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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Softwood Duties Decision Expected

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 9:42 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The  duties Canadian softwood lumber companies will be expected to pay for shipments to the U.S.  will be  decided today.

While the decision on how much  those companies will have to pay   is expected to be  made before the end of today,    the  details are not  expected to filter to  this side of the border until  some time tomorrow.

The duties are in reaction to the allegations by the  U.S. lumber lobby group   that Canadian wood is  subsidized.    The allegation  has been made in the past,  and Canada  has successfully defended its case  disproving the allegation.

Those  from Canada working on this case  have  been trying to get the message out to  American consumers  that  it is the consumers who will be hurt by  this trade action  as it will  drive up  the  cost of construction.

There is still no sign of any  formal talks  to  resolve the Softwood Lumber Agreement.



And how many years has it been now….. or should I say decades.

When Christy Clark was here on the weekend did anyone ask her why her party has accepted $241k in donations from Weyerhauser, the largest lumber company in the US and the largest contributing member of the US Lumber lobby group?

    She was also over the moon that trump won , cause now will get a permanent deal on soft wood , she said . It’s a twenty percent tariff on our wood . Way to go Christy ! Way to go righties ! Are you happy now seemud?

Sell the lumber to China, I am sure they will buy all we can supply.
Let Trump live in a cave.

    Yes, they will, and pay about 50% of what the US pays.

    Russia is exporting more lumber to China so they need less Canadian Lumber.

    Most of the lumber exported to China is 4th grade or worse, and is used for concrete forming. China builds housing out of cement not lumber.

    If your counting on China to pay top dollar for prime lumber from Canada you better head for the unemployment insurance office because thats whats coming next.

round and round and round we go!

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