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October 27, 2017 6:00 pm

Feds Introduce Bill to Legalize and Regulate Pot

Friday, April 14, 2017 @ 8:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – It’s a long way from being enacted into law, but the federal government has finally introduced legislation that would provide regulated and restricted access to pot while cracking down on impaired driving.

The government says it was done “after extensive consultation with law enforcement, health and safety experts and the hard work of the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation.”

“The proposed Cannabis Act would create a strict legal framework for controlling the production, distribution, sale and possession of cannabis in Canada,” says the government in a statement. “Following Royal Assent, the proposed legislation would allow adults to legally possess and use cannabis.”

This means possession of small amounts of pot would no longer be a criminal offence – and the government argues – would prevent profits landing in the hands of criminals.

The Bill would also, for the first time, make it a criminal offence to sell pot to a minor and create penalties for those who engage youth in pot-related offences.

The Bill would also toughen the laws around alcohol and drug impaired driving with new offences being added to enforce a zero-tolerance approach for those driving under the influence of pot and other drugs.

The new law would also authorize new tools for police to better detect drivers who have drugs in their body.

The Bill proposes that pot sales be restricted to people18-years-old or older. Provinces and territories could increase the minimum legal age.

The government expects the law to be in place no later than July 2018.



My biggest worry…… bad enough with drunk driving, now ya gotta worry about the idiots and numbskulls who will drive while stoned and figure they are the Mario Andretti of the streets!

    It’s already going on, Lien. Do you really think that people who’re willing to defy the law by buying and smoking or consuming marijuana would really then steadfastly adhere to the laws against driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Under legalization, there won’t suddenly be an explosion of use.

    Half the people driving around are under the influence of something, whether it be alcohol, marijuana, prescription drugs or their stupid little cell phones.

      Good point, guess I just want to believe in the positive, which isn’t going to happen! Usually my glass is half empty, but this time I tried it half full, screw that! LOL! Go back to cynicism!

    Tired of the same old fear-mongering – especially by politicians and Drs – about the imagined sudden increase in people who will start smoking pot. The real benefits of the plant are juicing and the oil. Funny, never hear them talking about that.

Be careful what you wish for.

**A driver who has a blood level of more than five nanograms of THC, or has been drinking alcohol and smoking pot at the same time, will face a fine and the possibility of jail time. In more serious cases, a drug-impaired driver could face up to 10 years if convicted. **

**In order to further protect /Canadians, our Government (MP Bill Blair) has committed to creating new and stronger laws to punish more severely those who drive while impaired by cannabis, alcohol and other drugs**

**Police officers will also now be able to demand a breathalyzer sample from any driver they lawfully stop. Previously, a test could only be administered in an officer has “reasonable suspicion” that a driver was impaired by alcohol**

So lots of pitfalls.

In my opinion we should have left sleeping dogs lie.

    You were under the impression that the dogs were sleeping?

Only good will come from legalizing this benign plant. From revenue, in the millions and millions, cutting down on police resources because policing pot smokers is stupid, safer product, harder for youth to purchase because drug dealers don’t care about age limit. If you want a dangerous drug illegal…prohibit alcohol again. Do all you old time thinkers drink?? It’s worse for your body and mind and far more dangerous and so much more mind altering than cannabis could ever be. Stop being so controlled by ridiculous and antiquated mind sets. The facts are in and marijuana is a beneficial plant in so many ways.

    laker, you state that only good will come from legalizing this benign plant.

    I’m neither for or against pot use. My only question for you is how can you state that this plant is “benign”? The very fact that most people use it for it’s “high” suggests that it is not benign!

Firstly we should keep in mind that once smoking pot is legal, we will have people smoking everywhere. This is a scary thought.

We already have great difficulty listening to the debates in the House of Commons, or the Legislature. Can you imagine the conversations taking place if our MP’s and MLA’s are high on pot?? The buzz of all the sleeping members would drown out the sound of their subdued voices.

Perhaps the Police themselves would have a little puff before writing out your ticket, just to make them feel better.

Teachers would be able to cope with students much better.

All of Canada would be jussssst greaaaaat maaaaaaan.


If any young people are looking for a career they should get into mental health services. There is going to be a huge spike coming in future years.

    Why in future years? Are the young just starting to smoke weed? I thought young people have been doing it since before the 60’s.

At least the crashes caused by someone stoned on pot will be low-speed.

    But they will be head on collisions as they cannot maintain their lane, proven in multiple studies.

      I call bs on that one.

      Asbridge, M., Hayden, J.A., & Cartwright, J.L. (2012). Acute cannabis consumption and motor vehicle collision risk: Systematic review of observational studies and meta-analysis.
      British Medical Journal, 344, e536.
      Hartman, R.L., & Heustis, M.A. (2013). Cannabis effects on driving skills.
      Clinical Chemistry, 59, 478–492.
      Health Canada. (2012).
      Canadian Alcohol and Drug Use Monitoring Survey: Summary of results for 2011
      . Ottawa: Author

      Few for you, oh and information processing is slower than normal and take longer to respond to sudden changes. These are only Canadian studies, there are many more worldwide.

everybody must get stoned

I heard somewhere that in the states that legalized pot, they actually saw a noticeable decline in use amount minors. They now view it as a crutch rather than something fun.

I think as it is this won’t cut down on the illegal weed so much. They have pushed the traditionalists (for lack of a better term) out and are gearing up for the corporate profit taking model. So profit margins will be the bottom line and already from what I hear is the dispensaries are already anywhere from 25-50% over the going street price. So if the idea is to displace to drug dealers than the price point is no where near that point now. Those that can afford to smoke clean weed without all the chemicals and insecticides will pay the premium, and others will get it where they can afford to.

I also think it will cut down on hard drug use substantially as a substitute if it becomes widely available. This will have an emense benefit to society IMO.

As for the new enforcement powers. I can see abuse of power and constitutional issues arising from the increased enforcement. From someone smoking it a benefit only lasts max a half hour, if they eat it could last 4-6 hours, if they use a depository it can last up to 8-hours… But if you are road side testing saliva you are only getting someone’s pasties that could be simply from dry mouth and trace amounts from a joint the night before… Yet the yahoo with a dipositoy has a body-stone from 6-hours ago and easily passes the saliva test. Depending on how one administers the THC greatly effects how one can test appropriately for its use.

So true with the spike in mental health issues in the coming years, even Trudeau’s Mom admitted her mental problems where caused by pot use.

    Yeah, like Margret Trudeau would know what caused any mental lssues she may have.

      Her issues can also be passed down. There is evidence.

      Exactly.. what’s her medical training again … lol

Almost out of the dark ages here in Canada. Now if we could only have a couple of casual beers at a beach or park without a constable giving you a fine and trying to tell you how to live your life.

Sergio, you imagine how irresponsible the public would be? I agree with you, as there is nothing like a wobbly pop and a nice day. But take a look a around you. Might be the dark ages, but society in general are damn sad and are ahortsighted when it comes to consequences! IE: cell phone usage with no boundaries in people’s minds because they figure they are so important! Back to the justice system having balls, and on it goes. I will leave it at that bud. Have a great Easter!

So when legalized then what? Controlled like booze, no open consumption in public or at public events? Now you have beer gardens, will there be dope moats? What about the smell and all that second hand smoke drifting around?

    What about all that internal combustion engine exhaust drifting around?

      Actually the air coming out of a up to date engine is generally cleaner than what went in. How many smoking engines does one see these days?

    Let’s hope the cigarette smokers switch to weed… would stop so much cancer.. the ease of congestion in our medical system will happen.. 40% of our courts time is wasted over pot crimes..the amount of criminals leaching off the tax dollar decreases.. the taxes that will be brought in from pot will be voluntary just like alcohol taxes.

The first person getting a “dui” for marijuana who has a license to possess and smoke marijuana for medical purposes is gonna be taking them to court and this law will be abolished..they don’t test people driving for levels of there ativans and percocets and sleeping pills in their system now do they?

    Drug affected driving laws have been on the books for a long time.

    Yes they do test for drugs if given a reason also may test after a crash.

    In Canada between 2000 and 2010 those drivers who died as the result of a motor vehicle crash 16.4 percent tested positive for cannabis.

Its a sad day when the druggies feel like they won a victory.

    Do you drink alcohol?

      Why would you drink alcohol?? Don’t you know alcohol is poison.?

    You stick to the gateway drug. Alcohol

Just what this country needs, more government sanctioned stupefying vices. We already have alot folks suffering with addictions to tobacco, alcohol, gambling and prescription drugs. What’s next? I hope I’m wrong, but I think this is going to do more harm than good.

    Do you think that all of a sudden everyone is going to become a pot smoker just because the laws have changed? People are already using it and have been for decades. Pot isn’t something new on the block.

      You are right the people that are users now will continue to use.

      I would venture to guess though, that most of the current non-pot smokers (including myself) don’t smoke because it is illegal. The majority of Candians choose to adhere to the laws of the land. Either because they don’t want to have a criminal record, or don’t want to jeprodize their careers or just want to set a good example for their kids by obeying the law.

      I think its a good bet that pot usage is going to go up with legalization and greater availability, I see the pot producers are already lobbying the government to allow them to advertise.

    Pot is NOT Addictive…

Maybe the next election cycle some of the opposition parties can run on a platform of repealing this new pro pot law .Lets see how that works for them.

Wow. The amount of ignorance on pot on here is astounding. I know many pot smokers who do fantastic in life. Great job good family etc. I know more alcoholics with broken families, physical, mental abuse suffering. If you are stoned and driving you go slower than the speed limit. Pot doesn’t make you crazy or stupid, that’s what alcohol does .

As long as legalization is done right it will be fine. But it won’t be perfect. We still deal with bootleggers and people illegally making moonshine and alcohol has been legal for 100 yrs. so to think the criminal element will be completely removed is ignorance again. Ask any police officer wound they rather deal with a drunk or pot head.. it’s pot head every time.

Also. Pot is NOT addictive

    False wives tales

      Yes.. so true about all the lies about pot.

      I know many alcohol drinkers who do fantastic in life. I also know pot heads who have ruined their lives, marriages, and have broken families. Anecdotes will get you nowhere.

      pot definitely makes some people stupid

      pot IS addictive to some

      look up your wives tales, don’t ignore the results you don’t like

      Slinky..some ppl are stupid..don’t need any help from booze or drugs..I know tons of alcohol drinkers have great lives…but I said alcoholics.. don’t post a reply if you don’t read or understand the post ;)

Pffffffffffffffft…..Chill peeps!

Sorry 10 minutes early…….

Have nothing against legalization but think that it should not go through until testing for impairment meets a standard that will pass a court challenge.

Washington state has seen a two fold increase in fatal crashes where the drivers were impaired by pot since it was legalized in that state.


Why smoke pot, or drink alcohol? Not happy with yourself?? If smoking or drinking is not a problem stop doing it for a year and see how you feel.

    Why do anything for that matter? Why exercise? Why read? Why collect stamps? Why have a nice garden? Why ride snowmobiles in the mountains?

    What difference is there really between investing a drug that makes you feel happy, or doing some other activity that makes you feel happy? If you aren’t hurting anyone else and the end result is the same, who cares?

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