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October 27, 2017 5:54 pm

Crashes Down at Major Hot Spot Intersections

Monday, April 24, 2017 @ 1:38 PM

Prince George, B.C.- RCMP in Prince George say their  focus on reducing  crashes at  high risk intersections is paying off.

The Traffic Services  Section unit  says  its  focus on  factors  which are contributing causes to crashes,   has resulted in  a 93% reduction  crashes at the intersection of  highways 16 and 97 and significant  reductions  at other  intersections which ICBC  has noted  (2013 data) as the top ten  worst intersections for crashes in  Prince George.

From April 2016 to March 2017, the Prince George RCMP conducted an enforcement and education campaign targeting high risk behaviours at, or near, high-frequency collision locations.

Here’s how things have changed:

Number of collisions per intersection
Intersection 2015-2016 2016-2017 % Change
Ferry Avenue and Highway 16 19 11 -42
Cowart Road & Vance Road at Highway 16 18 7 -61
Highway 16 and Highway 97 15 1 -93
Domano Boulevard & Tyner Boulevard at Highway 16 13 5 -62
Highway 97 & Central Street at 15th Avenue 12 10 -17
15th Avenue and Ospika Boulevard 9 1 -89
20th Avenue and Victoria Street 6 6 0
Konrath Road & Westgate Road at Highway 16 6 3 -50
20th Ave at 17th Ave & Carney Street at Massey Drive 6 2 -67
15th Avenue / Patricia Boulevard and Victoria Street 5 5 0
Totals 109 51 -53


The Traffic Services Section focused on:

  • Impaired driving;
  • Distracted driving;
  • Speeding;
  • Seatbelt use;
  • Intersection-related violations.

We are really happy with these results, but we still have work to do says Sgt. Matt LaBelle, in charge of the Prince George RCMP’s Traffic Services Section. Ultimately, we want to eliminate all collisions and the harm that they cause.

For this fiscal year, the Prince George RCMP will be focusing their enforcement and education efforts within the corridors leading up to and at the following intersections (based on ICBC’s 2015 data):

  • Ferry Avenue and Highway 16;
  • Highway 16 and Highway 97;
  • Domano Boulevard & Tyner Boulevard at Highway 16;
  • Cowart Road & Vance Road at Highway 16;
  • Highway 97 and 10th Avenue (new);
  • Highway 97 and Austin Road (new);
  • Highway 97 and 5th Avenue (new);
  • 15th Avenue and Ospika Boulevard;
  • Massey Drive and Westwood Drive (new);
  • 20th Avenue and Victoria Street.

Although the enforcement focus will be on these locations it will not be limited to these locations. The Prince George RCMP recognize that traffic safety is important in all areas of the City  and  in the rural communities outside of the City limits.

The RCMP cannot be everywhere at once, so they are  hoping the public will help.  If you see a dangerous or impaired driver, pull over and call 9-1-1.

The safety of the public is greatly enhanced when we receive information from the public says Sgt. LaBelle. Providing information about drivers that are putting other road users at risk is vital to road safety.

If you see a traffic violation and want to make a report, please call the Prince George RCMP  non-emergency line at 250-561-3300.   Keep in mind, that in In order to issue a violation ticket under BC’s Motor Vehicle Act, police require a formal statement and your willingness to attend court.  Make note of the time, date & location of the offence, the license plate of the offending vehicle, direction of travel and a general description of the incident. If police are provided with a statement and your willingness to attend court, investigators can follow-up with the registered owner of the vehicle and issue them a violation ticket. That cannot be done without  your  witness account.



why is there not more enforcement on distracted driving? every vehicle seen on street they are texting or on their phones! imagine how much revenue would be collected for heavy enforcement? enforcement officers look away from your laptop while driving and have a look around, you will see more infractions! have had 4 close calls today just driving to a grocery store with oncoming traffic drifting over to my lane while on their phones! getting sickening already!

So, a big reduction in crashes! Should we expect a big reduction in ICBC rates?

And that folks, was your joke of the day!

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