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October 27, 2017 5:41 pm

Q & A with Candidates – The Last Question

Monday, May 8, 2017 @ 5:59 AM

250News sent  a series of 9 questions to each of the candidates running in the two Prince George ridings.The questions were  emailed to the candidates on April 13th, with  instructions that responses were to be received  by a deadline  of 1 p.m.  on Friday April 21st.

Candidates were asked that if their responses  included a funding component, that the source of that funding be identified.

Prince George – Valemount  candidate  Nan Kendy (Green) missed the deadline for responses.

250News published the first  segment of this series on Monday, April 24th ( click here )  Part Two  ran on Thursday April 27th (click here) Part Three ran Monday May 1st ( click here) and Part Four ran Thursday May 4th ( click here).

Today, the final  question in this series.  As  has been the case in the previous installments, responses are being published in their entirety.

Question #9

If elected, how do you plan to bring a northern voice to the Provincial Government?

Prince George- Valemount:

Liberal Candidate Shirley Bond:

I have been honoured to represent the people of Prince George – Valemount and have worked hard tobring the concerns of North Central B.C. to Victoria. As a lifelong resident of this region, I am passionate about standing up for the things that matter to my constituents.
My riding covers a large geographic area and includes communities that are large and small. All of their views, input and goals matter and deserve attention.
If re-elected I will continue to be dedicated to supporting local organizations, governments and residents.
I have a reputation for being an aggressive advocate and a hardworking MLA who spends time working in the riding while also managing cabinet portfolios. My priority is to improve the quality of life and expand the opportunities available in this part of the province so that it makes it easy for families to choose to live here. I am proud to have deep roots in my riding, including raising our children here and now enjoying watching our grandsons grow up here as well. I can’t think of anywhere else I would rather live and I will continue to be a champion for those of us who live in this incredible part of British Columbia.

NDP Candidate Natalie Fletcher:

I have a long history of speaking my mind and fiercely advocating for the people who need it most. I am proud to have stood up for my co-workers and friends, and won victories for them when others might have given up.

That’s the kind of passion, fire and integrity I will bring to the role of MLA. I will speak up to bring the unique voice of the north to government, so the voice of my constituents is heard.

It helps that our leader, John Horgan, is so receptive to hearing the voices of all the people he comes in contact with. He’s approachable and he cares, so I know that when he’s premier, he will encourage his MLAs to advocate for their communities. I am looking forward to bringing the concerns to Victoria, as we build a better BC.

Prince George-Mackenzie:

Green Party Candidate Hilary Crowley:.

I have lived in this Riding close to 50 years and understand its needs. I would ensure that First Nations are included in important decision making as well as the small rural communities. I will support UNBC and CNC to bring more educational programs to the north for our students, especially in the field of health and other sectors as needed.

NDP Candidate Bobby Deepak:

I am from the north and of the north. I went away to university to get my law degree, knowing I would come right back to help working women and men in the north. I live and breathe the north and every speech I make, every argument I bring up and every vote I cast will be framed with my home in mind.

What helps is that I know that John Horgan understands our region. He comes from a forestry community and worked in a mill himself. So unlike with Christy Clark, who has left rural BC behind – 90 per cent of the economic gains have been in metro Vancouver, and most of that related to a hot housing market – I know that when I make a point in John Horgan’s caucus, my vote will be heard.

I’m very proud to be a northerner who wants to raise the profile of this region in provincial affairs. Northern and rural BC has been left behind by the Christy Clark government. It’s time for to build a better BC under John Horgan and the BC NDP. I commit to work with all levels of government, in unison, to bring a united voice, regardless of political lines, so that northerners are heard!

Liberal Candidate Mike Morris:

By 2002, I had traveled every highway and every resource road in the northern half of our province, because of my work. I have either worked in or visited every community, including First Nations communities, in the northern half of our province.
I have personally experienced the economic cycles in mining, forestry, fishing and other socio-economic conditions faced by communities.
My voice over the past four years has resonated with personal experience and personal knowledge gained after 45 years of working throughout the northern three quarters of our province, living in numerous communities – including First Nations communities, bringing children into this world who have in turn blessed us with five grandchildren. I ’ve hunted, fished trapped and camped throughout BC.
My wife and I have chosen to live in this area because it is the best place to live.
Tomorrow,  the campaign officially comes to an end  as eligible voters in  B.C.   cast their ballots.  250News will be publishing results  as soon as they become available  following the closing of the polls.


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