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October 27, 2017 5:59 pm

CRD Wants Wi-Fi at Rest Stops

Saturday, April 15, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Williams Lake, B.C. – The Cariboo Regional District Board wants in on the provincial government’s plan to expand free, public Wi-Fi capabilities at rest areas around the province.

The Board decided at its monthly meeting this week to write a letter to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure asking them to consider expanding the initiative it announced last fall.

Those areas getting Wi-Fi are:

  • Britton Creek Highway 5 – 67 kilometres south of Merritt
  • Mt Terry Fox Highway 16 – 6 km east of Tete Jaune
  • Galena Bay Highway 23 – 49 km north of Nakusp
  • Glacier View Highway 16 – 7 km north of Smithers
  • Taylor River Highway 4 – 3 km west of Port Alberni

Starting this spring, travellers in the above areas will be able to identify which rest areas have Wi-Fi by the Wi-Fi graphic on the rest-area sign (see an example of what the sign looks like above).


“The Cariboo Regional District Board wants in on the provincial government’s plan to expand free, public Wi-Fi capabilities at rest areas around the province.”

We will be the last on the list, as usual! Just returned from a drive to Kelowna and back. One has to see the construction efforts in Kelowna! That is where most of the money goes.

South of Quesnel highways are getting way more attention in the form of adding lanes. Even the pavement is not as badly cracked and patched up as here. Once one heads north from Quesnel one can see how much we have been put and kept on the back burner! Contrary what has been posted on this site the traffic was heavy, especially with trucks going south and north.

    It depends on what your understanding of the term **heavy** means. The heaviest traffic in this area is between Prince George and Burns Lake on 16 West.

    Traffic on 97 South has been in decline for a number of years.

      Well, if that is true they must not have had a lot of space between them at one time. I have not driven West in many years, so if there is more traffic now than on #97 we deserve more improvements both on #97 and #16.

      The bridge to replace the Massey Tunnel is pegged at $3,500,000,000 (3.5 billion) about much as was the Port Mann Bridge project, so perhaps we will be waiting for several decades to get some slices of the pie for the Cariboo Connector! Kelowna will soon need another bridge across the lake – traffic is bumper to bumper at 80 km/h. Gridlock in the am and pm. Additional lanes on 4-lanes Harvey Avenue are being constructed right now in order to be able to handle the enormous traffic.

    Proving once again that PG MLAs don’t actually have to contribute anything to the region to get re-elected time and time again . Dick for his decades of nothing got a nice place as far away from PG with out leaving the country as is possible .

      I sincerely doubt that Osoyoos BC is as far away from PG without leaving the Country as you can get. Perhaps you meant Province, or perhaps you have a problem with geography.

      Dick did as much or more as many other MP’s and of course much more than those in opposition for all those years.

      A very large number of people who work in Prince George leave once they retire or lose their jobs. It would be interesting so see some of the statistics if there were any.

      I know many people in industry that could not get out of town fast enough once they retired. Kelowna, and the Island seem to be the destinations of choice.

      “Proving once again that PG MLAs don’t actually have to contribute anything to the region…”

      During the decade the nineties we got even less.

      Ataloss, what part of Prince George did you say that you live in?

      I’ve lived in four different areas of PG but it’s not any of your business where I’ve lived or live now . Nor ever will it be . I could not care less where you live but going by your avatar , you’re a hartbilly .

    There is currently a $ transit expansion project underway in Kelowna.

Perhaps that should read Mt Terry Fox, rather than Dox

    thanks for heads up

I’d be happy with cell coverage along the highways. WIFI can wait.

    Easier to put wifi in than cell service and considerably cheaper

    One of the reasons cell service is so slow in getting highway coverage is the cost of installing cell towers and mountainous terrain limiting signals meaning more cell towers to install which means added cost to our cell phone bills.

    I’ll take wifi for now over continuous cell service

Free? Nothing is free.

    axman, socialists and the NDP (one and the same) think that anything that the Government provides is free!

    air is free …. unless you need to pump it into your tires.

    let’s start a list of what is free ….. see how quickly it adds up to 23 … ;-)

    How true . Even thoughts cost calories . That’s one of the reasons I am amazed that people are not able to understand the thermodynamic wall that the fossils have reached . And an average of global EROI is now sitting at 1/15 and getting narrower by the quarter .

      As you add memories does your head get heavier?

      It is from a quirks and quarks episode, they examined if adding data or music to your smart device added weight. The thought comes up if we add brain cells do we add weight to the brain or does something else get lost like grey matter…

I would prefer clean facilities at the rest stops.

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