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October 27, 2017 5:32 pm

Friday Free for All – May 19th, 2017

Friday, May 19, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

Heading into a long weekend,  and a break from the  stresses of the week.  

Today is your  day to  speak up on issues that matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free For All.

You pick the topic, but   obey our simple rules and  be respectful  of others,  even if you  don’t agree with their  opinion.

Keep it clean

Keep it legal

No Bullying


HAPPY MAY LONG WEEKEND….. ENJOY…. We ASKED for change… and someone LISTENED… we are getting sunshine all weekend for a change.. Supposed to hit 23 by Sunday

Should be a community clean up award for the town of Vanderhoof with all the effort they put in to clean up the road side garbage in and around their town. Probably the cleanest town and road sides leading into town anywhere in the North.

Therefore, I nominate Vanderhoof for the first annual community clean award….

As for the BC election. I think clearly its time to get unions out of a direct role in politics.

We all want to get corporations out of politics, but I think the case also needs to be had to remove unions from a direct role in politics as well.

With the union party clearly not getting all the union vote in places like PG… it leaves the question of ethics where a forced union due, that is a bonifide requirement for employment, should be used to influence politics by those in the union executive?

Its bad enough we have forced elections through the lack of a ‘none of the above’ option on the ballot, but to also have forced union dues, financing partisans, makes the whole process tainted and negatively influences election outcomes through artificial support for tribal like policies and outcomes.

A union should be about the employee and employer relations and issues around employment benefits and nothing more. A union should not be about picking partisan sides in elections; which may not be in agreement with its due paying members.

Elections should be about the relationship between citizens and politics directly; and not be coerced and co-opted by employment related tribal loyalties. Nobody should be forced to pay union dues to a union that gets involved in politics they may not agree with. Ditto for the shareholder of public companies where the executive is making large corporate donations to political actors.

All corporations and unions that have any foreign influence should especially not be involved in the election process.

My hope is that this will be the first legislation passed by the new minority government… a banning of corporations and unions from financial involvement in BC election.

Time Will Tell

    So you voted green or NDP? They’re the only parties promising to get rid of corporate and union donations.

      I would never vote for a party that advocates destroying our elected MLA based political system that has direct local accountability to a riding of voters. Voting for that is akin to treason IMO. Voting to support a party that advocates identity politics of tribalism through preferential electoral systems is a complete none starter for me… otherwise their vote would be in play, but not at the expense of democracy.

      I just don’t think it is in the interest of a union to be using forced union dues to support a party that would devolve my electoral rights as a citizen.

      I do however support the green policy of banning corporate and union dues and bringing more free enterprise into politics rather than the monopoly captive party brass control of the political system through corporate and union packaged donations.

      I think the only changes on the ballot should be for a ranked ballot so all MLA’s are accountable to a local riding and most work to win a majority to get elected. Also a none of the above option on the ballot so we don’t have forced votes that lend credibility to otherwise uncredible candidates.

    Can’t compare the two…

    Unions are there to make sure the workers don’t get screwed over… big business is there to make money off the backs of the workers..

    Big business only worries about profits.. safety is talked about but anyone knows in industry it’s just for show..

    Unions worry about, working conditions, pay, medical, hours of work etc etc..
    ( I know they also protect the undesirable workers but nothing is perfect)

    I think there should be NO donations and the parties running should get nothing back from the government on the costs of their campaign or for each vote they get..

      Can’t agree, P Val.

      Big business is there to make money off their customers.

      Big business worries about profits and their continued existence. Safety is a real concern for them because they’re well aware that injuries and fatalities affect the bottom line negatively. Besides which, although unions like to portray the top brass in industry as heartless, they do care, they don’t want their employees suffering.

      Where I do agree with you is that the parties running should get nothing back from the government on the costs of their campaign or for each vote they get.

      I disagree. I think if you take the big money out of elections then funding has to come from somewhere and if only the rich can donate then we again have a perverted outcome of the electoral process.

      All have a stake in government rich and poor, working, not working, disabled, and healthy… but not all can contribute to a politician of their persuasion.

      Therefore if one takes out union and corporate money from elections putting something back in the form of government funding based on the votes recieved is a great equalizer. If it costs a couple of million at .001 of a percent of the government budget then it’s such a small fraction that it amounts to less than a rounding error on the grand scheme of things, which is a small price to pay to have an accountable democracy.

      That’s the federal Liberal point of view, Eagleone. And it’s also liked by any leftist party, because their philosophy is that they are entitled, and being entitled means someone else has to pay. Fed. Liberal membership don’t donate their own money if they can avoid it. The Harper Conservatives repealed government funding of elections, the idea being that members should pay, not taxpayers. Without government funding, Conservative coffers were full to bursting, mostly from small donations. Conservatives don’t believe in government handouts when the people can do it themselves.

    Fantastic post eagleone. I belong to a union because I have to. I have to pay union dues if I want to remain employed. What I don’t have to do is vote for who they tell me to.

    You should have seen the glossy pamphlets and brochures my union sent out advising me to vote for the NDP. My thoughts were “who they heck are they to tell me who to vote for?” I am quite angry at the use of my union dollars for pushing one party over another. Not their place at all, in my opinion.

      There is no such as having to belong to a Union. If you are a Union hater then maybe should look for employment that is not Unionized. Many people like the benefits that they help provide but will not take a stand to protect them. So I would have to say if you are happy with the pay and conditions where you are employed don’t bash the Unions because many employees have worked hard to better conditions in the workplace.

      oldman1, did you even read my post? I didn’t say I didn’t like unions. If you read my post and could comprehend it then you would see that I said that I didn’t like unions telling me how to vote.

      Should have the right to work legislation IMO. Some unions also sign away rights like overtime pay or even hourly pay. Company captured unions are the worst because the employee has no independent rights as they are all assigned to the union as its bargaining agent.

      That barging agent right of the Union should end at the employee-employer relations arraignment. It should in no way continue into the realm of politics and using captive funds that are part of an actuary account for employee benefits to fight the partisan politics of union leaders.

      BTW in statistics released last week the average union boss in America gets paid $60,000 per year MORE then the average paid American CEO of those same union companies. So the bosses making their pay from forced union dues actually make significantly more than the bosses that make their pay by adding value to the companies. That should be a wake up call for everyone.

      IMO get unions and corporations out of partisan politics completely and give workers the right to work and or join a union without the coercion of force.

For those who like me are working the weekend be safe keep your mind on the job…….

I heard that too! Word is that they are having over a hundred truck loads a day hauling from the Terrace/Kitimat area to these mills. Wouldn’t want to be the Woods Manager responsible for this screw up.

    I heard they are hauling off the bush roads too soon as well and making a mess of some of them.

It’s not a screwup. The contractors have to go farther away from the mills than they used too for the wood. Drivers in many cases can only do one trip a day now because of this. The bush was shut down more than it was open this year because of the weather. This all seems to be the nature of the beast these days.

    Canfor run this. why was my post deleted?

    Some logging blocks are far away, some are close. Trucks usually make between 2 and 4 trips per day, average probably around 3. The long hauls that only allow 1 trip per day are from quite far away and are not the norm.

    The reason the mills are short of wood at this time is because last summer had so much wet weather. The pine generally grows in well drained soils like sand or gravel, but the bug killed trees are deteriorated almost to the point of uselessness for lumber so logging operations are moving back into spruce country, which is wetter with silt or clay soils. They’ve been out of that area for about 15 years and had a turnover in administrative personnel, the new people forgot what it’s like in the wetlands. Sometimes they have to develop blocks and build roads 3 years in advance of logging. They haven’t been doing that lately. Seems like they might be learning.

This emotional grief is causing me a lot of emotional grief. Who do I sue?

ht tp://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/gender-neutral-birth-certificates-could-be-issued-in-ontario-by-2018/article35047206/

“If it doesn’t happen until 2018, this is definitely a problem for me personally, because it would continue to cause me emotional grief over having a birth certificate and all my other forms of legal documentation that are currently discriminating against me, because I’m not a male or a female,”

Not sure how a document can discriminate, it’s an inanimate object.

Are they building a gas station and convenience store at the West corner of Westgate and the frontage road? I know there was talk of this a couple of years ago. All the construction going on around town leaves so much dirt, gravel and junk on the roadways our taxpayer street sweeping can’t keep up. Perhaps the city should adopt a bylaw similar to other cities where the construction companies have to wash all vehicles leaving the site to ensure no debris ends up on city streets?

    I haven’t ventured farther west than Canadian Tire in recent years to know what has changed so don’t exactly know where you mean by Westgate and the frontage road. Wasn’t the group that built the now 2 year old Microtel hotel in FSJohn supposed to be building a new hotel in that area?

Hope things turn out for Clusty Cluck. I suspect the Comox will be Liberal once all the votes are in.

If I was in Crusty’s position, I would give a ministry position to Weaver, this is a move in which will mean that the Liberals respect Weaver and his party, enough that they are willing to give him a cabinet post even before the results come in. This will be a great long term play.

Meaning that since they have garnered 16 percent of the popular vote this turn. The liberals can than have the opportunity to capture future green support. If they can forge a working relationship, maybe we can have a BC Party. focusing on Economy and greenish issues. Than we can not fly under a blue flag or a green flag… it will be Teal.

    Too bad Hoagie baby harnessed even less of the popular vote

    She cant give out cabinet positions until she forms government, if she’s able.

    Very doubtful that the bcgp will be co-opted by the likes of crusty and crew . She’s not trust worthy enough to make a deal . Don’t forget that the Only money the greens get is from the green supporters . Andrew making a deal with lying , bought and paid for libcreds would disappoint the majority of Green supporters . My next donation depends on behaviour and not dogma .

    I keep hearing they are only behind by nine votes, so the liberals have a chance to turn that riding in the final count. What we don’t hear reported is that the past mail in ballots for that riding had a thousand vote advatage for the ndp. So by historical vote patterns with mail in ballots for that riding points heavily to the ndp retaining their vote lead and the minority government for the BC liberals.

    Our parliament was designed for political parties. We didn’t even have political parties in BC in the early days and our constitution makes no mention f political parties. Political parties are usurpers of political power for the connected and should have no right appointing cabinet. Cabinet should be appointed by the members of the legislature alone. In a minority government Weaver should be premier with big party members forming the balance of power IMO. In a minority government the cabinet should be BC first and not about party loyalty… that is how our system was originally intended before we had sixty years of party majority rule.

    Should have read our legislature was not designed for political parties….

haul, losing

Where are all the whiners this am. how will this site survive

    They ran away with Joanna Nova ? Or the shock of learning that California last week broke a new record of 67.2 % electricity produced from renewables not counting hydro .

      Ataloss, here’s something from this past weekend for you to chew on!

      “The people always lose with green scheme energy deals”


      Just for the record, I am 100% convinced that mankind must do it’s best to use resources responsibly and as efficiently as possible. I believe that we should do our absolute best to reduce and/or eliminate as much pollution as we at able to. I believe that we should recycle as much as possible, always looking for ways to recycle more!

      However I am not at all convinced that C02 is a pollutant and I am even less convinced, if it is possible to be less convinced than not at all convinced, that man has any ability whatsoever to affect climate change in either a positive or negative way.

      Follow the money! We are wasting billions and even trillions of dollars to fight something that we cannot change. As far as I am concerned, we would as an example, be further ahead spending money to develop better scrubbing facilities at our coal generating plants than we are spending money on solar and wind facilities.

      But, the environmental zealots are unwilling to discuss such things, instead they are content to scream “climate change denier” at anyone with an opinion different from their own!

      Portland Oregon now generates electricity with turbines installed in city water pipes . 2 million dollars worth per year . It’s nice to see them lead by example . Instead of only having tax payers as an income stream , they are looking to make money from other sources . Good on them . Just imagine living in a city with that mind set .

      Ataloss, it sure would be nice if you would post the facts in a factual manner, instead of just posting snippets that make things appear better than they actually are! You should be a politician!

      You state: “Portland Oregon now generates electricity with turbines installed in city water pipes.”

      That’s correct!

      But then you follow that up with: “2 million dollars worth per year.”

      That’s not correct! The correct information is:

      “Lucid Energy CEO Gregg Semler said the system can help pay for city infrastructure while generating clean energy. His company and the city of Portland will split the revenues from electricity sales, which are projected to start around $55,000 a year and rise to $119,000 over 19 years.”

      So, we’re not talking about $2 Million per year for 20 years! What we are talking about is perhaps up to $119,000.00 per year, or roughly $20 Million over 20 years!

      That’s a big difference from $2 Million per year to a total of $2 Million over 20 years, but you already knew that. You just wanted to pull the wool over everybody’s eyes, didn’t you!

      By the way, the electricity generated would support only up to 150 homes!

      Oh, and let’s not forget that this is actually hydro-electric power! Hmmm, isn’t that what Site C will be producing, and a lot more than only enough for 150 homes!

      Facts and Truths, Ataloss, Facts and Truths!

      Sheesh, where’s BH when you need her?!

      Made you look ! Mission accomplished ! I never open up any of your links . And , yes I knew that .

      Ataloss, if one bothers to look, even if only for a few seconds, one will usually find that what you post is easily discredited!

      It’s about more . It’s about more energy . It’s not about taking anything from anyone else . It’s about putting money down for getting more . So it comes down to numbers .

    Ataloss is here, I don’t know where the rest are.

Where will all the SOAPY water be going at the Canadian Tire Parking Lot Car Wash on Saturday ?
Hopefully NOT in the Parking Lot Water Drains,
those were meant for Clean Rain Water.

    Maybe it was a environmental safe soap they where using.

    As for being meant for “clean rain water” what a interesting statement… have you seen what is dumped on our roads in winter for non skid. That ends up in the clean water sewers…

    Clean rain water…. to funny

    Be safe and well all

I have heard that Co-op is the gas station going in at Westgate..Can anyone confirm this??

In the last day in the media, India is going to use coal as its backbone energy for the next thirty years, is buying coal mines all around the world, and will double production by 2020 to a massive 1,500 million tons per annum. At the same time India is meetings its climate goals early, and is likely to reduce emissions by 2 – 3 billion tons by 2030.

They can’t all be true:

Coal to be India’s energy mainstay for next 30 years: policy paper

–Economic Times, May 16th

China, India dominate coal ownership as some shun climate risks: report

– Reuters, May 15th

Coal Decline In China & India Likely To Reduce Emissions Growth By 2-3 Billion Tonnes By 2030

– Cleantechnica, May 16th

China, India to Reach Climate Goals Years Early, as U.S. Likely to Fall Far Short

-InsideClimateNews, May 16th

The top two headlines are backed by big numbers: India is the worlds third largest coal producer, and coal powers 60% of India’s energy needs. But the poor investors or readers of industry rags might think India’s coal use is falling. Read the fine print.

Lessons in spin:

It’s all in how an issue is framed. The third headline talks about “reductions” from forecast values, meaning theoretical savings of emissions “that might have been, but weren’t”.

The fourth headline tells us that the two massive coal producing nations are “meeting climate targets early” which just shows how pathetic the climate targets are.

If these countries are a “success” what does failure look like?

We have to teach children (adults) how to filter these contradictions.

ht tp://joannenova.com.au/2017/05/india-meets-climate-goals-early-by-doubling-coal-and-keeping-it-as-main-energy-source-for-next-30-years/

To the driver of the burnt orange dodge pick up who travels the old Cariboo Highway to downtown at 8:00 am to 8:15 am: You are without a doubt the most driver that I have seen. Without regard for other motorist, it is a PLEASURE for everyone that shares the road with you to experience your undue care and attention excessive speeding, tailgating, passing on solid double lines/blind corners, and disregard for school zones. THANK YOU for putting everyone but yourself in danger because the other motorist have death wish and you dont. I thank you for having a drivers licence that should be taken away.

To the police, I suggest a speed trap from PGARA intersection to Bendixon Road weekdays from 7:30 – 8:30 am for about 3 months.

For those that are going to reply about why I have not got a licence plate number to complain, the driver is so dangerous and so fast you don’t have the opportunity take one.


You are without a doubt the DANGEROUS DRIVER *** Correction

Ooops you are without a doubt the MOST DANGEROUS DRIVER that I have seen.****** Thats better :)

Maybe get a dash cam to get the licence plate number?

Trump is going down in flames and can’t wait till he crashes….

Then he will be on every talk show etc.. saying how the world did him wrong..waaah

He is a big orange bully… a pathetic one at that..

    You are cheering on a coup by the deep state that would overthrow America’s democratic traditions in favour of unaccountable globalist spooks. They have zero evidence of any wrong doing on Trump’s part and are taking innuendo and big lie to a new extreme. It’s banana republic time in America and the whole free world is in great danger as a result.

    If you don’t like the election result that’s fine, but that is what elections are for. To remove an elected president on nothing more that rumours and innuendo, through gotch ya moments of deeply disrespectful selective leaking by the intellegence community is treason of the highest order. It will end in violent civil war and the death of the Democratic Party if this continues.

    I think Trump has them right where he wants them… as far out on the Russian limb as they can be, then he will real all the traitors to their nation in on the illegal leaking, and unmasking, and the democrats may never recover.

    If one quits watching CNN and its CIA counterpart the Washington Post then one can more clearly see what is happening in America… IMO

    No impeachment means he’s doing okay, no matter what media blows up.

      You have very low standards if you think that a President is doing okay so long as he hasn’t yet been impeached.

Wonder what people think of the Trudeau Governments plan to invest $35 Billion in an infrastructure bank, along with investment from the private sector. This money would be available for low interest loans to municipalities, and contractors to do infrastructure work. In addition he plans on selling off our airports, and seaports.

Problem is these infrastructure financing schemes will cost tax payers millions more, for less.

Kudo’s to all those who voted for the **kid**

Opioid conflict-of-interest controversy reveals extent of big pharma’s ties to doctors

Financial ties between doctors, hospitals and the pharma field are widely accepted — but rarely discussed

ht tp://www.cbc.ca/news/health/opioid-pain-philpott-mcmaster-university-purdue-pharma-drug-industry-conflict-1.4121956

    Guy that owns the company that makes OxyContin made $14 billion in net worth off that drug and is now one of the richest people in the world. Lots of stories how he manipulated the industry for his legal drug that’s has killed tens of thousands of lives and ruined many millions more. FDA is captured organization in the US and a joke of an organization IMO.

Just read on Facebook about a famous hotel in PG with bed bugs . Eeewww , pictures and all . They reluctantly refunded the victims .

    There is a famous hotel in PG?

      If I put the name up , Elaine would have to take this tread down for legal reasons . You should be able to find it on Facebook .

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