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October 27, 2017 5:58 pm

Canadians Mixed on Marijuana Legislation

Thursday, April 20, 2017 @ 9:14 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Today is 4/20,   and  across the country,   marijuana users will be lighting up to  mark  not only today,  but  to celebrate the  new  marijuana legislation.

A new public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds Canadians in favour of the draft legislation that would legalize marijuana use, but less mellow as to whether it will achieve the goals the government has set for it.

More than six-in-ten Canadians (63%) say they support the proposed Cannabis Act.

But once into the details of it, an even larger number (66%) expect it to fail in its key mission of making it more difficult for young people to use the drug. Likewise, a small majority think the bill will fail to cut organized crime out of the marijuana industry, and half expect it to fail to prevent a surge in the number of people driving impaired.

Canadians are also somewhat divided on the 30-gram limit the bill sets for marijuana possession, with fewer than half (45%) saying this is “about right,” and the rest more likely to say it is too high than too low.

Key Findings:

  • Six-in-ten Canadians (63%) say they are in favour of the Cannabis Act proposed by the federal government. That’s slightly lower than the two-thirds (68%) said “make it legal” when the Angus Reid Institute asked about the subject last year
  • Canadians are divided evenly over whether new proposed punishments for driving under the influence of marijuana will have the desired effect. Half (49%) say they expect the measures to discourage marijuana-impaired driving, while 51 per cent remain unconvinced
  • Two-in-three (66%) say the new law, if passed, will fail to prevent young people from using even more pot than they already do – something the government has made a key goal of its legalization effort

In B.C.  52% say  the legal  age for  access to  marijuana should be older than  18,  and   about 75%  say it should be  sold only in dispensaries that deal strictly with  marijuana products.



And the money pours in..

I was watching a “interesting” slightly anti pot documentary on Legalizing and the mostly the cons.. but did bring up some good points..

This documentary said with the strength of the THC up to 25-35% they have removed another drug that helped with paranoia that some feel..along with making people with very addictive personalities to become mentally addicted.. They are now trying to get this drug back in and lets hope it works.. I have not done any research after watching the show but will be soon.

As always my concern is driving while high.. how to know quickly if the driver is impaired just like a breathalyzer, I do remember seeing something on CTV about some eng students coming close to one.. but that was a yr or so back. Smart rich kids if it works :)

Be safe out there, think of others, they have families to go home to as well.

I for one am not for it, sure it will bring in revenue that we as taxpayers won’t see. Bad enough the justice system is mired in the drinking laws and how people keep on getting off due to ‘legalities’. Now they will have nimrods driving high also. The police officers already have big caseloads and now they can add this to their already full plate! There is evidence of medicinal qualities, which people will think that it is then ok to drive as they have a right for ‘medicinal’ purposes. Loopholes galore in presenting the first 1000 cases in the judicial system. People on the whole are not responsible enough!

    The nimrods you speak of are already driving high. Nothing will change. Their already full plate will have all the current pot law arrests removed from their plates = smaller plates.

I’m sick and tired of the ^^^^ the above BS that is chock-a-block full of fear and ignorance.

Hey peepz, nothing will change, cannabis as been with us for at least 50 years. Society functions as it does and cannabis is an intricate part of that.

Prohibition does not work…..proven fact.

These ultra-right wing posters just fuel the propaganda machine.

The sad part of it is that our PM should have decriminalized cannabis at the announcement of legalization to legalize.

In addition keep the corporates out of it, should be run as is, with ‘mom & pop’ type stores as opposed to large monopolies running it……if that is to be , then the Blackmarket will stay healthy.

Happy 420 everybody.

Sure as hell ain’t fear and ignorance on my part, I don’t care! It’s the idiots driving high and drunk! Govt will be involved regardless. Drinking and driving are also culture related, look how many deaths out of this! it’s a cash cow! Black and white! Irresponsibility isn’t ignorance, it’s this issue I have a problem with, the only one really.

People on the whole are not responsible enough!

That’s why y’all need a good Evangelical dictator, cuz society is not responsible for their own choices.

I guess my father and grandfather wasted there time and ultimately lives in the last two world wars.

Of course there will be drunks, stoners, people who don’t have the skills to drive safely, the entitled and contractors doing bizznet on their cell phones that cause issues.

It’s a dangerous world out there on the mean streets.

    Pretty well said it all! Evangelical dictator is a interesting choice of words! Society on the whole is 65% enablers far as I am concerned. IE: the fentanyl ‘crisis’ that has cost us millions of $ and still people are stupid enough to do the drug and money is still doled out and the elderly are still eking out a living??? What gives?

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