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October 27, 2017 6:10 pm

Trustees to Vote on Whether to Open New School

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Prince George School trustees will vote on a recommendation to reopen Springwood Elementary School in the Hart at their monthly public board meeting tonight.

As 250News reported on Saturday, the recommendation has been put forth by superintendent of schools Marilyn Marquis-Forster and secretary treasurer Allan Reed.

The idea traces back to the BCTF’s Supreme Court of Canada victory over class size and composition last November. Taking the 2002 class size language into account, the District says it is estimated to require 10 additional classrooms at Glenview, Heather Park and Hart Highlands elementary schools.

Later today trustees will answer questions about the proposed opening. Springwood Elementary was closed in 2010.



This is incorrect.

Student enrolment has increased recently and that alone is driving the reopening of Springwood school.

SD 57 saw a decrease of more than 6,000 students since 2001/02. Schools closed in the Hart to provide numbers for Heather Park school. Springwood catchment has always had the numbers to support the school.

    You are correct Doyle, my recollection is that Springwood Elementary was operating at around 78% of capacity for student enrollment, and they still closed that, virtually brand new, school to boost the enrollment numbers for the new Heather Park Elementary “Mega School”… the largest elementary school in the province at one time!

    Thanks to the BCTF for getting back smaller class sizes so our kids can have some room to learn, socialize, and play! You want to see “shoehorned” students stuffed into a school? Look at Duchess Park and a couple of others!!!

Egad! Thank the BCTF? You’re nuts!

In 1998 the NDP government struck a deal with the BCTF. For a deal of 0-0-2 over three years, the BCTF got to take over the management of class size from the administration. Even after 93% of the school boards rejected it, the NDP government stuffed it in.

Thanks…… For what?

    Again, thank you to the BCTF for winning their court case and thereby reducing class size and composition. Smaller class sizes and less special needs children per class means “better learning conditions” for all our children.

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