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October 27, 2017 5:49 pm

Friday Free for All – April 28th, 2017

Friday, April 28, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

The  time has come for  your thoughts on issues that  matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic,  but  you are advised to  keep the comments brief,  and refrain from  personal attacks.  Any comments which  belittle or bully other posters will be,  at the very least,  edited,  and  could lead to the loss of comment privileges for the offender.

The rules are simple:

Keep it Clean

Keep it Legal

No Bullying.


Hello ya alll Have a Great weekend

Guess the debate didn’t help Crusty any.. Also surprised to see Shirley Bond has taken up bashing on social media… what has this world come to

    My guess is the tone has been set by the ex Harper and Prentice people that supposedly work the back rooms of Christy’s party. That would be sorta like Alberta oil is running the BC Liberals. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if Rachael Notley has sent some of her NDP people to help Christy too? (She warned her people not to help the BC NDP.)

      Yes it’s too easy to connect the dots . Rona chubchuk Ambrose spends her winter holidays on the owner of the mount Polly mine disasters yacht with Murray Edwards and just before Christy drops the rite , she approves polluting the crap out of Quesnell lake . That crap will make its way all the way through the Fraser river to Victoria . Best government money can buy .

“Liberals Skip AiMHi All-Candidates Forum” I read the list of questions being presented and just had to laugh. No wonder the Liberals didn’t attend!

    Looks like a lot of the audience didn’t “bother” to attend either.

    The libcons are not showing up all over the province , specially in ridings that have PhDs running for the BCGreens . Most of them know they are in way over their heads . Both Christy and Horgan look like fools when faced with a Green intellectual that put the needs of British Columbians ahead of ideology . It also doesn’t help them when they realize that Green aren’t left or right . They are in the middle . Only someone with a deeply disturbed mind can smile while she talks about people dying from fentanyl . I thought she could not creep me out more , I was wrong .

I wonder if we will ever be finished with the softwood lumber fiasco. Every ten years we go through this and it throws so many livelihoods into turmoil. Time after time the Americans lose their day in court but they keep at it.

Heck…even people accused of murder have double jeopardy rules….

    Like your comment. But, dt was bound to find something about Canada he didn’t like/agree with. Even if we are ‘good neighbours’.

    Economic political theater at its finest! Look at the landscape – many of the small producers have been bought out/gone under – more will close again. The only winners are the politicians who bluster about pretending outrage and the shareholders of the major players.
    Until we stop giving our power away to the politicians – hoping someone will save us – we’ll continue this self-imposed slavery

I watched the leaders debate.. when crusty was talking about the fentynol overdoses she was smiling..was creepy.. the scarey thing is.. the Green Party made the most sense.

    When Andrew Weaver was bashing John Horgan to his face the other night, hitting him hard about his temper and his “NDP’s plan to have a plan”, I actually started liking him and feel the green would be a better party than the NDP as a government.

    Thank goodness pval ! I thought I was the only one that was creeped out by that . That woman is sick in the head . Family first ? Each one of those addiction victims are someone’s family . I feel sorry for any of those families that had to witness her callousness . At least Andrew has a solution through healthcare . He seems to be the only one that realizes it’s a healthcare issue .

      I think it’s a photo ops smiley face she had, as Horgan had the same pasted smile, but you could really tell his inner emotions by the redder his face got. I was impressed by Weaver also. As lowest guy on the totem pole, he has taken advantage of maybe finding solutions and not getting into the day to day bashing like the NDP down there in the Victoria Valley, while he sits on the hill watching. He made a mockery out of Horgan the other night and it was well deserved. I don’t vote green, but I believe they would be a much more progressive and suitable opposition to government that the winning NDP. I also don’t believe in a majority government.

      Pretty strong words, “sick in the head”! She has always had this type of expression when speaking in public from what my observations have been. My stance on this fentanyl issue has always been the same, choices are optional. Although it is sad that families do pay the penalty by losing a loved one. She still has my vote and Hoagie is still slippery, once again my own opinions.

      Lien, good comment. My problem with Horgan is his anger issues, don’t want to see that leading the province.
      He had standing room only in a 60 seat restaurant, quite a crowd, I guess.
      Weaver appears to be a standup guy,would be good to see him in Opposition.

    P Val same thought-creepy

Attention bicycle riders: there is a parallel storm water grate on the downhill side of the Hart hill with the openings parallel to the roadway and wide enough for your tire to fall in potentially sending you head over heals. (it is a rectangular grate so wasn’t put in sideways by accident.)

    Thanks Hartly 2 for the tip. Wouldn’t it be amazing if the City/Ministry of Highways would get it together and make bikes lanes – heck, a sidewalk would be a massive improvement- on the Hart Highway. So many people would bike this road if they didn’t have to take their lives in their hands each time.

Andrew Weaver is out for his own interests. He does’nt travel the province. He stays in Oak Bay. Island is his vision.

    He was in PG before the election call .

      The last leadership debate was the last debate before the election . Anyone that witnessed it knows why .

After travelling on some of the roads of PG that have supposedly been sweep of debris I really wonder if either the city’s equipment is not capable of cleaning the streets properly. Case in point is Davis in the Charella area. The road has been sweep yet is still covered with rocks and debris. Does the city need new equipment or should street cleaning be contracted out to a third party.

    I saw that too on Davis. Looks like they spun the machine around on that corner and picked up lots of gravel from the corner. I drive and walk past it and been thinking about grabbing a push broom to clean upthe area. They need a supervisor to be checking their work. Better QA/QC or best practices standards?

I have a question about 250news because something is bugging me. I come to 250News for two things:

1) The excellent local news coverage.
2) The lively debate in the comments section after each article which I find helps take the temperature of the locals on most stories.

Yes, there are a handful of regulars who you can almost always skip over their comments because they are pretty predictable, but always entertaining.

However lately – have noticed a lockdown on comments on important issues.

OK I understand caving in to the PC thought police on not letting any comments on FN related stories because of worry about liability for publishing any legitimate dissent ( racist comments notwithstanding that should be moderated ) that can bring out the fascist attack on free thinking we are currently seeing from the left down south.

But locking down comments on any stories about the current election? Really? This is turning me away from the this site which I love, because I like to read a story and then read the comments from both sides on many issues. I do value the lively debate and a lot of times people from both sides can post insights that are very enlightening.

I am now finding myself on other news sites to get this content.

Please bring back the commenting on political issues.

    They have spelled it out in black and white as to which stories will have comments allowed and have stuck to it.

    Thank a few very vocal posters for ruining it for everyone.

    I agree with your commentary. having all the political issuance being shut down has been a disappointment.

    Speakers corner in England is a soap box in the park. This soap box should be free of censorship too.

    Unfortunately, the usual suspects have forced 250 News to remove comments. As you can see from some of the above comments, the usual suspects cannot express their opinions without resorting to attempts to insult and name calling. People#1 appears to have been dealt with but there are others who still remain.

      I find myself on here less and less because of the closed comments. Name calling used to be dealt with by either ignoring the idiot or blocking the individual person. Now in this new reality, insults can shut down simple conversation and comment.

    As I have stated numerous times before, there are specific reasons why comments are closed on some stories.

    In the case of the election, we noted there had been a considerable increase in the number of people registering once the writ was dropped.

    As has been the case in previous elections, using sites such as this to name call and sling dirt without actually discussing the issue at hand, has become one new tactic in the election game. I don’t like being used, and will not have this site used as a pawn in trying to influence the way people vote.

    As a media outlet, we have a responsibility to present fair coverage. I believe we have done that, and will continue to do so.

    That balance can be easily shifted by those who would like to use this site to sway voters.

    So to be clear, the decision to close comments on election stories is solely to offer fair coverage.

      If all sides can chime in with equal access to commenting is that not fair coverage?

      Thankyou for the integrity.

    “not letting any comments on FN related stories because of worry about liability for publishing any legitimate dissent”

    Expressing legitimate dissent is not the problem. It is the illegitimate dissent that has caused some First Nation’s stories to be without comments. By illegitimate I mean comments that are clearly racist and bigoted in content, i.e. those that either break the hate laws or come so close that it is not easy to determine if they are hateful. I have seen legitimate and respectful comments about First nations on this site on many occasions.

    Incidentally,his.story, Speakers’ Corner in England does have restrictions on what can be said, although in general it is quite a free for all and a lot of fun. I used to go regularly when I was a teenager and with my wife to be.

Well said BCGrog..i asked the same question numerous times now…the administration picks whichever topics they want I guess that is their right but as for open discussion on political parties maybe after the election

Last week I wrote about the village of Lheidli T’enneh. Tracy I would like to thank you so much for your comments! To have a professional opinion put in words that express a point of view that is understandable is a great step forward. Your opinion verses mine is not as important as shining light on the shadow areas. I had a meeting with you and Alyssa and thought it very gracious of you to grant me a meeting. When I left the meeting I remembered the quote “a diamond is a lump of coal that preforms well under heat and presser”. Exploration Place is lucky to have two diamonds.
I like your explanation that there was no village at the site of Lheidli T’enneh park. The first building was Fort George followed by the log houses the fur traders built at Fort George Village. It then became Fort George Reserve #1. Then the lease rights were surrendered to the Canadian Government. So the village ceased to exist before the name Lheidli T’enneh was ever used. Tracy you use the word expulsion instead of surrender of lease to describe the moving of the 124 people from Fort George Reserve #1 to Fort George Reserve # 2 and then tell me my view is skewed and I couldn’t possibly understand the motivation of people that lived many years before I was born. You are right, I can’t claim to know what they were thinking. You mentioned W.J. MacAllan and his Cariboo & Northwest Digest Summer 1948 article where he expresses complete surprise that the Fort George band got a case of sellers’ remorse four years after making the deal. Several years after the money they received had been spent. Hundreds of people had made plans and spent large amounts of money because 32 of the 36 Villagers who could vote agreed to surrender their lease. Canada was about to go to war and needed the railroad to defend it’s west coast. We could never know the fear people of the day felt about being invaded by Japan or Russia. Without the railroad Canada could not defend Prince Rupert. Both Japan and Russia had the navel and ground forces to take the port and hold it. The refusal of the Fort George Band to live up to the agreement was legally and morally wrong and for their descendants to blame the victim is equally wrong. There is no excuse for unilaterally reneging on a deal that took 2 years to draft before the vote, then accept the first payment then ask for the second payment before it was due and then say they changed their minds. Blaming the victim is a great way to deflect attention away from an illegal and immoral decision to refuse to move. You said that Mr. MacAllan and the railroad engineer, Mr. Gill, used deceit to trick the villagers. This was one of many options that the two victims discussed in light of the illegal and immoral decision to refuse to move. If someone bought a house and agreed to a 30 day possession date but the seller said, “I can’t move yet because my new house is not ready so I will stay here for two years rent free, but I’m not sorry for your inconvenience”, what would you do? Then after two years you rent a moving van and on the appointed day you bring the van to your new house but the pervious owner says, “I’ve changed my mind, I’m staying, and, by the way, don’t expect your money back.” “I’ve spent it.” What would you do?

    Is this the section of land where CN is today? Thank you for the interesting read. I’ve read that the houses were burned to get tenants out. two sides to every story.

      The arson story is a lie. If true we would be paying $1,000,000,000 in atonement payments.

    his.story, your posts are interesting, but I’m sure more people would take the time to read them if you broke it up a bit, make it into several paragraphs to make it easier to read. also, listing a few of your sources would be great too.

    Thanks for the post. Very interesting.

    Note his.story has made a legitimate comment about a First Nation. It is still there.

What is really getting scary is our sources of reliable news. Back in the day, we went to the newspaper to find out what was happening, the journalists had real stories. Now we go onto the media, and we wonder if the news is real or one person opinion. So where is this going to lead us in twenty years.

This is a great opportunity, for a multi-national media, which reports the news, and not run by advertisers, that was the down fall of print media, where the newspaper became tabloids…. my opinion.

Everything has to be politically correct, which creates a Sterile atmosphere! Work place included. People cannot relax no more due to being taken to task by somebody even remotely within earshot or are overly sensitive. In my last few years before retiring I stayed in my office and invited staff to have coffee in my office, at least they could relax and not worry about getting a reprimand, a true “Open Door Policy”. I despise that term ‘political correctness’! Sad state of affairs to my way of thinking.

    Isn’t that the truth! There can no longer be joking at the workplace as there is always someone who will be offended. I swear some people look for reasons to be offended.

How about that chick who climbed up on the crane in Toronto? My thoughts are they should have left her up there to find her own way down. Just like the protesters at Shell Scotford in Fort Saskatchewan a few years back who climbed the flare stack, I would have just stoked ‘er up, they would have come down on their own.

    Just like a cat! They want to climb up there leave them there. Attention seeker! Goes to a responsibility issue and lack thereof. Gotta be a charge in the CC for stupidity! You are right, get the stack nice and hot, watch them skitter down. For her they should have got the crane moving just enough to watch her skitter down embarrassed.

    I can’t for the life of me figure out how she got down those cables without some serious rope burn on her hands, cables do not provide the best grip and tend to fray little bits of wire to give you massive amounts of steel slivers like we used to get setting chokers. There is no way I would do it without heavy leather gloves…

    It was super impressive, no way she would be able to shimmy back up the cables. Probably tried and found out it was a lot tougher than coming down them. She skittered down at least 40 feet of cable

So tell me, how can you climb a crane in street clothes and slide down the cable without getting any dirt or grease on your hands or clothing? In my experience, you can’t get anywhere near a crane cable without getting at least some dirt on you. Makes me wonder if someone lowered the boom in the middle of the night, let her climb on, and raised it up again.

    Good point. always get covered in dirt and grease.

    I am wondering when the developer or contractor is going to be sueing her for all the lost time and wages for the guys not being able to work. I’m sure she will be facing a lawsuit of no less than a quarter of a million dollars. So she should. Make an example of her. rich mama and daddy will bail her out, but why should the business pay for her poor judgement. Sue her for damages.

      Yes, its a dumb thing to do. But, tell me, when you were 22, did you really never do anything stupid?

    Maybe this was on her bucket list.

What is “The Rest of the Story” with the White Pickup Truck Driving into the Front of the M&M Store in the Spruceland Area ? Have not heard much.

    Heroin od.

      You are kidding right?

So when the Ft. McMurray fire appeal went out, I thought sure, here’s a hundred bucks Red Cross – thinking it’ll help someone out.

But what annoys me, is the Red Cross seems to have a need to continually mail me “crucial” information to help me donate even more money to them. I’m guessing to date they’ve spent $20.00 of my $100.00 sending me mail asking for more money. And this is in spite of the fact whenever I donate I put in the comments – do not add me to your mailing list.

So, my policy going forward for all charities, is if you want me to donate to you, you better have a box I can tick that says you’ll never mail me anything other than my tax receipt. If I wanted my money to support Canada Post I would’ve voted Liberal.

Many charities (there are apparently more than 8,000) hand their fundraising over to professional outfits who run all the advertising and mailings. They return only a certain percentage to the charity.

My donations are usually made right here in Prince George and go directly to where they do the most good. That way the profit making middle man is eliminated.

yeah get bombarded for donations, and will you place an ad in this to support this. NO, I will not.

I make a decision on what to donate too. Cancer society is typically high on my list, so is BC children hospital.

Sorry, but my focus is not donating to UNBC student union.

OK, Our Cariboo Cougars need your support tonight, Lets see if we can force Telus Cup organizers to open up all of the seats. They need your support tonight.

    My son went with their school to a game, he loved it

I can’t believe the extent to which this site has become a shill for the NDP. The usual suspects must not have real jobs because they seem to spend all day, every day bashing the BC Liberal party and making sh*t up.

Can a person go through one cashier without being asked to donate to whatever charity they are pushing? For gods sake I just spent hundreds of dollars for overpriced groceries and you still have the nerve to ask me for more? And to boot they put you on the spot in front of other shoppers hoping to guilt you into donating a few bucks. Have a donation box at the till and let us decide if we want to throw some change in there.

    I have learnt to say no before they get their whole begging sentence out . Try it . It’s great sport .

      And let’s not forget . You give the cash , the retailer gets the tax deduction . So you get screwed twice .

Check before you donate . There are some charity organizations that have a 40% overhead. There was a sunomie disaster in Asia for which an organization collected millions but only paid out a pittance the rest went into their account.

Saint Vincent DePaul on George St is where I made all my donations. They even proved a daily meal for the homeless.

How do you spell “sunomie”. my spell checker cant handle it.

    Salvation Army or St. Vincent are two local ones I donate to. I won’t send anything overseas as what doesn’t go in to the huge pockets of religious or secular organizations usually ends up in some warlords pockets.

    Some have way higher overheads than that.. united way pays their CEO over $300,000 a yr..

    Salvation Army pays the head of their charity under $60,000 a yr..

    Do some research to which “charity ” actual has the largest percentage of money brought in actually going to help the needy..not pay the salaries of the greedy.


Too funny #Iamlinda

Hospice resale all the way! I will not donate money, but I donate my time in picking up furniture and whenever they need security for their big events! Sad but true, but people actually steal out of there! ALL the money goes towards Hospice House, which is the way it should be!

I think we all need to realize how good we have it as Canadians, there will be a time in the future that we will look on this time as the best it was…

I mention this because of the escalating conflict between North Korea and the USA. I think we will be witnessing the use of world altering weapons.

Geez ! I am not being hassled about my solar , wind system today . I used both today to dry my laundry . It’s something I’m sure the strata council would not allow it , eh ? A clothes line . Pulleys and all .

    You haven’t posted anything worthy of a response today.

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