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October 27, 2017 6:09 pm

Cougars Feeling ‘Complete and Utter Disappointment’ Following Playoff Loss

Tuesday, April 4, 2017 @ 1:02 PM

Prince George, B.C. – Less than 24-hours after being dispatched in six games by the underdog Portland Winterhawks in playoff action last night a member of the Prince George Cougars management team has reacted.

“Well, there is no way of sugar-coating it, there is complete and utter disappointment and a great deal of sadness,” says Andy Beesley, business vice-president, who witnessed last night’s game in Portland. “It’s not the result that anybody wanted, it’s not what we expected and it’s certainly not what we were planning on.”

Andy Beesley, V-P Business, Prince George Cougars – photo 250News

But once the sting of defeat wears off, he says the team will be able to look back proudly on what they were able to accomplish – including the most wins in franchise history (45) and winning’s its first B.C. Division title.

“We’re going to be able to see some of the absolute tremendous accomplishments and victories and triumphs that our team has had. And not to be corny, we believe being a part of making Prince George a great place to live.”

Does he anticipate some major changes in the off-season to address their post-season disappointment?

“I think whether we win or lose, there’s going to be non-stop changes because that’s the very nature of the type of ownership we’ve got here with the Cougars and the type of upper management we have – none of us are every satisfied ever,” says Beesley.

“If we had gone on and won the Memorial Cup we would be extremely pleased and the next day we’d be saying what are we doing next year? How can we get better?”

He adds he isn’t worried the early exit will cost them at the gate next year.

“No, our season tickets sales are actually up and we’ve had some inquiries already this morning about tickets for next year.”

And how is he feeling about next year’s team considering a lot of players will be moving on this off-season?

“I think that’s a wait-and-see attitude because we’re feeling very good about our team next year. There’s no question we’re going to lose a lot of veteran leadership but look at a team like Portland – who have a lot of youth on it,” says Beesley.

“Great things can happen to great teams and we’ve created a solid base – our coaching staff is fantastic under Richard Matvichuk and the crew that he’s put together under Todd Harkins leadership. Players want to play in Prince George.”


When we look at years gone by, and compare with this year, it goes without saying that the Cougars had a great year.

Kudo’s to the players that got them as far as they did.

From my point of view it was the best season ever – because finally you have something to show for it. Going out late in the 3rd round of the playoffs still doesn’t put anything in the rafters. It takes quite something to play a whole season and come out on top, and finally there’s something to hang up there.

This season got me interested again.

When I die, can I get the Cougars to be my Pallbearers, so they can let me down, one last time.

What a big damper on such a great regular season. Sorry for being so harsh, but come on. bounced out in the first round. Might as well be wearing Blue Jerseys and call yourself the Leafs.

Stop the excuses, “wait and see attitude” someone stand up and take the blame, and find a solution to the problem. This is how great franchises are built.

    Sports, have you ever played them in your life? Win some, lose some. The team loaded itself for the playoffs, and they lost. Big deal, get over it. They lost to a good team, big whoop.

    Get a grip.

I wonder how the players feel knowing that senior management considers their efforts to be a “complete and utter disappointment”?

    At this level of hockey, I’d be concerned if the players weren’t also completely and utterly disappointed with how the season ended. The blunt truth is that they vastly underperformed in the playoffs. It should sting for the the players that won’t be back, and for the young guys and management, hopefully it teaches them a lesson and they come back harder next year.

    I think it’s also worth noting the other quote from the article:

    “We’re going to be able to see some of the absolute tremendous accomplishments and victories and triumphs that our team has had”

    Part of being accountable is accepting the good with the bad and this season had both. Hanging that first banner is huge. Even bigger will be how the team responds next year.

    I’m glad to see things heading in the right direction for the team. It’s been a long time coming.

Simple, our goaltending has always been suspect the last 2 years, and it always hurts us. The failed to address this one need, not that its easy to do, but I hope they do next season. Not even a very good blueline could mask our terrible goaltending.

Get a real job and become productive in stead of chasing a rubber puck on ice.

    Yup those 16 to 20 yr old boys should get a real job instead of playing a sport they love for themselves and the entertainment of others. All at the same time earning a paid post secondary education. Totally unproductive kids.

    Ever play instead of breaking off? Don’t knock it potato!
    Cheers? Nope, not English!

Nice to have a winning season..congrats boys..

These players are playing for their future..of ourse they are upset, mad etc.. it’s hurts their careers a wee bit with this quick exit.

I do agree the goalie was in question..let in at least one easy goal every game…

    Yes, the goalie had to struggle with the defence turning over the puck in their own end resulting in one easy goal every game….

Seems to be a lot of commentators and doubter comments. They know what they have to do, that is why they have trainers, coaches, etc. Give them a break and support their efforts in the best year ever.! Well done boys for the best season in 23 years!!

Thanks for the great games this season Cougs! Can’t wait until next year to bring the kids and cheer from the stands

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