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October 27, 2017 5:43 pm

Christy Clark Brings Liberal Message to Prince George

Friday, May 5, 2017 @ 7:26 PM

Liberal leader Christy Clark addresses party faithful at the IDL yard on Great Street Friday afternoon. Photo 250 News.

Prince George, B.C. – Into the stretch drive of the May 9th provincial election campaign Liberal leader Christy Clark flew into Prince George at the tail end of a five-stop jet trip up the province Friday.

Clark met up with candidates Shirley Bond, Mike Morris and John Rustad as well as supporters at a tailgate event at the IDL Projects site on Great Street.  During a 20-minute stop she touted the three area Liberal candidates seeking re-election, claimed 11,000 news jobs have been created in BC in the last month, 230,000 jobs since the Jobs Plan was introduced in 2011.  In Clark’s words, “90 percent of those jobs are full-time.”

The Liberal leader also charged NDP leader John Horgan will raise taxes while the Liberals will “freeze the carbon tax, freeze your income taxes and make sure the PST doesn’t go up by another penny.”

Clark says with a protectionist president elected in the U.S. the Liberals are going to fight to protect the jobs of resource industry workers while the NDP calls those industries dinosaurs.

And she made a statement that particularly stood out.  Clark said “the reason that if you get cancer in British Columbia you’re more likely to be cured than anywhere else in the world, is because of our resource sector up here in Prince George and all the money that you provide and send down to Vancouver.”

She said this election is all about our kids and what we are going to leave them.  Will it be jobs or debt, she asked.

The Throne Speech of February 14th stated “…your government is on track to be free of any operating debt by 2021”.

B.C.’s current debt is estimated at $67 billion, not including contractual obligations.

Clark told the crowd “We aren’t perfect, I know that, I have a 15-year-old and he reminds me every single day.  In fact, when our priest said you know, God will forgive anyone no matter how many mistakes you’ve made, my son came up beside me and said wow, you sure must be happy to hear that, eh mom?”


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