      So these ones don’t count anymore..?

      1887 Naniamo, Esplanade coal mine explosion with 150 confirmed dead. And this doesn’t take into account family member suicides or loss of life due to economic hardship.

      1992 Pictou County Nova Scotia, Westray Mine Explosion with 26 miners killed. As well this doesn’t take into account responder suicides ect..

      Surely BH being our resident social justice warrior could put these on the balance scale against mt polley to do a fair assessment..But im not counting on it..

      You are playing the semantics game Northman, the real issue is the scale of environment damage and corresponding penalties. Approximately 2,700 liters of bunker C fuel spilled from the MV, causing minimal to moderate environmental damage; yet 10 charges are being laid as a result.

      The Mount Polly disaster caused at least a thousand fold more environmental damage, some likely permanent, yet NO Charges were laid… how come??? Inquiring minds want to know, and we should be getting answers upon competition of this RCMP investigation.

      This is what building on a clay bed will get you

      ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Saint-Jean-Vianney#Landslide

      The NDP should have been more vigilant in their approval

      You can find others you just have to look

      ht tps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Obed_Mountain_coal_mine_spill

      “Morgenstern, a geotechnical engineering who has worked on 140 dam projects worldwide, said not taking the glacial lake into account was like loading a gun.”

      “But if constructing unknowingly on this upper (glacial) deposit constituted loading the gun, building with a steep slope … pulled the trigger.” Morgenstern said the two factors together constituted the root cause of the failure.”

      ht tp://www.macleans.ca/news/canada/design-blamed-for-failure-of-b-c-s-mount-polley-tailings-dam/

      So the BC Liberals should not have allowed, and Imperial Metals should not have increase the elevation of the tailings pond dam, thus increasing the steepness of it’s slope, to the point of collapse.

      And everyone walks away scot-free… how convenient!

      Seamutt, unfortunately some folks love to say “The Sky is Falling”,
      this will go on ad mauseum. Reminds me of the hellfire preachers.LOL

      BH, you state:

      “The Mount Polly disaster caused at least a thousand fold more environmental damage, some likely permanent”

      Permanent? Please define permanent!

      I regularly go for walks in many of our city’s parks. Last summer, while walking on the grass, I caused irreparable PERMANENT damage to the individual blades of grass that I walked on! Those individual blades of grass won’t ever EVER be the same as a result of my indiscriminant destructive behaviour towards them! But I didn’t give it a second thought, nor did I lose any sleep because I am 100% certain that while a blade of grass or two or three or probably even thousands or millions were irreparably damaged by my walking upon them, the plant will recover with new blades of grass. I would even suggest that within hours or days, no one will even be able to tell that I caused such destruction!

      The Mount Polley spill certainly caused a mess, of that there is not doubt! However, the “worst environmental mining disaster” remains to be seen! So far, the fish in the lake and in the Fraser still seem to be edible, no one has died, water quality tests appear to be better and better and in time Mother Nature will restore the area.

      Hope you don’t lose any sleep over Mount Polley, or over any blades of grass that you might inadvertently permanently destroy this summer!

      Relax! Go enjoy one of the Pacific Western Brewery Government subsidized beers!


      BH please show me the proven stated environmental disaster from Mt. Polley. UNBC has not found anything significant yet. But hey more money will find something yes they will, really they will.

      BH you want an ecological disaster how about the wind farms and their ecological disruption. They are scammed as green but from their manufacture, transportation, major roads required, very on going expensive mtc., low life expectancy they cannot produce enough energy to even cover costs with out huge subsidies. Hey what about the killing of eagles, other birds, bats, any moose near them? Green scam.

      That is the government coverup that is ignored, why?

      There goes HG and seamutt trying to change the main subject of my original post. So what do your two comments have to do with the owners of the ocean freighter MV Marathassa getting charged 10 times for a “small” bunker fuel spill, compared to the owner of Mount Polley Mine getting off scot-free for an environmental disaster 1,000’s of times larger?

      Once again BH is showing his two faces. Pointing fingers at other posters for according to him changing the subject without asking for his permission when just the other day started moaning about election advertising on a story about highway construction.

      With two faces to shave it much be a pain to have two 5 o’clock shadows:D


      Can’t find fault with the message, so try and attack the messenger. Now shoo… fly away sparrow!

      Peeps, you stated:

      “Yet when it comes to the worst environmental mining disaster (Mount Polley) in Canadian history, NOT ONE CHARGE, nothing, nada, zip, zilch, against owner Imperial Metals Inc.”

      So, YOU referred to Mount Polley as the worst environmental mining disaster (Mount Polley) in Canadian history! You did that, those were YOUR WORDS! You should apologize to Seamutt!

      Then, you stated:

      “The Mount Polly disaster caused at least a thousand fold more environmental damage, some likely permanent,”

      You said that, and then I asked you to define permanent!

      You have now stated:

      “There goes HG and seamutt trying to change the main subject of my original post”.

      For your information Peeps, you stated worst in Canadian history, you stated permanent damage! I commented on both of your statements!

      PLEASE show me how and where I tried to change YOUR subjects?

      If the ndp government of the day had ensured that proper core samples and other dd had been done the layer of glacial till would have been found and there would have been no “loaded gun” The calculations that the engineering firms did to allow for allowing a higher level in the pond was based on the assumption that original engineering was properly done.

      If the liberals have any fault in the failure it was in showing trust that the ndp can build anything properly, fast ferries for another example of their incompetence. Their forte is more in proping up deadbeats and welfare bums (no offence) and ensuring that the public service ranks are full to overflowing.

      Bit cranky today BH….shaving must be a bit painful with that thin skin of yours after all I merely pointed out your hippocrisy© AGAIN:P

    Again, my original comment pointed out the difference in the scale to the two accidents, the MV freighter bunker fuel spill small with minor to moderate damage, the Mount Polley Mine disaster huge with far reaching major environmental impact.

    MV freighter owners get swamped with 10 charges laid, Mount Polley Mine owners get off scot-free… why the difference in treatment? Could it be that Imperial Metals was a HUGE donor to the BC Liberal Party? Who knows, but can hardly wait for the RCMP’s criminal investigation to be completed.

Here we go again! Political party bashing,! Why don’t these people that are always whining about parties get their own blog or whatever! This way they can complain to each other. The minute something is said all of a sudden it’s the government’s fault! Run for a position and change all that if you feel so strongly!

    I guess you missed the little spiel at the top, so I’ll post it here, just for you.

    “March is at an end, as is another week, so it’s time for the Friday Free For All.

    You pick the topic,….”

    Got that?

    So if you don’t like it, go start your own forum where you can dictate the rules to your satisfaction, or just stay away. You won’t be missed.

      Hey Dirtman, I did not mean to hurt your sensitive feelings. Just stating my opinion, nothing more and nothing less! As for dictating, what colour is the sky in your world? Sure as heck your interpretation is a tad out to lunch! So I do get that and understand that, but I will continue to state my opinion, and if I did upset you go take a shot of pablum to quell your sensitivity. Have a good day there slim, and I mean that sincerely.

      Oh puleeeeeze! MY hurt feelings? You’re the one who came on this forum and set your hair on fire because people were commenting on subjects you don’t want them commenting on. Like I said, if you don’t like it, stay away, nobody will miss you.

    I think we’ve already been told by 250 that there will be a hiatus on Friday Free for all if the political bashing continues. Have to wait and see.

      Awesome, be real Kool to go to a Friday site and not get all political, let’s talk about PG, likes and dslikes. Make it an interesting site with deals on what to do do, where to go, etc. I ride a motorcycle, give ideas on what to see, where is a good restaurant, who,has the best pizza, etc. I don’t know, but people in general do get stressed out on this site, I for one do. Will this succeed, who knows! LOL

      You know what would be even Kooler? If Lien and Grizzly2 stopped posting comments in this political section of the Friday Free For All. Notice how other choose not to post on this topic, yet will scroll down and post to the alternative energy / global warming section of the FFFA?

      How about you guys just ignore this political section instead of constantly posting to it with your belly aching complaints? Further more, there are lots of news stories on here throughout the week that have nothing to do with a political subject, just look at today’s news stories as an example. Do you see me posting on those subjects? No, of course not, because they do not interest me… so how about you two grow up and do the same???

      I’m sure that many of us could do without anymore of those moronic “Public Service Announcements”, haha!

      Agree with you on that, BH.

They do not want their own blog! They want to turn anything into a political blame laying argument! A squirrel got run over in the street: It is the BC Liberal’s fault for not providing safe squirrel crossings!

    Bwahahahah! Ain’t that the truth! Maybe PG can have a Squirrel Lane next to the bike lane?

      How about a skunk lane to commemorate the 90’s political fiasco in BC.

      probably get used more by the squirrels than the bikers.

A big shout out to Jimmy Pattison for his $75 million donation to St.Pauls Hospital. Nice to see this successful man give a big chunk of his wealth back to the community. Thanks

    Pattison was not born with a golden spoon in his mouth, unlike Trump. He worked hard to pay his own way through university or college. He is a shining example of how one can get ahead in life by working hard and being smart.

      Pattison never completed his courses at UBC he left three courses short of a business degree, and went on the make his billions.

      Hey did you miss the part that Trump is president and the scary Hillary, Billy crime organization got trashed.

      Tinkle , tinkle , little tzar . Putin put you where you are . Flynn is turning states evidence putting you in a jar .

      Ataloss where is the proof, despite months of searching, surveillance by Odumber and the Clinton crime syndicate, nothing. But there is evidence of surveillance by Odumber on the Trump organization, what say you.

      Ataloss how is your unicorn power system?

      It gets funnier . The FBI has turned Flynn’s request for immunity down . They must have the goods on that guy .

      Ataloss this is why Flynn was asking for immunity, What ACTUALLY happened: Flynn said he’d explain himself and defend Trump but wanted protection from the Democrat/RINO fake-news WITCH HUNT.

      Why do you ignore the Clinton crime organization?

      Unicorn power.

      seamutt…WTF have the Clintons have to do with this mess ? This is all tRump and the FBI (full bullshit institution) and what took place before an election in the self proclaimed greatest democracy on earth. Deflect on dude, but the year is 2017. Wake the *uck up.

      Not only is Jimmy hard working and smart, he embodies the entrepreneurial spirit that should be held up and admired as a shining example.

      Hard work,risk taking and his innate desire to succeed have paid off in spades for Jimmy. Some, perhaps out of jealousy have condemned people like him in the past. Jimmy worked hard, for everything that he has accomplished. Even today at almost age 90, he probably puts in more hours in a week than any of us on this site!

      Jimmy is a shining example for all of us! The fact that he is so willing to give back to the community is just the cherry on top!

      “Jimmy is a shining example for all of us! The fact that he is so willing to give back to the community is just the cherry on top!”

      LMAO. He gives back once and to St Pauls Hospital which is fantastic. Look at everything he has done to take over/monopolize BC business and one good thing doesn’t fix his past. Ever try to go halibut fishing off our coast?

      Dumbfounded, for your information…

      “Imagine Canada rated the Jim Pattison Foundation in 2008 as the 8th largest giver of charitable grants by a private foundation in Canada.

      On April 16, 2009 Jim Pattison announced that Save-On Foods had donated $100,000 to CBC Television in order to rent high definition trucks for away games during the Vancouver Canucks’ 2009 1st round NHL playoff series versus the St. Louis Blues. Prior to this donation, CBC stated that it would not broadcast HD away games in St. Louis due to the cost of renting high definition equipment during the current tough economic times and major cuts to funding for the CBC by the federal government.

      Pattison is a well known philanthropist and an article in the Globe and Mail noted, “He has always given away 10% of his income.

      In July 2013, he donated up to $5 million to Victoria Hospitals Foundation (Victoria, BC), to support its “Building Care Together” campaign to purchase new equipment for the new patient care tower at the Royal Jubilee Hospital. In recognition, the hospital named the ground floor lobby of the patient care tower “The Jim Pattison Atrium and Concourse.”

      In 2011, Pattison contributed $5 million to add his name and to match public donations for a $10 million 100-day fundraising campaign in Surrey, BC for the new Jim Pattison Outpatient Care and Surgery Centre run by Fraser Health.

      On March 28, 2017 Pattison donated $75 million to the construction of the new St. Paul’s Hospital, a Canadian record for private donation to a health care provider.”

      Dumbfounded, feel free to come back if your jealousy has subsided or if you have anything intelligent to add!

    I agree, that was a wonderful thing to do, giving back to the community, in a huge way.

Yep. Gotta hand it to Pattison, he still has roots. Liberal born and raised! (This should get the political wallflowers going!) LOL

    Yeah, and former NDP Premier Glen Clark runs his business empire.

Yup started out as a used car salesman if I remember correctly

What a great day to be alive… would have been a better day if the Cougs won last night hehehe

be safe and well everyone.

There is serious terrorists threat and actions around the world and all the smowflakes can comprehend is legalizing marijuana.

Here is a sobering talk on bill 103 Islamophobia.

ht tps://www.steynonline.com/7735/the-tragedy-of-the-commons

    Funny…. every time anyone feels the need to take a jab at ‘snowflakes’ all I can imagine is a boomer with who had a nice stable job and pension plan (not to mention the appropriate government benefits to go along with it), who has no real outside experience with young people, except perhaps his own entitled spawn, whom he raised to be such young people themselves. It’s like said boomers forget that they raised the generation of these young people.

      KJG if you are referring to me your ignorance is showing. Refute anything I post, anything, you just can’t handle the truth. Oh by the way I am too old for snowflakes. Snowflake, I guess that is a term hitting home.

      seamutt’s pension can’t be that good….he drives a Jeep Patriot. :-D


    cool, just make sure you vote.

      I always do. If you don’t vote, your can’t complain.

BH this is what an actual environmental disaster looks like

ht tps://www.todaytonightadelaide.com.au/stories/poison-wind

    Wow, thanks for posting that link, seamutt!

    Remember the outrage over some ducks in an oilsands pond? Where is the outrage over rare earth mining? Shouldn’t those enlightened “greenies” be boycotting anything to do with rare earth mining and the products produced with them?

    I wonder if BH, Ataloss, et al will bother to watch it, or if they will just choose to ignore it?

    I wonder if they are comfortable with the fact that the very computer that they use to access this site is made from both the petroleum and the rare earth industries!

    I wonder of their fingers will burn from hypocrisy when they type all future comments, haha!

From Michael Bloomberg this morning @ NYT . There’s mush more in the article but this is the gist . wind power could displace up to two-thirds of coal-fired power production in 15 Midwestern states. The reason? The average cost of wind power has dropped to $20 per megawatt, compared with the more than $30 cost per megawatt for electricity from many coal plants in the region. Why would consumers pay more for a power source that may kill them?

    If that be true then why is Ontario paying wind power producers 13 cents a kWh and solar producers over 30 cents a kWh? Old solar installs get 80 cents a kWh for infeed… in BC we are lucky if we get 7 cents

    Still living in La-la land. You keep saying how cheap wind power is but the reality is they are environmentally destructive, they cannot provide base load power and cannot survive without government subsidies, which come from fossil fuel powered economies. And you couldn’t even make a teaspoon purely with wind or solar.

    Listen to this vid and learn just how inadequate wind power (among other things) is:

    ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S5WvKc3Ct2E

    Could be that coal produces power on demand and wind – well, only when it’s windy. Not enough battery storage – yet, to make wind a demand power source, so no matter what, you have to have coal or other type of generators to produce power on the calm days.

    Hey Ataloss you forgot to factor in the costs of fossil fuel backup, or any back up for that matter. Just ask the the folks in South Australia who have been through a couple of blackouts because of depending on wind. Hey the wind don’t always blow.

    Look at the energy output in Australia right now, where is the wind? Oh my look at the fossil fuel output.

    ht tp://anero.id/energy/

    Have a look at Ontario

    ht tp://www.ieso.ca/

    How about alberta

    ht tp://ets.aeso.ca/ets_web/ip/Market/Reports/CSDReportServlet

    You where saying.

If that’s true ? Micheal Bloomberg and NYTs are not liars . Bc is a special case as transmittion and production is owned by bchydro . Bc is extremely renewable unfriendly because because the monopoly hydro doesn’t want comitition . If they can screw it up they will . The ever increasing fall in demand puts them in a bad place economicly re siteC . In renewables Albertans are going to eat our lunch . They are well on their way already . Christys fantasy of exporting power to Alberta to pay for siteC is just that , a fantasy . Follow Iron&earth and solaralberta on Twitter . That’s where you’ll find the truth of what’s happening .


      IPPs are competition are they not?

      Maybe if the NDP are elected we can get the subsidies we need to put in rooftop solar. So far in BC there just isn’t any point in putting up a losing money proposition. If you have a public business you can apply for funding for solar such as schools and native bands but so far for the average joe there is nothing

      Slinky, if roof top solar is so good why the subsidy?

      Hey Ataloss can fill you in on his energy generating system run by unicorns.

    Heh. Micheal Bloomberg and NYTs are not liars? LOL.

    Go to Alberta and ask them how wonderful it all is. My son works there, his company gets huge subsidies from the provincial gov’t. to convert off coal. Alberta isn’t going to eat anybody’s lunch on renewables, more likely they’ll make themselves into a have-not province for decades to come.

      Like I’d believe anything you have to say about the government in Alberta.

      Don’t take my word for it. I don’t expect you to believe me. That’s why I said go to Alberta and ask them how wonderful it all is.

I walked past the high school this morning and there was a group of kids just off the property line smoking away and I thought – how did they get a product that is suppose to be illegal for them to buy? Shame on whatever adult supplied them.

And how is this a thing still? Education is apparently the key to solving all the world’s problems, so how is it we still have kids taking up smoking. I mean, the death warnings are right on the package – unless, they can’t read?

    Older siblings, same with booze.

      Don’t forget parents, seen it lots.

What’s this on the News about Hydro rate increase April first??? They just hijacked our last bill… what the hell

    mine went up 50%

      Thanks man….I’m your neighbour and the crop proved to be very profitable.

      50%? Who’s not turning off the lights, TV’s or computers anymore?

      That’s the only realistic and rational explanation as to why your bill went up 50%, if it in fact did go up 50%!

    Check out Ontario for the mess they are in.

Random rant – people who level their trucks. Why can you not figure out how to adjust your headlights after doing this? Especially if you plan on towing or having any sort of weight in the box, the squat is crazy without airbags. I actually had to laugh while driving home the other night, I flashed someone on the highway who I swear had his high beams on. He got mad and flicked his high beams on, left them on, but the lights were adjusted so high that they shone over my SUV. I actually preferred them over the low beams.

From globe&mail good read . Clean energy is here, and it won’t be stopped.

    Here is an example of your clean energy

    ht tp://notrickszone.com/2017/03/28/experts-sent-in-to-convince-public-of-wind-park-safety-met-by-derision-and-jeering-laughter/#sthash.VUlyENOP.dpbs

“B.C. auditor general warns Liberal government budget ad is too political”

of course it is..spending our money to promote herself

    I am getting sick and tired of it!!! Everything the Christy Clark government does these days is about promoting themselves and getting themselves re-elected. Who is actually looking out for “OUR” best interests?

      no one

      Aww, c’mon BH, we’ve got a good economy, a great “Have” province, don’t really want to go back to the 90’s, that was a bad time to live through here. All Notley’s done in Alberta is raise taxes, don’t really wanna go there again, yuh know?

      BH – “Everything the Christy Clark government does these days is about promoting themselves and getting themselves re-elected.”

      Well yeah. What would you expect, the election is imminent. Every incumbent party does the same. I’m sure you’ve also noticed that everything the NDP says these days is about promoting themselves and getting themselves elected.

Anyone know why Kelly O’Briens is closing. Thought they had a good business going.

    I don’t why it would be closing, but the last time we went to check it out it was in bad need of some serious refurbishing. The seat cushings had no material left in them, the table where were seated had come awayfrom the wall bracket…there was dust on all horizontal surfaces…we never went again.

    Grizz, its a new, yet old thing. No Irish… No Muslims.

More billions to lower mainland roads and transit. Gives me that warm and fuzzy feeling.

Wonder where Dow and Flintlock are today? Comments like “Blow it out your a$$”, and “Goof” are pretty immature, perhaps they got booted.

    Good Point! Calling others immature “knuckle draggers” should be classified as unacceptable as well!

      I have a question!

      As a “knuckle dragger”, I am always looking for bandage/protective products to provide some relief from my constantly bruised, scuffed and bleeding knuckles!

      Do any of you other “knuckle draggers” have an product recommendations?

      Perhaps a “Public Service Announcement” should be posted for the benefit of “knuckle draggers” everywhere!

      yep! quit reading Sophie’s post! LOL

      Huh, when I made reference to that description, I meant it to be generic in nature, targeting no one specifically. Fascinating how individuals like Hart Guy are now proudly self-identifying as one of them.

      I’m disappointed Peeps, disappointed that your comment wasn’t in the form of a “Public Service Announcement” announcing that individuals such as myself are now self-identifying as knuckle draggers, hahaha!

      Since you didn’t answer my earlier question where I asked you to PLEASE show me how and where I tried to change YOUR subjects, I’ll ask a different question….

      Why do you think that it’s ok for you to often refer to others on this site in what can be seen as derogatory terms?

Hey Been Human, you got a lotta balls saying what you said. A few days ago I agreed to one of your posts, as I thought it was legit! Call it like I saw it! But you continuously beak off politically all the time, I try to offer a positive outlook and your come back with this crap! I can get sarcastic as heck but I will not pull this stunt. You must be one of those keyboard warriors I hear so much about, well continue and I hope Grizz will continue. His Squirrel comment was supposed to be funny, but you took it serious. If is your problem snowflake, not mine.

Hwy Hart guy, I am proud to be a Knuckle Dragger! In my old career I was referred as one of them, along with dinosaur, missing link, etc. But when the situation got real and serious guess who they came to? SO be proud bud, Been Human is a sensitive snowflake who has lost his way in life!

I have been following a legal case between the BC Liberal Government and the BC Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) in Canada’s Supreme Court, as the decision would have some bearing on whether myself, and others, could continue to express political views, and post political opinions during election campaign periods, on this site, and social media sites. The case involves the BC Election Act, which the BCCLA thought would infringed on an individual’s right to freely express their opinions during an election campaign. Under the BC Election Act, political parties and organizations have to register with election officials for the purpose of advertising or messaging for political parties during an election campaign period. The Supreme Court of Canada has made its ruling.

The B.C. Civil Liberties Association (BCCLA) says the ruling is a “partial win” because it clarifies a law that has caused confusion and even self-censoring in the past. “The court has kind of reinterpreted what election advertising actually is in a way that I think will be helpful to individuals who want to speak out about the issues that matter to them during an election campaign,” said Laura Track, a lawyer with the BCCLA. Specifically, the court found the act’s registration requirement does not apply to “individuals” doing things like wearing political T-shirts or displaying signs in windows (*or posting personal political opinions and comments on news blogs*) -something Track says was previously unclear.”

I interpret the decision to mean; as long we are NOT representing, or taking direction from, a political party, being paid by a political party or organization, in any manner, to advertise or message on their behalf, on this 250news site, and other social media sites, the BC Election Act does not apply to us. This is wonderful news, as we have the SCC affirmed right, as individuals, to continue to express our personal political opinions freely in, and on, various public forums during the election campaign! Now isn’t that wonderful news everyone? Got to love the BCCLA!!!

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-elections-act-appeal-rejected-1.3953073

    You can interpret it any way you like but if the owners of this site decide to stop all partisan political comments once the writ is dropped then there is squat that you can do about it other than start your very own page or stick to FB with all your friend.

    I hope Elaine decides to limit political comments for 28 days even if it means your head will explode.

    …..and I’m sure the BCCLA would agree that Elaine and crew have the right to decide what will and will not be allowed on their site, right? After all, the CBC does it!

Ah, socialism.

ht tps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bKhR9i5CGkA

    I wonder if this is played in our schools, colleges and universities? Would be nice to counter the socialism dogma that our educators seem to favour.

    I also wonder if some of our resident “grumpy old socialists” on this site will even bother to watch this clip? Probably not, after all, the truth hurts!

    Ahhh.. yes idealism and ideology, no real contection to facts or reality… it’s an Ayn Rand world.

Hey, Friday Free-For-All is almost over and I’m still waiting for BeingHuman to answer the questions that I put to him!

Come on Peeps, times running out! Surely you, SophicSage, People#1 or even JGalt is still awake and is able to take a moment to answer a couple of simple easy questions?

Wonder what the people in the glass palace up the hill thought of Mann at the climate hearing?

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