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Friday Free for All – April 21, 2017

Friday, April 21, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Another  week is coming to a close,  and that means it is time to fire up the Friday Free For All.

This is your opportunity to speak up on issues  that  struck a chord  with you over the past week.  You are reminded to be respectful of the opinions of  others,  even though you may disagree with  their position.  This  is to be a day for discussion of issues,  not for  personal attacks on those whose  opinions differ from your own.   Those who fail to  refrain from personal  attacks will have,  at the very least, their comments edited,  and  may lose their  privilege  to  comment  on this site.

You are also reminded to keep your comments brief, as long winded rants  are often  ignored  and a waste of the writer’s time.  Long winded posts may also be  edited for brevity.

The rules are simple:

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying.


HAPPY weekend… Enjoy the nice weather today.. Walk into stores, not drive in..

The accused polygamist Blackmore has 24 wives and 145 children. I recommend he go with the insanity plea.

    HAHA, good one!

    Wonder what his income is just from gov’t baby bonus cheques. Living the dream.

    He would appear to have complete control over them. Not insane the way he did it.

Stillsmokin: you’ve got the right idea now! Happy weekend to you too.

My, its nice to have spring here again. I saw a bumblebee the other day and wondered where she was going to find flowers? I sure hope she did.

    How do you know the bumble bee was a she? Did you flip it over and check?

    Worker bees are sexless, refer to them as “it”.

    I have flowers blooming. Glory Of The Snow. Google it.

    Some trees are also in bloom, aspens, willows, silver maples that I’ve seen. Yes bees do feed off them.

I wonder if many of today’s parents actually care if they know where their kids are well after dark. I stopped by a 24 hr convenience store this morning around 2am. Outside was a large group of kids predominantly white and ranging in age from approximately 10-16 years old and it made me wonder if out of the group of 15 or so kids if any of their parents actually knew where they were or if then even cared that their kids were up at this time and hanging out.

Sad state of affairs when I see that.

Three quarters of B.C. residents believe B.C. Liberals out to help political donors: poll

ht tp://vancouversun.com/news/local-news/three-quarters-of-b-c-residents-believe-b-c-liberals-out-to-help-political-donors-poll

Big Liberal donors are doing big business with the B.C. government

ht tp://vancouversun.com/business/local-business/big-liberal-donors-are-doing-big-business-with-the-b-c-government

Trump took a shot at Canada’s antiquated Dairy and poultry industry and about time. Canada’s restrictive quota system keeps prices high and takes billions of dollars out of the pockets of consumers each year.
Price per pound of chicken in the Phoenix area of the USA is about half of what Canadians pay even after exchange on the dollar. Milk is also half the cost or less also.
Thank you Mr. Trump for taking aim at getting consumers in Canada lower food prices.

    “Ontario farmers, frustrated with the arrangement, last April dramatically cut the prices on Canadian ultrafiltered milk. Other provinces plan to follow suit, posing a dire threat to U.S. farms.”

    ht tps://www.washingtonpost.com/news/wonk/wp/2017/04/17/the-great-dairy-trade-war-that-will-test-president-trump/?utm_term=.c9dcc7fcd7bc


    This statement proves four things:
    1. Canadian milk producers have a lot of play in the price of milk.

    2. Canadian dairy producers baleful wailing on the need of the cartel are hollow.

    3. American producers also benefit from artificially inflated Canadian prices.

    4. Consumers are getting shafted.

    So the Americans think the milk cartel is unfair. But if Canada relaxes the dairy cartel, there will be more milk producers. It will further enlarge the glut in the milk market. This would help American dairy farmers how?

Anyone looking at their natural gas bill will realize the so called revenue neutral theory of the carbon tax portrayed by the Liberals is anything but. Once again the Liberals beat the drum about lower income tax but conveniently forget the carbon tax has turned into a cash cow.

    Luckily Horgan has a plan to double the carbon tax asap.

    The feds also get their cut, Gst is paid on the carbon tax in that heating bill, so in effect dear leader is already charging carbon tax.

    Carbon tax, a tax with no science and no proof from the politicians.

      “…so in effect dear leader…”

      Where did I hear the expression “dear leader” before?

      Ah, that is how the media describes the nut head communist despot in North Korea and that is how the indoctrinated masses in North Korea lovingly refer to him.

      Canadians may decide not to copy that kind of nonsense. Just saying.

Here is a tidbit of info: between Moores Meadow parking lot and 15th on foothills there are 74 Mike Moore signs! Glad I don’t donate any funds to parties! This is beyond ridiculous! Whether or not the aihpgns are still There I have no idea,as this was a few days ago. Too bad council doesn’t have the balls to do what Quesnel did in regulating this sign pollution! How many throughout the City will end up in the bushes, as I know of a few on. St. Lawrence and also on Domano from the city election. AHve a good day people, don’t hit any signs in your travel!

    Whereas all of the NDP signs appear to be funded by CUPE, not a single worry about asking for favours there. Where did the 7 million in donations that the NDP took in go? 5th ave is dominated by orange signs, their team is putting signs directly in front of the blue ones on central. The Liberal election team probably hit areas with most traffic to have the most effect – which it obviously has as some people even take the time to count them

      You miss the point. Only Liberal signs are a waste. Only Liberal signs are an eyesore. Only Liberal signs end up as litter. How did you misunderstand that?

The number of signs represent the total disregard for money, and fiscal responsibility.

Furthermore the Morris/Bond signs are in effect the Liberal platform in this area. Lots of signs but no mention of what they plan to do for the area.

Perhaps they will create jobs by hiring people to remove the signs.

    But you are okay with the orange deluge?

    Give me a break, all parties are involved, there are a lot of NDP signs out too! Come to think of it, the NDP put a big sign beside a pothole! NDP is probably involved in this scheme? I posted it jjust for general information concerning ALL signs and how I applaud Quesnel.

    Once again, complaints against Liberal signs only. Apparently NDP signs enhance the view, kind of like flowers in spring.

    Yeah, right, we get it.

    Fiscal responsibility? They were given the money for the express purpose of winning the election. Inundating us with signs is one method to that end. This sounds to me like a perfect example of being fiscally responsible. If they did nothing with the money except buy booze and cigarettes, you may have an argument.

Lheidli T’enneh & Brigadoon:

Alexander MacKenzie came down the James river to the McGregor then to the Fraser. He passed the site that is claimed to be the site of Lheidli T’enneh village on Wednesday June 19, 1793. Through all of these river systems he saw no human sign. He noted that there was a lot of smoke and fog in this area. This would explain why the village had disappeared taking all stone age artifacts with it. The village disappeared so completely that to this day not a single stone age artifact has been found at the village site or in the upper Fraser water shed. On Aug. 9, 1793 MacKenzie returned but the village had not reappeared. On Friday, July 11, 1806 Simon Fraser stopped at the Lheidli T’enneh site but there was no village! He traveled up the Nechako river to the village of Chinlac. This was the first human contact he had made in the Fraser river water shed. In the Fall of 1807 Fraser began building Fort George. He appointed Hugh Faries to be commander of the fort. Faries and some other men stayed at Fort George for the winter so I believe this was when the first houses were built at Fort George. That many people would have been crowded to stay at the fort trading post. It is also probable that the native employees would not have been allowed to stay in the fort over night. Fraser returned to Stuart post to prepare for his trip down the great river. On May 28, 1808 he stopped at Fort George staying a full day and traveling on the next day. (The next statement is not supported by documentation yet but I am looking for the documents.) I believe that the H.B.C. sold Fort George village to the Indian Affairs Department to create Fort George Reserve #1 . So aboriginal people are said to have built the stone age village of Lheidli T’enneh , I don’t think anyone ever claimed that they built the log houses of Fort George village. This village was occupied for almost 100 years. Then the elders of the village became concerned about the negative impact of Europeans coming in such great numbers that changes were coming too quickly. In1908 the Elders began the process of moving the village to a more remote location. There were 36 men that had the right to vote. 32 voted in favour of moving 3 abstained, and Joseph Qua voted against. Mr. Qua was in favour of moving but he didn’t like the pay distribution. They did not sell the land or houses, they did not own them. They surrendered their lease to the I.A.D. in return they received a lease to the reserve of their choice, Shelly or Chiefs Cabin. Between 4 or 6 families choose Chiefs Cabin. The rest choose Shelly. They received new houses that was bigger and better built than the old ones, better farm land and a large amount of cash. The first payment was Nov., 18 1911. Forty-four families in all. 36 male house hold heads and 8 female. You thought that you had heard the last of Lheidli T’enneh? Well its foggy image started to return in 1997 in the pages of The Citizen newspaper. Can you believe that the old stone age myth would return? That it has only been 20 years since this oral tradition was remembered? I find this beyond belief. A village that disappeared more than 200 years age could come back but did not bring any physical evidence. Oral tradition stories won’t convince me that this village existed when there is so much evidence that contradicts its existence. I believe that professional media presenters have combined with sympatric media story gatherers made this village re-appear! The combination of the two will present oral tradition interviews in a way that some of their audience think the story is real news without checking the facts. The next time you hear or read a news story ask “is this real?”. We need news media but we also need to ask is this fake news? Is it supported with facts?

Do you know the way to Lheidli T’enneh?

    The use of the term “stone age” is not helpful. Every human being alive today has neolithic ancestors.

    Here is a quote from an item that appeared on CKPG January 26, 2017.

    “Archaeological sites have continued to grow in the last twenty years in our region, as archaeologists find artifacts dating back several thousand years. Archaeologist Frank Craig says “There are 24 recorded archaeological sites within the municipality of Prince George.” Our region is known to be riddled with culture depressions that were once used to store materials. Sometimes within those depressions artifacts are found and archived. Exploration Place is a repository where some of those items are kept. This summer, Exploration Place will open a first nation gallery, so the public can see samples of the treasures found in our community.”

    The long term occupation of this area by the Lheidli T’enneh is well established. I’d suggest dropping in to the the new gallery at The Exploration Place once it is open.

    BTW, Alexander MacKenzie also missed the Nechako River’s mouth on his trip to the Pacific. But it exists.

      Alexander MacKenzie missed the Nachako river because there was a lake where p.G. is now. He noted it was covered with fog and smoke.The artifacts found here are 8000 years old 7500 years older than than Carrier people.I had a talk with Bob Campbell about 10 years ago. He said he was not aware of any artifacts found in Lheidli T’enneh park. At a public meeting Normand Canuel said that there were 8 identified or potential sites inP.G.

      It was the area of the renamed Fort George Park being referred to in the post reply.

    It is always exciting to me when someone digs deeply into historical data; the challenge, as always, is in the interpretation. Whether you are reading “facts” from books, teasing them out of photos or hearing them at the foot of an Elder, all history is subject to the perspective of the ones sharing it.

    There has never been any claim made that the village site at what is now Lheidli T’enneh Memorial Park was a stone age village site. I think your confusion is stemming from the same misunderstandings that the early explorers suffered under, as it relates to the manner in which pre-contact First Nations lived. One reason that so many First Nations refer to traditional territories rather than historic village sites is that for many of these cultures life was at least, seasonally nomadic. These people traveled over vast geographic areas, gathering, hunting, warring, trading, feasting and celebrating with neighbors’. Seasonal village sites would spring up and in some cases, would be reused year after year.

    The Simon Fraser Bridge Site, essentially adjacent to the Park, unearthed some 30,000 stone tools (lithics) which date to close to 10,000 years old. Keeping in mind that only 2% of this site was excavated; the sheer potential volume of materials is staggering; clearly indicating that people lived in the area for far longer than the Hudson’s Bay Trading Post existed. The entirety of the Park has been designated an archaeological site because of burials, the trading post and village site, NOT because this was the only home of the ancient Dakelh Peoples.

    Your view of the expulsion of the Lheidli T’enneh from the Park to Khas Tan Lhe Ghulgh (Bundle of Fireweed) aka Shelley (and to two other reserves) is skewed. It is impossible to claim that you understand the motivation for the votes or for the move, but I can assure that there is a first person account, that of the Indian Agent of the day, that makes it very clear that not only was this not a choice being made by the community, but that the Agent knowingly engaged in deceit to accomplish the move.

    The growing understanding we have of the Lheidli T’enneh Nation, the Dakelh Cultural Group and indeed of all North American First Nations’ lives pre-contact, are making it clear that these were communities of depth, with rich cultural traditions and challenges of governance like all groups of humans. To discount their oral histories as somehow less valid than say, the European version of history is not only insulting, but it is limiting and ultimately, damaging to our collective culture.

    Our new exhibit Hohudul’eh-a (The Place of Learning) is intended to be a place to have these conversations. A chance to explore the material culture that we have on hand, a place to bring newly discovered and repatriated objects home to our Region and a space to hear the stories as they have been passed down. I hope that the entire community will join us first on June 21st for the ribbon cutting and then again many times as we animate the space with help from Lheidli T’enneh Elders.

    I do know the way to Lheidli T’enneh. It starts with an invitation like the one I’ve just issued.

Folks, the Syrian civil war continues to kill thousands, there’s a genocide going on in South Sudan, North Korea has nuclear weapons, the US government doesn’t want to do anything about climate change and is abandoning environmental regulations, the White House is occupied by a baboon, and we’ve still got many reserves without potable water or adequate housing. Let’s not get all worked up about campaign signs.

    Well that baboon has made Syria take notice, and having China do something about North Korea or would you rather wait for the bomb.

    The last 8 years of Odumber and Clinton expanded wars and let North Korea go unchecked.

    Billposer:”Let’s not get all worked up about campaign signs.”

    Exactly! There are issues that are important, then there are some that don’t make the cut. As far as I am concerned those signs election are useless.

      I agree, the signs serve no useful purpose. But unlike the complainers, I dislike them all.

    The US government is finally showing some sanity on climate change, unlike our own.

Had an interesting call from a sales person a Phx Int Raceway in Phoenix. As I attend the race each spring they were promoting the Indy car race this month.
After chatting with the gal with the southern accent and telling her I was in Canada her next words were, “Is all the snow gone and are you in pot
hole season”.
How Prince George’s fame as pot hole capital of Canada has spread.

hi everyone, happy friday! I noticed a sign in Lakewood the other day, in the old elementary school playground along Davie Ave. It looks like Aimhi is seeking an amendment to the OCP in order to construct residences along Davie. Im wondering if anyone has any info about this or what they’re proposing. it seems like an awful idea and would open the doors to develop all the green space surrounding our multitude of closed down schools. thanks everyone!

Those politicians fighting site c and promising heavily subsidized, inefficient, costly environmentally disruptive unreliable wind are just whistling in the wind for votes.

Every where in the world wind generation has turned into an unmitigated costly disaster. Cost of electricity where ever there is wind generation has skyrocketed just look at Ontario for one example.

Site c generation 1,100 mw with an efficiency of over 90%. Wind generation efficiency about 30% if lucky. Lets say each wind generator is 3 mw and at 30% efficiency it would take 659 wind towers to equal site c. The reservoir will cover 9330 ha while 25 acres for each wind tower not counting roads and transmission lines wind generation would cover 11,128 ha.

Lets say each tower costs at least 5 million, so about 3.5 billion to build the wind generation. Ah sounds good but wind generation has high continuing maintenance costs and will have to be replaced starting at 15 years.

Now think of the environmental destruction and disturbance of all those towers, roads, power lines. The bird, eagle kill, noise, think any moose will live in that area?

So the greenies make out wind generation is environmentally benign but it is any thing but.

Having said all that how come if wind generation is so great its output and environmental impacts are such a secret.

    h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BC1l4geSTP8

Anyone notice the bike painting on all the roads is mostly all worn off after winter? I wonder if will be paying additional 500K (1/2 Million) to repaint them this summer? Upside pot hots are not to bad this year.

    Bike lanes are an expensive nascence. Car drivers pay for building and maintaining roads with gas taxes. If bikes were taxed at the same rate no one would ride them.

      If people who don’t exercise and get obese would pay msp premiums in line with their healthcare costs my premium could go down and I could afford to pay road taxes for bike lanes. I agree the painting was a silly idea.

      “If bikes were taxed at the same rate no one would ride them” I paid GST & PST on both of my bikes, for every replacement part or upgrade, the same. Why on earth would anyone be stupid enough to place a fuel tax on a non-fuel burning vehicle? As for nobody riding? There are somethings in life, such as a healthy lifestyle, that are not primarily driven by the almighty dollar…though Ski51 has a very valid point…

      If every one paid only consumption tax there there would be no roads. Bike riders don’t pay user fees

      Yes they do & yes there would be roads. If road maintenance & construction were only paid through fuel taxes, there would be no roads. Most cyclists own vehicles ( I own 3) & pay taxes on pretty much everything. Does the fact that cycling is part of a healthy lifestyle escape you? Read Ski51’s comment again, maybe those of us that try to stay fit & healthy should be more vocal about how our taxes go towards & subsidize those who choose not to & are a drain on our healthcare dollars?

    I guess the city figures bicycle riders aren’t very bright and need lines to show them where to ride. Back in the dark ages when I was in grade two, we all knew where to ride, but not today.

      Dirtman don’t often agree with your logic but think you nailed it with the bike lanes . I still enjoy to ride and usually plan my route to avoid the busy streets . If I’m riding with traffic I know how to shoulder check to see if it’s safe to go around a parked car . All those no parking or stopping signs along the bike lanes are ridiculous and a huge inconvenience when I’m driving and need to park .

    it really doesn’t matter as most of them ride on the sidewalks anyways.


ht tps://thetyee.ca/Tyeenews/2017/04/18/BC-Liberals-Compendium/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_content=041817-3&utm_campaign=editorial-0417

    Most damaging of all are Australia’s renewable energy targets. In South Australia they stand at 50 per cent (by 2025), in Queensland 50 per cent (by 2030) – rightly described as ‘bonkers mad’ by deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, in Victoria 40 per cent (by 2025). Even under the Liberal federal government, the national target is 23 per cent by 2020. All of these are doomed to fail –even the national one would require the impossible feat of a 50 per cent increase in Australia’s renewable energy (mainly solar and wind) within three years. Meanwhile, the havoc they have already wreaked is considerable.

    South Australia has been the hardest hit so far by the great renewables disaster. No doubt it sounded good when premier Jay Weatherill and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis first began evangelising about their world-beating clean energy targets. The consequence, though, has been blackouts, job losses and economic chaos caused by rocketing power prices and intermittent supply.

    ht tps://spectator.com.au/2017/03/wheres-the-due-diligence-on-renewables/

    Bird Studies Canada quietly released a summary of bird and bat kills a few days ago. It doesn’t include last year’s toll on the avian population, but it gives you a good idea of where it’s headed – for a cliff. As you have probably noticed, this item hasn’t made the mainstream news in any way, shape, or form.


    The mortality estimates presented here potentially underestimate true mortality as they are based solely on carcasses that fell within 50 m of the turbine base. It is expected that a certain proportion of birds and bats will fall outside of this radius, and there are several different approaches to quantifying this correction factor as can be inferred based on extrapolation of Figures 1 and 2. Zimmerling et al. (2013) reported that turbine heights were very similar (~80 m) for most turbines installed in Canada as of 2011 and estimated the proportion of carcasses expected to fall outside of 50 m to be up to 51.8% of birds, based on 4 studies that searched a radius up to 85 m.

    ht tps://ontario-wind-resistance.org/2016/07/18/ontario-wind-turbine-developers-killing-endangered-birds-and-bats-with-impunity/

      Have a few ducks die in a settling pond, million dollar fines. have eagles get the chop by a wind generator, silence. Greenies are a double faced lot.

      Then there are all the birds killed by domestic cats seamutt. Those numbers are massive compared to any amount of birds killed by wind turbines.

Renewables accounted for 10% of global energy production for 2016 . Bloomberg energy finance , U.N environment, Frankfurt School .

    Oops, posted my 2 responses above.

    Let’s close the cheapest generators of electricity. Will electricity bills:

    a. go down,

    b. go up, or

    c. be paid by The Tooth Fairy?

    A quarter of Australians don’t know. A half think the answer is “b” or “c”. It’s that bad.

    A new survey came out this week which fans of renewables are using to argue we need more renewables, but hidden in the data is the big misinformation that underlies this attitude.

    The real issue …. is that so much of the country is horribly misinformed. All the key questions in the survey depend on what would happen to electricity prices, and nearly half the country lives under the delusion that “renewables” make our electricity prices cheaper.


    Most Australians have no idea that coal fired power is the cheapest power by far. The Tooth Fairy subsidies mean that some people with solar panels on their roof think they are getting “cheap electricity” when really someone else is paying part of their bill.

    ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/04/australians-duped-into-thinking-that-renewable-energy-is-cheap/

That’s Bloomberg New Energy Finance .

    ht tp://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2017/04/idahos-4-3-million-solar-project-generates-enough-energy-run-one-microwave-oven/

    Yeah, that sure makes sense.

Magnis Australia today announce they and a U.S. Consortium will build the worlds second battery Gigafactory in Australia . The announcement was made on Twitter .

    They’ve already picked out the location .

      And the subsidies.

Ford Motor Company’s Xiao Yang and Ted Miller will present an interesting paper about fast charging of lithium-ion batteries at the WCX 17: SAE World Congress Experience in April. According to a teaser about the talk, the 5-Ah laboratory sample cell revealed great charge/discharge capabilities without capacity loss. Specifically, charging takes only a few minutes “without undue stresses“:

full recharge in 3 minutes under a constant rate of 20C (100 A)
From 0% to 85% state of charge in 2 minutes at 25.5C (127.5 A)
There is no details about the magic yet, but after 50 test cycles, the cells were apparently unharmed. ” this new chemistry would be faster than filling a tank with fossils “

    That would be the first step toward making them competitive with fossils.

    Where will the power supply for all these electric vehicles come from.. Gonna need a few more site c’s. What about road tax? So does the Ford project turn Tesla into a Bricklin..

    Ataloss you generating lots of power today, tone it down a bit will ya, frequency is running a mite high.

Is it just me or does anyone else think that there are too many articles on 250 News that are closed off to public discussion? I’m not bringing it up to criticize. I understand Elaine’s issues with certain folks on here that can’t constructively criticize without simple troll like name calling but there are way too many subjects on here that are now off limits to comments. Politics, First Nations issues, local government, environment etc. Where does it stop?
I prefer to keep the ability to comment on particular issues wide open and subject to the rules that have always been on this site. Break the rules and you are kicked off. If you come back with a new name, how many of us on here take 2 minutes to figure out that it’s the earlier offender with a new handle. And if the person changes their name and changes their ways so no one even knows that they are the earlier offender, that’s a good thing.
I only say this because I for one am not even looking at closed item articles anymore. It’s just reading. Zero level of engagement.

    Well it is a liberal left site and one has to try within range of that target. having said that it is good to have a site like this over all.

    As for native issues one cannot question where billions disappear or the rewrite of history.

    The subjects that are closed to comments are:
    1.stories where a person has been charged with crime. If their name appears, comments are closed because the matter is before the courts
    2. First nations issues… because the haters can’t wait to post racist comments which violate the hate laws in this country.
    3. the election stories because trollers have been very busy signing up on this site.
    4. fatal incidents, because families are dealing with enough pain

    Stories on local government, environment, are not closed to comments.
    perhaps you have logged on too late to comment as the window of opportunity is only open for 24 hours from the time the story is posted.

    so a story may be “closed” to comments because the time limit has lapsed, not because of a decision to prevent anyone from commenting.

    -Elaine Macdonald-Meisner

Remember how Obumber was shutting down coal power plants, wanting to carbon tax the poop out of everyone. Yipping about the earth is going to cook well its about what he says not what he does. Also all those overpriced so called celebrities mentioned what us to change our lifestyes for mother earth but look at their carbon trails. What a sanctimonious lot.

[The former president and first lady were spotted on billionaire music mogul David Geffen’s $300 million yacht with Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Oprah Winfery as well as vacationing with British billionaire Richard Branson on his private island. They were also seen brunching with U2’s Bono in New York City.]

Coal fired power plants were not shut down by anyone . They lost out to a fuel that was almost half the price . So they were converted to burn fossil methane or they went under because they could not compete with solar , wind and methane . If you’d like to clue yourself in . Study the Tennessee valley authority . It’s the largest co-op in the states and likely the world . They are customer owned and amongst the most progressive in the world . Check out their assets and be amazed . Coal is never coming back no matter what the White House clown says . There are only seventy thousand people working in coal in the USA today and a million working in renewables . Get the picture ?

    Sorry you are mistaken, They are older plants and have been taxed out of existence. Coal use for power is increasing all over the world and those areas shutting down coal because of taxes and regressive taxes are seeing a dramatic increase in electrical costs and unreliability. I have posted many links in the past on this to you but for some reason suffer from myopic vision.


    The fossil facility of today is not the same coal-fired plant of decades past. For many years, we’ve taken steps at our plants to protect our natural resources and dramatically reduce emissions.
    Coal-fired plants have formed the backbone of our power system since TVA first started using them in the 1950s. However, in keeping with our commitment to generate safer, cleaner energy, we’re beginning to retire older, less efficient coal-fired plants and replacing them with low- or zero-emission electricity sources including:

    Cleaner natural gas plants
    Increased nuclear capacity
    Investments in renewable resources
    Energy efficiency programs]

    So called renewables are heavily subsidized that is the only way they compete.

    Ataloss how come you are so secretive with your solar, kind of useless and costly I bet.

    TVA generation in wind and solar is only a tiny percentage of total generation and don’t forget it gets even worse, actual output from wind and solar is a lot less than name plate.

    here is some real time generation in Alberta at this time of post

    COAL 6299 4506 40
    GAS 7348 3767 193
    HYDRO 894 399 153
    OTHER 434 277 20
    WIND 1445 13 0
    TOTAL 16420 8962 406

    The first column is nameplate, middle column actual real time generation. Look at wind, wow 13 mw be still my heart. Hey check coal real time output.

    You have a point, Ataloss, the expansion of fracking resulted in the global market being flooded with natural gas, driving down the price well below coal, so many producers switched. Wind and solar had nothing to do with it, they’re way too expensive to compete and besides, they require a parallel base-load backup generation capacity (fossils). The only reason they (and all those jobs) exist at all is because of subsidies, primarily paid for by the fossil fueled economy.

    Now that ridiculous and excessive regulations and taxes by the Obama administration have been removed, coal is once more on a level playing field and making a comeback. Will they reach their former prominence? Probably not, they still have to compete with gas.

      Now that ridiculous and excessive regulations and taxes by the Obama administration have been removed, coal is once more on a level playing field and making a comeback. ????? BS ! Trumplethinskin hasn’t even submitted his WISH list for tax reform . Nothing in the U.S. Tax code has changed and won’t if ever , for at least two years . How do I know this ? I’ve got skin in the game . Have you ? I know you don’t because if you did have skin in the game you’d know how the game works . When the monkey in chief signs an executive order it has to pass in both houses to come into effect . None of his executive orders have passed muster and likely won’t .

Serious bus crash near Quesnel. No details.

Home Show was a less than usual fair. Vendors look like they were forced to be there. Probably more excitement when Krusty came into town

India has the world’s largest solar array. It has also the world’s largest battery storage capacity. Australia is embracing the concept 100%.

As much money is spent on battery storage as on the solar panel arrays.

That way one of the biggest challenges is being dealt with, having power available round the clock.

Wind power is also going to marry its turbine generators to large scale battery storage.

Think positive about clean power, it is being engineered world wide in spite of the negativity being spread by those with an agenda.

    I guess you missed this post from above:

    Most damaging of all are Australia’s renewable energy targets. In South Australia they stand at 50 per cent (by 2025), in Queensland 50 per cent (by 2030) – rightly described as ‘bonkers mad’ by deputy PM Barnaby Joyce, in Victoria 40 per cent (by 2025). Even under the Liberal federal government, the national target is 23 per cent by 2020. All of these are doomed to fail –even the national one would require the impossible feat of a 50 per cent increase in Australia’s renewable energy (mainly solar and wind) within three years. Meanwhile, the havoc they have already wreaked is considerable.

    South Australia has been the hardest hit so far by the great renewables disaster. No doubt it sounded good when premier Jay Weatherill and Energy Minister Tom Koutsantonis first began evangelising about their world-beating clean energy targets. The consequence, though, has been blackouts, job losses and economic chaos caused by rocketing power prices and intermittent supply.

    ht tps://spectator.com.au/2017/03/wheres-the-due-diligence-on-renewables/

    And there’s no way they can store that much electricity in batteries. Besides which, if the goal is cutting emissions, wind is not the way to go. The amount of emission-free power produced over a windmill’s lifetime is not enough to offset the emissions produced in manufacturing it – just burning coal would be less.

    You’ve got that right pg . They just focus on the foibles of the past and miss what is happening today . The Magis gigafactory deal in Australia is a game changer for Australasia but the flatearthers will never get it . Even though there are financiers lined up around the block to get a piece of the action , they still won’t get it . Why ? Because they don’t have any money . They are on the outside looking in , like fanboys screaming at the refs , players and coaches, thinking they can change the score . Truly pathetic.

      A $billion US per day subsidy is what they’re lined up around the block to get in on.

      Now your just being a provocateur. Try a few facts . The full deal hasn’t even been settled yet . The locality will be Townsville . You don’t really know anything do you ? Do you even know how to find the tickers for the players involved ?

    The problem with wind energy is not just its costly, subsidized, unreliable electricity; the need to back up every megawatt with redundant fossil-fuel power; or its impacts on wildlife and their habitats.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/03/08/science-deniers-in-the-wind-industry/

After subjecting my family and friends to the threat of injury or death for the past two years, Gm finally supplied the parts to prevent the possibility that the passenger side airbag would explode on deployment sending schrapnel into their faces. All enquiries regarding this recall were met with thumb twiddling.

We have heard so much about he Highway of tears. The City is helping to pay for a bus on Highway 16 to keep people safe , It looks like the bus is being used to fuel the fire, to night there is four new faces out hooking , one older hooker and three young plump first nation gals. The problem was almost gone, So thanks a lot.

    How do you know this stuff ? Are you talking to them or what ?

I think it is disgusting to see parent drag thier 3, 4 and 5 year olds to political rallys and stick signs in their hands as if the kid really even knows what is going on, let alone what side of the political spectrum they are on. Pathetic.

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