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October 27, 2017 5:47 pm

Operation Clean Sweep Underway

Sunday, April 30, 2017 @ 11:42 AM

The Wetmore family does its part -photo 250 News

Prince George, B.C.-  The annual  spring clean up is underway  in Prince George  with  volunteers  all over the city  picking up litter.

The Wetmore family was out on Ospika and 5th Avenue.  This is their first time taking part in the clean up and they were already in their second bag when 259News caught up with them.

Temporary bins have  been set up throughout the city   so people can drop off the  materials gathered.   Bin Locations are as follows:

  • The weigh scales on Highway 97 North
  • 5th and Killoran Crescent
  • 3rd and Watrous
  • Hudson Bay Slough/old snow dump on Queensway
  • Northwood and Milburn
  • Ospika and Andres Rd
  • College Heights Secondary
  • Park Drive and Bunce Road
  • Blackburn Community Centre

Last year’s  event  saw  11 thousand kgs of litter  collected throughout the city.

Residents can also  take their garden  and waste directly to the Foothills landfill today  at no charge.   Residents are reminded that no large appliances  or  hazardous materials will be accepted  at the temporary bins.



Awesome, now if only the schools would show some kind of responsibility and have some of their piggy-like students pick up the multitude of garbage from the fast food franchises that is littered around. IE: CHSS down Domano. Really sad to see the city clean the streets and garbage is already lying there. As for the garbage beside the sidewalk, it is ridiculous! The wind throws it in the bushes, hence this is where it all is. Like I told Mr. Skakun, I am all littlered out from picking up garbage for years while walking my dog, couldn’t keep up to it! Schools should have a designated area in which they have to keep clean, and as for the franchises I wish something could be done about their containers.

    Littering fines would work but no one will enforce it.

    Neil, have you spoken to a teenager lately? If their parents haven’t taught them that littering is inherently wrong then what chance does a grumpy old man have of teaching them?

    You have announced on multiple platforms that you aren’t helping, which I find quite funny. You’d rather spend time repeatedly typing about the work you used to do. You could have spent that time actually cleaning up.

      Been there done that, read my other posts. Just reiterating the fact that it is a sad thing that schools do not get on the bandwagon too. It does start at home, you are correct, but educating young people is also a crucial foundation and the school should be helping to a certain extent about responsibilities. Take a walk up on the path within the school grounds, pretty incredible? Definitely not grumpy, as I find it more distheartening than anything. Parents also are taking a back seat to educating their kids too. I explained myself for now, till next time eh? LOL

I applaud those that were in the cleanup effort today and I am glad that the ones I saw were highly visible however it also requires a certain amount of common sense as I saw more than one adult step onto the roadway before looking good thing the drivers today were paying attention or there could of been a tragic news story tonight.

For sure it was a good day, a lot of full yellow bags on Domano, I told my wife when we were coming home tonight, “it is so nice to see the bushes and meridian clean of litter. Too bad some of the irresponsible CHSS piglets will mess it up again.” Thank you to the hard working ‘ants’ that cleaned it up!

The contractors in the Parkview subdivision along Tyner should be responsible for a weekly clean up of the debris that the wind blows from their construction sites..

    That shows the character of the people working on those construction sites.

    Same with the contractors on Otway Rd.

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