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October 27, 2017 5:41 pm

Housing Starts Dip In Prince George

Monday, May 8, 2017 @ 1:29 PM

Prince George, B.C. –  Housing starts in Prince George  are off pace this year compared to last according to CMHC.

In the latest statistics from Canada Mortgage and Housing,  there have been 29 single family starts from January 1st to April 30th of 2017, compared to  39 during the same period last year.

On a monthly comparison,  there were 18 single family starts  in April, up two  from the 16  single family starts in the same month last year.

The biggest difference  lies in multiple family units.  In April of 2016,  there had been 110 such units  under construction, compared to just 8  last month.  The year to date stats  also  show a huge drop in multiple family starts with  113  in the first four months  of  2016, compared to  just 16  during the first four  months of this year.

The City’s most recent  records  to the end of March  show  no change  year over year for single family units in the month of March,  (the most recent stats available)  with 15 single family  homes started in March of  2017  and  15 in the same month a year ago.   Year to date stats  do show a difference with 29 starts  from January 1st  of 2016 to March 31st of last year,  compared to  20  single family home starts in the same three months of 2017.


Poor weather probably delayed starts this year. I’m ready for summer to start, any day now…please.

Have you seen the Japanese birth rate . They’ve made it so hard for kids to have families that they have given up having families . Soon you’ll hear . Look to pg ! What a great retirement destination ! Like Cape Breton or Eliot Lake ! Have you seen how that’s working out ? If it were not for immigration we would be in negative population growth .

    The planet is already too over populated, a little negative population growth could be a good thing. Surprised you, as a someone who promotes making a little impact on the planet, would worry about whether or not the planets population is growing fast enough.

With a static population, highest homeownership rates in the world, and most personal debt in the world, is it any wonder real estate in Canada is slowing down. House prices should rise with wages, right now they’ve shot way too high. The writing is on the wall. If interest rates should ever rise, that’ll be the final nail in the real estate coffin. But it’s been a good ride.
If the NDP win, which I doubt they will, the public will put the blame on them. Eventually housing fundamentals will return to the norm.
Contrary to what Scotiabank tells you, you’re not richer than you think.

Housing is still affordable I Abbotsford so why would retirees stay in PG. And the air quality is so much better. Now get on board and tell me what you think.


    A 1000 sq ft apartment for $250,000 is not my idea of affordable.

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