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October 27, 2017 5:25 pm

Andrew Scheer Wins Conservative Leadership on Final Ballot

Saturday, May 27, 2017 @ 5:23 PM

Prince George, B.C. – The members of the Conservative Party of Canada have elected a new leader to replace Stephen Harper and lead them into the 2019 federal election.  The MP for the Saskatchewan riding of Regina-QU’Appelle, 38-year-old Andrew Scheer, was elected leader Saturday at the party’s leadership convention in Toronto.

In a protracted process which carried over thirteen ballots, Scheer won with 50.95%  support from the 141,362 party members who voted.  There were   259,010 members who were eligible to vote.  Beauce, Quebec MP Maxime Bernier, after leading from ballot one through twelve, finished second with 49.05% in a last-ballot stunner.  Scheer had held second place throughout.

There were 14 names on the ballot as former candidate Kevin O’Leary withdrew from the race too late to have his name removed.  O’Leary didn’t make it past the first ballot in any event.

Scheer, a pro-life social conservative, was first elected in 2004 and, at 32 years old, became the youngest ever Speaker of the House, serving in that capacity from 2011 to 2015.

54-year-old Bernier has represented the riding of Beauce since 2006.  The free market libertarian served as Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of Industry under Harper.

There were two female candidates in the leadership race, Simcoe-Grey MP Kellie Leitch and Milton, Ontario MP Lisa Raitt.


It seems the Conservatives have chosen another leader from the right wing of the party, and from the prairies; “Harper lite” as one of the pundits said. Unfortunately I can’t see the party attracting many votes east of Manitoba under Sheer’s leadership. Looks like Trudeau and the Liberals until 2023.

It’s also interesting and maybe frustrating to some that the party went through a year-long leadership process with a wide range of policies and personalities on display, and basically chose a younger version of the previous leader.


    Didn’t the previous leader (Harper) form the Government for 8+ years?

    Didn’t Harper form a Majority Government with only 5 seats from Quebec, and could have formed the Government without any seats from Quebec.?

    Everyone was complaining that the **West wants in*. Harper got them in, however they were not able to stay in.

    Your choice in the next election will be a Conservative from Saskatchewan, a Liberal from Quebec, or perhaps an NDP from Quebec.

    Thats life in the fast lane.

If the NDP ever get in federally it would be nothing short of a disaster for Canadians as a whole

In the infamous words of Archie Bunker; Whoop-De-Doo!

Pro life… ah.. he wants to tell a woman what to do with her body….. next..

    Nope. That decisions been made and we’ve moved on. He’s allowed to have his personal beliefs.

    Actually, it’s another living thing’s body. Just pointing that out.

I think we should keep Trudeau and watch him sell off our airports, and sea ports.

Then we could watch him set up the Infrastructure Bank, and we could watch while private business takes over most if not all of our Municipal Infrastructure and they can charge the hell out of us for services we have already paid for.

    Interestingly that was the very issue which caused the BCLiberals in a few of the GVRD riding their seats. People want to have something for nothing.

    Specifically they did not want user pay fro toll bridges in the GVRD, bridges the people, through the Government, had not paid for yet.

    But, that is not an issue for those not living there, is it? So the interior voted BCLiberals because we’re “alright Jack”. But they have the majority in the lower left of the province.

      People want to have a correct accounting of the actual cost of government owned assets. Not the kind of highly creative accounting that obscures those costs through public-private partnerships, infrastructure ‘banks’, etc., and causes us to be grossly overtaxed paying again and again for what should’ve only been paid for once. The Liberal Parties, both Federal and Provincial, are controlled by an inner circle of ‘financiers’ ~ debt dealers ~ and the figureheads that lead them are obliged to do their bidding.

      socredible, you’re saying the other parties are beacons of truth and integrity then?

      Big unions act just like big business in how they lobby. Every side is guilty of what you’re talking about. Every single one, whether you choose to acknowledge it or not.

      LittleBirdie, nowhere did I say “other parties” are “beacons of truth and integrity”, which they certainly are not. But they pale in comparison to the extent that the Liberals are, and have always been, the party of the debt dealers.

      ‘Big unions’ are indeed like ‘big business’ in how they lobby to advance or protect their interests. But both play second fiddle in getting what they want compared to the track record of the financial sector getting what it wants, and especially from Liberal governments.

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