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October 27, 2017 5:57 pm

Regional District Employee Recognized for Service

Thursday, April 20, 2017 @ 1:50 PM

Board Chair  Art Kaehn presents  congratulatory document to Hanson – Photo 250News

P1rince George, B.C.- At the end of this month, Carina Hanson will be retiring from  the Regional District of Fraser Fort George.

She has  been with the RDFFG for 21 years,  “What a wonderful, wonderful place to work” said Hanson as she  received a congratulatory  document from Board Chair Art Kaehn.

Hanson  offered thanks to  her fellow employees  and to the members of the Board of Directors “I hold each of you in very high regard.”




Am I missing something here? Is there some significance to this women that is not in the story? People retire all the time and it’s not usually newsworthy. Or has no one ever stuck it at at the District for a whopping 21 years? :)

axman, I was thinking the same thing!

First off how did Shirley Bond miss this photo opportunity…and secondly how gives to hoots after 21 years she has to be related too someone at 250…we have guys retire at Canfor after 40+ years and they are lucky to get noticed…that’s not true they get a cake if someone remembers…

All 3 of you are just plain jerks. It must be tough going through life with such negative attitudes.
Here’s a great civil servant, working hard for 21 years and going out obviously healthy and ready to take on a well deserved retirement.
Best wishes from one person that appreciates what you have done for the RDFFG.

    I asked a legitimate question, there was no negativity involved. They could throw her a parade for all I care, I just want to know who she is. There has to be some reason her retirement made the news and I’m just curious as to what that reason was. Google is of no help. Linkedin has her as a “Community/Public Safety Assistant at Regional District of Fraser-Fort George”, whatever that means.

      I think that means long lunches and a clean desk.

    What axman just said!

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