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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Nursing Students India Bound

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 1:01 PM

Students and Faculty  heading to  India tomorrow – photo  250News

Prince George, B.C. – Thirteen students  enrolled in the CNC Nursing program  will be boarding a flight tomorrow for India.

Along with  some faculty members,  these students will be spending a month in Bangalor India

This is the second year for the  overseas  educational portion. Faculty Member, Deborah Collette says  language shouldn’t pose any barriers for the students “I understand that  everything is  in English, but having said that, there is a myriad of dialects when dealing with clients so there  will be interpreters on hand.”

Collette says  students will be  doing  a number of things  during this placement “This is a consolidated practicum  that  will see them  consolidate the skills they have learned  and put them to practice in a  clinical setting.”

This month long practicum doesn’t replace   a practicum that might have otherwise been held in B.C. “We like to think of it as an addition” says Collette,  “So we do have some  CNC students who are doing their consolidated practicum now at  the University Hospital of Northern B.C,  so this ( India placement)  is a group of students  who were selected on a number of different criteria and who expressed  interest to  go to India to do this.”

The  month long  placement will be a “life changer”  for those  taking part says Collete,  and students Tianna Deck and Chantelle Jimenez agree.  “I’m hoping to come home with a new perspective on my practice” says Tianna Deck “It’s really going to  challenge me,  challenge my skills, how I view things,  and gain a new  perspective on things. It’s going to  just challenge me, so we can really grow”.   Jimenez  is also excited about  expanding her horizons “Canada  is so multi- cultural already, and just to be engulfed in a  whole other community and a whole other culture, will be  something  that I feel will make be a better  person,  definitely it will make me a better nurse, and culturally aware  of other people’s perspectives.”





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