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October 27, 2017 5:39 pm

Local MLAs Say Thank You

Tuesday, May 9, 2017 @ 10:27 PM

Shirley Bond  and Mike Morris take to the podium- photos 250News

Prince George, B.C.-  To  loud cheers and the  Kool and the Gang song “Celebrate” belting out, Shirley Bond and Mike Morris  made their entrance into the party headquarters  to  react to their re-election.

While the  polls are not  yet completely  counted,  it is clear, both have been  chosen to  once again represent their respective ridings.

“My son’s favourite number is five  in hockey” said Bond, “Why does that matter to me?  Because now I’ve been  elected five times.”   She thanked all who worked on her campaign  and  noted that the overall race remains close with the latest  numbers on who has been elected or  leading in specific ridings has  the Liberals and NDP in a dead heat with 42  ridings each.   Bond says  since it is  so close,  she will continue watching the results until the picture becomes clear.

Bond pledged to  continue to stand  up for the Liberals along with all her fellow northern MLAs.

Mike Morris  told the crowd  he was once again  humbled “T o have to  the confidence  of the voters in Prince George Mackenzie :  He said “The people of Prince George-Mackenzie gave me the keys to Victoria, and they’ve done so once again.”  He too expressed gratitude  for all the hard work of those who worked on his behalf “It tugs at my heart strings to see so many people working for me.”

Prince George-Valemount NDP Candidate Natalie Fletcher  stopped by the  Liberal party room at the Ramada to  concede defeat to Shirley Bond.




now to see if they live up to their hot air or if it is just that , hot air.

I don’t think it really matter if they want to live up to their word or not with a minority gov’t. If they don’t they will just blame the other parties for stalling and killing policy. I hate this system where you have to vote for someone you despise because they belong to the party you want to see in. I suspect there is a lot of spoiled ballots because of that.

    I’m just hoping the promises will be kept.
    I am very pleased to see our local MLA’s still here.

      Yes your so lucky that you kept the rubbish you have elected.

None of the candidates for any of the parties were rubbish! They should be commended for running, not slagged by real rubbish like you!

    True dat!

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