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October 27, 2017 5:39 pm

It isn’t over yet- Deepak

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 @ 9:55 PM

Candidate Bobby Deepak  all smiles as he concedes defeat in the PG -Mackenzie riding – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. –  Prince George Mackenzie NDP  Candidate  Bobby  Deepak says it’s not over yet.

With the  election looking like it will produce  at the very least a minority government,  Deepak told supporters at his  party  headquarters tonight  that  “We  may be celebrating before the night is through”.  At  the most recent count,  the Liberals and NDP  were tied at  either being elected or leading in 42 ridings each.

“The election shows  British Columbians  have  backlashed against the Christy Clark Liberals”  said Deepak,  who finished second to  incumbent Mike Morris in the Prince George Mackenzie riding.  “It’s not the result I had been hoping for” said Deepak,  but says the  voters have made it clear they are not happy with the Clark team.



Actually the voters made it clear they don’t want you, if you want to be honest. You and your party were destroyed in the polls in this voting area. But go ahead and sling mud the other way, you and your party were never in the running in the North.

Actually… the voters made it CLEAR they weren’t happy with the way the fiberals were ignoring everyone sooo they gave them a minority Govt… Its only a matter of time before a Non Confidence vote is called

Thank you for having the desire for change and taking the time to run Bobby, it appears that PG just wasn’t ready for the greatness of you yet. I’m not in your riding and don’t personally know you, but love that you can smile in the face of defeat, good on you.

The voters in PG Mackenzie did not make anything clear. In fact they did not get off their butts to vote, and the total turn out was not much different than the 2013 election.

2013 Morris 9330 2017 9674 increase 344 votes.
2013 Deepak 5865 2017 5319 decrease 546 votes,.
2013 Green 933 2017 1880 increase 947 votes.
2013 Cons 755 2017 0000 decrease 755 votes.

So it would appear that Morris picked up some of the Conservative votes, and the Greens increased their vote at a cost to Deepak.

Overall turn out 2013 16,833 2017 16,873.

Total increase in voter turn-out 40. Nothing significant here except apathy rules supreme.

Be nice if you would take your placards down, you know, like the other candidates have done?

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