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October 27, 2017 5:39 pm

B.C. Students Elect NDP Government

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 @ 5:45 AM

Prince George, B.C. – If over 170,000 elementary and high school students in B.C. had their way – B.C. would be governed by a majority NDP government.

In a mock vote organized by the Student Vote program (run by non-profit group CIVIX), students aged 8-17 elected John Horgan and the NDP to form government with 60 out of 87 seats (39 per cent of the vote).

Andrew Weaver’s BC Green Party were elected official opposition with 14 seats and 28.5 per cent of the vote while Christy Clark’s BC Liberals finished last with 12 seats and 25.4 per cent of the vote.

Students also elected independent candidate Nicholas Wong in South Delta.

There were many close races, with 17 electoral districts decided by 25 votes or less, and eight races decided by 15 votes or less. Twenty-nine schools from Prince George participated.

This is the fourth provincial level Student Vote project in B.C. The goal is to engage students in the electoral process – teach them the inner workings of how politics works and provide them with the chance to vote.



Not surprised in the least. My kids have come home and have been basically brainwashed by their teachers with not necessarily pro-NDP rhetoric, but anti-Liberal. The union money and backing of the NDP is far worse than industry supporting the Liberals in my opinion. The propaganda they send out to union members is Nazi-ish.

    If the claim that “union money and backing of the NDP is far worse than industry supporting the Liberals” is true, why is it that the Liberals are so vehemently opposed to banning corporate and union donations? I agree that it’s too much, I’d like to see the ban.

    I’d also like a ban on all election signs. Locally the liberals ran around on election morning putting up hundreds of extra signs. How stupid do they think the voting public is? Do they really believe that a few extra signs on the morning of the election could sway votes? Very insulting to voters, and beyond wasteful. They could probably frame a dozen houses with the amount of lumber used to build signs.

      You obviously missed the sea of orange, a sign every six feet for the entire block around the multiplex (CN Centre). CUPE paid for all The NDP signs, Steelworkers paid for campaign staffers, where did all the money Hoagie and his party took in donations go?

What other result would you expect from a demographic that has never had the experience of living through an NDP led province.

    Exactly and it is only getting worse unfortunately. They say things were rosy during the last NDP reign, but only mention in passing that BC had a net outmigration after 1997, the other 6 years balance out the last 4. Unless you are one of those that left, or knew some of them. Sad to see friends go and never return.

The kids are brainwashed by teachers on many topics and current issues, this is called social engineering in society. What a better way to do this, education, and change society. This is the BCTF who support this in many cases. This is your tax dollars at work. Work in the system and find out. The teachers union and BCTF are very socialist and NDP while many teachers are not…………..Public education, cannot read, cannot add/subtract, poor math skills and very many graduate with a high school diploma of 50%. Not worth anything when entering the trades, college or university, students are mandated to redo their high school education again and now have to pay for it out of own pocket. Then these kids in the workforce expect more than minimum wages with a high school diploma……………..good luck

Yup, teachers brainwashing kids at it’s finest.

Well if you don’t like what “teachers” teach your kids about politics maybe just maybe You should spend some time with them and explain your views! Instead of just complaining about how the underfunded education system is not living up to your expectations! Who underfunded education for a decade? Who lost in the Supreme Court of Canada and was forced to reinvest in education? Then you wonder why they don’t see the world through your eyes

    I spent a lot of time with my 2 sons and my grand children. The grand children come to me with a socialist point of view learned at school. Teach form a neutral point of view and let the children learn politics for them selves.

    Politics do not be long in the class room! Period!

It has nothing to do with gov funding or underfunding, but the ideology of getting things in life for free or the easy way out. Once these kids have to work for a living as taxpayers they soon learn things come out of their own pockets and not free. Some one has to pay for the social free things in life, it does not just appear from thin air. Yes many teachers brain wash, social engineering. Public school, yes, becomes babysitting, just watch parents when school is not in session for reasons. First year post secondary education sure weeds out the lazy students out. Babysitting comes to am abrupt halt Reality for many is the best teacher…………

Students will have a tough enough of a time finding jobs in the present environment , with the NDP they would increase all the student costs because they would all have to move out of beautiful British Columbia to find work like it was when the NDP were in last time .
Teachers are a terrible bunch of bigots and should stick to teaching not politics .

Too bad teachers won’t put this degree of effort into teaching the fundamentals like reading, writing and basic arithmetic.

OMG… let’s reflect back to the last NDP BC Gov’t.

* Fast Ferries Fiasco – hundred of $millions lost – perhaps closer to $1 billion.
* BC had the worst GDP of all provinces.
* spiraling out of control Provincial debt and weakening credit rating.
* Mining – shut down and mothballed.
* Glen Clarke – deck building fiasco…. and on and on!

The children that voted NDP in the schools are basing their view of Horgan’s promise of thousands of jobs and affordable housing. Where on earth does the money come from to fund this all??? Simple more Provincial debt. If these kids knew they would be burdened with this debt and the related tax hikes to pay it I’m sure that very few would vote NDP!! If you don’t believe this then please present these facts to them and ask their views.

My son knows all of the NDP history and at age 28 he has voted Liberal (Shirley Bond) since her turned 18!

I pray that the nine vote NDP lead in the Courtenay–Comox riding re-count is flipped to Liberal!!

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