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October 27, 2017 5:58 pm

Home Show Just Two Days Away

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 @ 5:58 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  Never mind the snow flurries in the region, it  isn’t officially spring in Prince George until the  Canadian Home Builders Association of Northern B.C.   home show  is underway.

The  Home Show  has been the  kick off to a new season for the past 40 years in Prince George and on Friday,  the 2017 edition  gets underway.

Putting the show together is a major effort says CHBA of Northern B.C.   CEO  Terry McConnachie, “It takes a whole year of planning , organizing and recruiting partners conceiving all the different ideas and components of the show.   Of course,   booking vendors.”

She says they started lining up vendors  last September,  and  were 75% sold out   by December “The response has been absolutely amazing this year.”

She says there is  a lot of  energy in Prince George  right now,  “There’s a  lot of building going on,  there is   an interest,  first because  we live in a city  where we have  longer winters.  So  when we can finally shrug that off and finally get outside and start planning  our gardens and yards,  and planning some of those different  projects we can do around the house,  it’s positively joyful  and the Home Show is here to help kick start that.”

One of the things that has made the Home Show such a success over the years,  is  the  variety of events.  Not only are their vendors  for  everything from  hot tubs to roofing,  patios  to  kitchen wares,  the show  has become interactive  as this year,  children  have been invited to  enter a birdhouse of their own design and  construction,   or they can make a bird feeder while  at the show.    There is  a skills competition for  the construction of  playhouses,   those playhouses  and bird houses will then be auctioned off and the proceeds  going to  a charity.  Last year,   the playhouse auction raised more than $30 thousand dollars.

Don’t let the recent flurries worry you McConnachie says the show has opened several times in the past  when there was  snow either still on the ground,  or falling. “We’re a  hardy bunch” says McConnachie  “I’m used to planning  events indoors and out ( the P.G. exhibition)  so I don’t get distracted by the weather anymore.”   While she can’t guarantee there won’t be any more snow flurries   post Home Show “I can promise the mind set of spring  will open  with the Home Show on Friday.”


Oh yeah, I can’t wait to pay a cover charge so a vendor can sell me something.

    totally agree.

    Exactly….I’ll pass

    But, but, as seen on tv!!!!!!

Ok, so all you boo hoo hoo people. If you don’t support these events, eventually they will stop having them, and you will be sitting around the house being miserable. That is the reason why the women drag us around these things so we can not be grumpy old men.

Yes, a lot of boring same old crap. However, the good thing about it is MINI Donuts!!!!

    I feel sorry for you if you can’t find anything else in life to do to keep you from sitting around the house feeling miserable other than a home show. I can’t be bothered to go because I have a lot of other MORE worthwhile activities to do. As long as the home show doesn’t require me to subsidize it with my taxes to keep running I couldn’t care less about it, but if they are only able to survive because of tax payers dollars, then I say let it die. Why should tax payers subsidize private companies to advertize?

Will the donut van be outside the gate?


I only pay cover charges for top notch strip clubs.

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