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October 27, 2017 5:52 pm

NDP a No Show at All Candidates Forum

Tuesday, April 25, 2017 @ 7:43 AM

Shirley Bond Hilary Crowley and Mike Morris flank three empty seats. Photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.- The first all candidates forum in Prince George got underway this morning,  with  three candidates missing.

Neither the NDP candidates for  both the Prince George-Valemount  (Natalie Fletcher) and Prince George-Mackenzie (Bobby Deepak) ridings  attended the event.   Also missing was Nan Kendy, the BC Green candidate for  Prince George -Valemount.

“We are very disappointed that all candidates are not here”  said Mike Davis of the Independent Contractors and Businesses Association  (ICBA) which  together with the North Regional Construction Association  presented the morning  event in downtown Prince George.  Davis says all candidates were  approached early  and were advised the theme of the event would be about  construction.

Prince George Mackenzie NDP  candidate tweeted that he had never  confirmed  attendance,  and  that the organizers had been advised  he would not be able to attend:  ” I am on  way to Mackenzie, prior commitments.  I did not confirm  attendance.  The organizers were  informed”  tweeted Deepak.    He also  tweeted that he would not miss any further  forums.

Davis  says the New Democrats did inform  organizers last Friday  that  they were not able to attend “We tried to  make this event as neutral as possible,   and we had hoped they would change their minds and attend.”

The candidates were each asked five questions:

  1. Party plans to  support a healthy and vibrant construction sector
  2. To explain their  party’s position on investing in infrastructure in Northern B.C.
  3. Explain  their position on resource development ( mining, oil and gas  and forestry) in Northern B.C.
  4. How their party  will  improve and encourage education opportunities for people entering the  killed Trades/Technical Design Fields
  5. If  major energy and infrastructure projects in B.C. can be built without relying on temporary foreign workers.






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