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October 27, 2017 5:59 pm

New Recycling Guides Available

Tuesday, April 18, 2017 @ 5:50 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Recycle BC  ( formerly MMBC) has new recycling  guides available for  Prince George residents.

The new guide, ( which can be downloaded  by clicking here) contains pick-up schedules for May 2017 to April 2018, a list of accepted and non-accepted items, plus locations of depots where items not accepted at curbside or multi-family buildings can be dropped off.

Residents can also get the latest information by downloading Recycle BC’s mobile app at Recycle BC.ca, Google Play or the App Store.

Established three years ago, Recycle BC is a non-profit organization responsible for residential packaging and printed paper recycling throughout the province. Recycle BC is funded by businesses that supply packaging and printed paper to B.C. residents.


How about we start recycling some of those signs along foothills.
Some one has a lot of money to waste on signage.
I normally vote for that party, wont be this year, the amount of signs along foothills is disgusting.

    Yes, all of that “orange” is hard on the eyes and the stomach!

Mike Morris has 74 signs from 15th and the foothills to the farthest parking trail parking lot on the foothills! (Can’t remember the name of that trail system) But 74 signs, glad I didn’t donate to their cause!! That is ridiculous!

Signs have never had any impact on me, one way or the other! I always know way ahead of time who I am not going to vote for! Even if they would put up a whole forest of them! However, the whole sign circus may have a stimulating impact on the local lumber yards and printing businesses! That is good!

    Be interesting to know if they actually used a local printer to print those signs. They are probably all sent up from Vancouver.

    Be interesting to know if they actually used a local printer to print those signs. They are probably all sent up from Vancouver or worse from out of province or country.

    Sad thing about all these signs though, I still find them lying around. Going down St. Lawrence there are still signs in the grassy area. I phoned a losing candidate after the last city election to get her crap off of Domano, there are still signs in the bushes! SIgns that are still lying around after the elections are done, if not picked up, the candidates should be fined. And yes I also know who I am voting for, as I do some research beforehand.

I thought this was supposed to be about the new recyclying not every bodys opion on politics.?????

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