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October 27, 2017 5:50 pm

Third Avenue Goes Green

Wednesday, April 26, 2017 @ 3:31 PM

BC Greens Candidates Hilary Crowley and Nan Kendy – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C.  – As   City crews  work on the  flower beds  in downtown,   Hilary Crowley and  Nan Kendy are adding their own “Green”  to the streetscape.

The two  are candidates in the  provincial election, with Crowley running in the Prince George Mackenzie riding and Kendy  in the Prince George Valemount riding.   The pair  opened up their  campaign office on 3rd Avenue this afternoon.

“We really  think it’s the Party ( Greens)  for the future” says Crowley .   It’s the Party for future generations.  All the plans  are not for just now,  they are  for much longer than the four year  span  of an election period.  So all of the ideas we are bringing forward in this platform,  are not  just to maintain the  status quo and swing from  one party to another, they are really  for the good  of the future  for  people living in British Columbia.”

The  Greens  are  hoping to  finance their  plans through changes in taxation,  which includes  an increase to the carbon tax , higher taxes on  things like fossil fuels and removing the tax on what  Crowley  refers to as “the good things”.

For Kendy,  she wants to focus on things like food security “Climate change is happening now,  we need to  deal with climate change immediately  and in the long term.  To do that we  need to  encourage  innovation and technology, the new economy,  we need to encourage business start  ups,  we need to encourage  agriculture.  Food security is a big issue,  because we cannot rely on the food that comes from the United States, most of it comes from California and that State is suffering from climate change itself with floods and droughts,  creating a high cost of living here especially  around food.   we need to invest in garden marketing and protecting the agricultural lands.”

The campaign office is at 1222 3rd Avenue.




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