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October 27, 2017 5:36 pm

Thanks Mom!

Sunday, May 14, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Today is Mother’s Day  and Statistics Canada has put together some numbers and info  about “Moms” in this country.

    • 9.8 million — the total number of mothers in Canada (including biological, adoptive and stepmothers) in 2011.
    • 1.32 million of those mothers  were  right  here in B.C.  in 2011

There are a number of places in Canada  that  celebrate Mom:

      • Motherwell, Ontario
      • Grandmother’s Bay 219, Saskatchewan
      • Rosemère, Québec
      • L’Anse-des-Mères, Québec
      • Grand-Mère, Québec
      • Notre-Dame-des-Mères, Québec
      • Mammamattawa, Ontario
      • Mumford, Ontario


In 2010,  women spent,  on average  421 minutes  with their family every day.  That’s  up from  403 minutes per day  in 1986.

In 1851,  a woman was most likely to have at least 6 children ( average was 6.56).   In 2011,  that number  had  dropped to an average of  1.61

In 2011  more than half a million  people in Canada  (537,000) reported that they had adopted children

In 2011, there were just under 1.528 million  lone parent families in Canada,  and of that number,  79%  were female  lone parent families.

Many  like to say  “Thanks Mom”  with flowers,  and in 2015,  greenhouses in Canada produced  324.3 million  cut flowers to help share that message.




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