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October 27, 2017 5:22 pm

City Adopts New Event Ticket System

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George, B.C.- When  the City’s contract with Ticketmaster  runs out at the end of July, the City will switch to  a new company  to handle that business.

The new company is TicketsNorth Enterprises Ltd. it is a  wholly owned subsidiary of EDGEPRo Sports and Entertainment Ltd which owns the Prince George Cougars. The Cougars contract with Ticketmaster ended earlier this year,  and the City  is convinced  having two  different ticket outfits selling  tickets would be confusing  to customers,  so  this move would continue the  one stop shop  operation for tickets.

Under the agreement, TicketsNorth  will supply the  software program  (Spectra),  the staff,  their uniforms, even the  paper stock for the tickets.  As well, TicketsNorth will be responsible for replacing or upgrading of any equipment needed to  do the job.

The City will provide the space.

TicketsNorth will do the same as Ticketmaster in that there will be a transaction fee  per ticket,   ranging from $2.25  to $5.50.   TicketsNorth will also be responsible for  collecting any  licence or facility fees  charged by the City for the event.

The agreement covers not just CN Centre, but all City  facilities where events require tickets .

Ticketmaster will work with the City/TicketsNorth/Spectra on a smooth transition of the service.

City Council has unanimously approved  this change.


So the City is going to use the Cougars (through a subsidiary company) to sell all the tickets to any City events because it would be too confusing for people to use ticketmaster…….. A company that is well-known and already established.
Does having the Cougars (under this company) collecting the license and facility fees from any event kind of make them management now? And I’m sure they aren’t doing this for free. Will there be a corresponding reduction of expenses at the City?

Hoping ticket costs will go down.. Better the money going to a local club than a BIG conglomerate like ticketmaster

$5.50 to print a ticket…

Can TicketsNorth here in PG get me Tickets to a Concert in lets say Vancouver ?

It used to be you didn’t pay any fees if you picked up a Cougar’s ticket (or tickets) at the box office.

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