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October 27, 2017 6:10 pm

Williams Lake Pot Shop Shuttered

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 9:40 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Williams Lake Mounties have shut down a pot shop that was operating in a building in the first block of Oliver Street.

It was shuttered yesterday after police executed a search warrant.

“At this time, marihuana is regulated as a controlled substance under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act which prohibits the importation, exportation, trafficking, cultivation/production, and possession of it and its derivatives,” says Cpl. Madonna Saunderson, North District media relations officer.

She adds “Williams Lake RCMP investigators gathered evidence of possible offences under the Criminal Code of Canada as well as the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act and took actions accordingly.

“The RCMP is guided by the existing laws and legislation. We recognize the current complexities surrounding the potential for future legislative changes, however the RCMP is tasked with enforcing the laws of Canada as they exist today.”

The shut down is the third in this region over the past two months. As 250News previously reported, two were shut down in Prince George in February.


Been operating for over 2 months down town, to funny.

Geez, it’s almost as though there is no real crime in Williams Lake for the RCMP to focus on…

Why? Sunny Boy is going to legalize pot anyway, now these guy will be stuck with criminal records for something that will be legal soon.

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Prince George, B.C.

Waste of tax payers money. Surely there is real crime in WL to focus on. Technically illegal…just a technicality…stupid. IT’S A PLANT!!!!!!

The RCMP have hundreds of laws on the books that they choose not to enforce. Why then is this one so high on their list?

“The RCMP is guided by the existing laws and legislation. We recognize the current complexities surrounding the potential for future legislative changes, however the RCMP is tasked with enforcing the laws of Canada as they exist today.”

What a joke…. you go get them big crime fighters. More wasted time, money, and $$$.
I’m with Dumbfounded on that!

Until the law is changed, it is still as illegal as it always was. If people want to flout the law, then its on their heads.

Well Ms. Cpl. Saunderson’s words read more like a politically correct comment.
If she or the RCMP cared about protecting the public from crime she should have said they busted some drug traffickers, seized all assets in the stores and went for proceeds of crime seizures. Of course the PC crown councils will let anyone back on the streets…check out the closed to comments story above for proof.
The RCMP could have saved the lives of many sad drug addicts if they took law ‘enforcement’ seriously. They are really proud of being judge and jury nailing drivers for cell phone use but they won’t stop the gangsters from selling poison to the inoccents out there.

The owner of the local casino has spent a fortune building up a medicinal grow business for when it becomes legal and intends to to corner the market, just like he did with the charity gaming. Local casino owner is also the largest political campaign contributor in the region for local politicians, who in turn set the RCMP budget.

Conspiracy or coincidence… You be the judge.

One more reason to replace the RCMP. This is not an issue in Vancouver because the Vancouver City Police are accountable to – guess who? Their employer who gets to input a few priorities for local law enforcement.

A lot of people on here are bashing the RCMP for this bust. I’m must have missed the part of the story where it says the person(s) operating the store were law abiding citizens that pay taxes. How do we know that it wasn’t a criminal organization or one of the local WL gangsters running the shop?
Yes WL has a crime problem like many other cities and like many other cities I’m willing to bet the criminal element is looking to branch out on a BS store to pretend what they do is legit

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