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October 27, 2017 5:46 pm

April 2017 – One for the Record Books

Monday, May 1, 2017 @ 11:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.-  April 2017 was the wettest  April  in Prince George ever recorded.Environment Canada Meteorologist Alyssa Charbonneau  says  Prince George received  112.5 mm of precipitation last month the normal for the month is 36.0   “The second wettest was in 1995 and that was  72.7 mm of precipitation,  so  last month  really  blew that record out of the water.”

She says the  region was  stuck in a pattern of storms that  kept the cool and wet weather  in the area “We had non- stop systems coming through with lots of precipitation right  through the cewntral Interior and on top of that we had   some significant storms that  brought  plenty of precipitation over one day, 25 mm towards the beginning of the month which really helped push that number up for the whole month.”

She says  averaging the highs and lows of last month, the temperature really wasn’t  far  off the  typical average for April “The average temperature was 4.7 degrees Celsius and the normal is  5 point zero, so actually pretty much right on normal temperature wise,  but really, just an exceptionally wet month.”

As for May  and what lies ahead,  well,  that’s a mix says Charbonneau “As we look at the beginning of May,  this  week I don’t have a ton of good news,  we still have the showers  in the forecast right through Friday and into Saturday, but looking into next week, there is a hint we are going to see a ridge of high pressure building  over the central interior that’s  going to bing much drier conditions.”

Temperatures will start to climb  by the end of the week, with a high of plus 19 by Thursday and Friday. “Slowly warming up, and drier weather on the horizon” says Charbonneau.

As for the long range forecast, ( looking 3 months down the road)  she says  there is a 50-60% chance that in May June and July, the average temperature will  end up being warmer than normal “We also have our forecast  that  goes out to the  middle of May and it’s predicting an 80-90%  chance of warmer than normal temperatures for the middle of this month.”



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Former premier Bill Vander Zalm has obtained FOI documents stating that climate engineering is underway. Here is his endorsement statement for “Geoengineering: A Chronicle Of Indictment”.

“For many years, people have been asking me about Climate Control, Geo-Engineering, Global Warming, Climate Change, Greenhouse gases and Chemtrails. My stock response is “follow the money.” The most obvious one is Chemtrails (geoengineering aerosol dispersions), we can see them everywhere in the sky above us. What people don’t seem to realize is that we are not just seeing Contrails, which dissipate quickly, but instead a spraying into the atmosphere of Sulfates such as Aluminum, Barium and Strontium, to reflect back the sun, a poisonous cocktail that eventually rains down on all living things be they animal or plant life.

In the summer of 2013, after much pressure from fellow British Columbians, I requested, from the government of Canada, through “Freedom of Information”, their involvement in Climate Control programs. After a rather lengthy wait, I received a 47 page report of which 10 pages of relevant information were completely blanked out and 6 pages blank with only the statement “information withheld pursuant to sections of the Access of Information Act.” So much for Freedom of Information.

The report did state that “Solar Radiation Management” was underway and dealt extensively with a number of approaches to combat Greenhouse Gases, Global Warming and Climate Change and identified two types of Geo Engineering those being “Carbon Dioxide removal” and “Solar Radiation Management.” It goes on to say that science is converging on the need to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions immediately in order to limit global warming to 2 degrees Celsius. The document refers to a program to increase the reflectivity of the atmosphere via sulfate injections, a process said to be by the anti-geoengineering activists, the spraying by airplanes, into the atmosphere, of Aluminum sulfate, Barium and Strontium and evidenced by what appears to be “Contrails”- jet condensation trails – except that instead of disappearing in seconds, they spread and stretch from horizon to horizon, linger crisscross and spread for thousand of feet in the sky. The report also identifies “stratospheric aerosol injection” (SAI) as a relatively cost effective process and that the spray evidence remains in the sky for only a few days.

My concern is that when the government of Canada gives us what information they did, but in spite of “Freedom of Information Legislation, keeps a third of it secret,what information could the American Government reveal? I’m also concerned that when governments try to influence nature by some government program, we’re in trouble, big trouble. Thank you Dane Wigington keep fighting for the total truth about secret government climate control programs. — Bill Vander Zalm”

We all know the weather is changing. What we’re not being told is the truth. We need to wake up and speak up to stop this insanity!

ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/geoengineering-a-chronicle-of-indictment/

    Um those chemtrails is the result of freezing water vapour from aircraft engines at high altitude, very cold. During our subfreezing temperatures water vapour out of vehicle tailpipes freezes and becomes visible.

    [As Mark Twain might say, our students are being taught a lot of facts that just ain’t so – by a lot of academics who know all kinds of things for sure that just ain’t so. The recent science and climate marches underscore both this and the dangers of having such ignorance determine economic and energy policy. Topping my current list of wildly misinformed, malpracticing academics is a University of Michigan history professor who claims plant-fertilizing, life-giving carbon dioxide is more deadly than sarin gas!]

    Q. What’s the opposite of diversity?
    A. University.

    ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/01/the-ignorance-intolerance-and-violence-of-the-climate-crusaders/

    There will always be tests, US has tons of them, but ongoing? I don’t think so but who knows? I know commercial aircraft don’t and we don’t have a CF base here. Maybe in Comox? Get the binocs out and crawl under the chain link… sorry, NASA has confirmed tests in the past but nothing long term

Vote Liberal! After all, obviously Christy Clark and the Liberals have effectively stopped global warming! ;-)

I’m sorry, but the only difference between Bill Vanderzalm and Donald Trump IMHO is the former can’t do any more damage. Both love the spotlight and will do or say anything to stay in it.

    [Have a read here, interesting times, see how it goes.

    Honestly, does anyone but the most dyed in the wool Democrat truly believe what the left leaning media has tried to bamboozle the American public with, during the first 100 days of the Trump Presidency? Not likely all that many in the end.[

    Read more: ht tp://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2017/05/trump_trolling_the_media_winning_the_narrative.html#ixzz4frrYOVz7
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      tRumps base is mad (both definitions of the word). No money in the budget for deportations. No money in the budget for the wall. Zero movement on health care. Hillary is not in jail. Refilling the swamp with bigger reptiles. Said he wouldn’t govern by executive orders, but that’s all he’s done. Republican party can’t govern even with a majority. I’ll mention it twice ’cause it’s funny, Hillary is not in jail. 100 days of lies, apparently some people are still eating it up.

      And if tRump won, why is he still campaigning ?

Ski51, the documents that show climate engineering has been ongoing since 1945 are available. Look for yourself instead of marginalizing and name-calling – it only shows your true colors

    What colours – note the Canadian spelling if we’re being picky. I’m just saying I don’t trust Bill Vanderzalm as a source for anything. As to the merits of the article I’m just not smart enough to know the difference between BS and truth in the climate debate. And a rainy April in Prince George is evidence of nothing – though had it been the driest month on record climate proponents on this site would be quoting global warming.

    I know this, if climate change is real, no government in the world is behaving like it is. There are plenty of gratuitous uses of fossil fuels that if the planet were indeed in danger, would not be allowed. Pleasure craft, quads, dirt bikes, snow machines – all produce greenhouse gas, but in few cases, are necessary for anything other than pleasure. So if the planet is in peril, you’d think governments would at least be banning the uses of fossil fuel for pleasure activities – and yet, they aren’t.

    So, is it climate change is real, government knows about it, but refuses to act, or, it’s not real, government knows it’s not, but it’s politically incorrect to admit it.

    Based on behavior of decision makers the world over, I would conclude climate change is not happening – in spite of what scientists say, because no one is behaving like there’s a problem. Even Leonardo DiCaprio on one hand shouts about climate change, then flies a hair stylist to the Oscars to do his and his buddies eyebrows.

      That’s the point Ski50. Vander Zalm isn’t the source – the documents are from our own Fed. Gov’t. He’s the messenger.

      In order to distinguish the BS from truth – investigate. Find out the information for yourself. Govt’s aren’t doing anything about climate change because they know what’s causing it – climate engineering.

      Here’s a start for you. All the information is there – you can no longer profess ignorance

      ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-2/

      ht tp://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents/House%20of%20Commons%20The%20Regulation%20of%20Geoengineering%202009%20to%202010.pdf

      Based on the science, climate change IS happening, always has happened, always will happen. Also based on the science, current changes are well within normal fluctuations and are not a threat, and that includes a wetter than normal April.

And the rains continue into May.

h ttp://notrickszone.com/2017/04/30/april-cold-blast-across-central-europe-brings-unexpected-widespread-crop-damage/#sthash.yNK1NhBP.dpbs

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/01/global-temperatures-plunge-in-April-the-pause-returns/

No statistically significant global warming for twenty years despite rising C02 of which no one has shown mans minuscule contribution to atmospheric C02 has affected climate temperatures. Hey did not Gore predict the arctic would be ice free in the summer 2014? Lots of ice coverage bears doing just fine.

The UN report came as a consortium of 3,500 electricity generating companies from 26 of the EU’s 28 states joined an initiative not to build any new coal-fired power plants after 2020.

“With power supply becoming increasingly clean, electric technologies are an obvious choice for replacing fossil fuel-based systems … to reduce greenhouse gases,” said EURELECTRIC president and CEO of the Portuguese energy group EDP, Antonio Mexia.

According to the International Energy Agency, the switch to renewables is one of the main reasons greenhouse gas emissions have stayed the same for the third year in a row despite global economic growth of 3.1 percent.

    Oh puleeze! So even though more coal plants are being constructed every year, and even though more internal combustion engines are firing up every year, CO2 emissions are staying level….because Europe promises not to build any more in the future.

    Greenhouse gas emissions stayed the same for 3 years in a row you say? Amazing, and yet the greenhouse gas content of the air continues to rise, reaching 410 ppm for the first time in April! I wonder how that works. Oh I know, since human emissions aren’t going up despite us burning all that extra fossil fuel, why then the increase must be natural!

      co2 is not the only greenhouse gas

      What’s your point? Obviously we have to believe the International Energy Agency and the UN report when they say human emissions are not going up even though we’re burning more and more fossil fuels.

      Gee, I guess that means we don’t have to worry about global warming any more, because we’ve found ways to burn unlimited amounts of fossil fuels with absolutely no effects on climate. Right on! Drill, baby, drill!

ht tps://notalotofpeopleknowthat.wordpress.com/2017/05/02/climate-rally-postponed-due-to-cold-weather/

ht tp://notrickszone.com/2017/05/02/engineering-phd-calls-germanys-renewable-energy-drive-a-disaster-and-a-debacle/#sthash.qnDZHSlf.dpbs

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/02/numbers-dont-lie-germanys-energiewende-has-had-zero-impact-on-emissions-at-best/

ht tps://wattsupwiththat.com/2017/05/01/the-ignorance-intolerance-and-violence-of-the-climate-crusaders/

Want to learn how renewables are threatening your reliable electric supply

ht tps://judithcurry.com/2017/04/24/science-marchers-secretary-perrys-memo-and-bill-nyes-optimism/

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