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October 27, 2017 5:22 pm

Pidherny Plan Gets Thumbs Up

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ 6:01 AM

Mountain bike  trail – image courtesy Pidherny  Mountain Bike  Association

Prince George, B.C.-The Pidherny trail in Prince George is getting international notice,  and  there is a push to create a new  trail that will expand what  is already considered a great experience.

The Association  called on  Council  for a  cash infusion  of  $5,600 dollars to  put towards the development of a trail that would  be about 1.8 kms long, have an 11% grade, and offer two  view points.

The existing Pidherny Mountain biking trail called the “Kitchen Sink”has been featured  by two of the top  mountain biking  websites in the world.   It was  selected  as “trail of the month”  on one of the sites,  garnering 40 thousand views in one day.

Promoting mountain biking  can boost  tourism says the  Association which points to the B.C. Bike Ride that  is coming to Prince George.  That event will bring more than 60 riders from all eleven different countries  to ride the trails in Prince George.

The new trail will be built by volunteers under the direction of a local  trail building  company.

Council unanimously  supported  providing the  requested dollars from the Council contingency fund.  The  new trail’s construction is expected to start in June,  and be complete by  the end of October.


“The Association called on Council for a cash infusion of $5,600 dollars to put towards the development of a trail that would be about 1.8 kms long, have an 11% grade, and offer two view points.”

You said:
“They are not asking for money from council, just permission to proceed.” in response to my comment about the first story.

Since you were so quick to correct my assertion when I commented on the first story are you going to be so quick to admit you were wrong on your understanding of why they went to council?

    Yes, I’ll admit that I was wrong on the funding request.

    My point was that they need a permission to build their trails, and do a lot of work, just about everyday they’re out there working on these trails.

    $5600 is a drop in the bucket to promote physical activity, recreational opportunity, and Prince George as a place that offers this type of lifestyle.

    Still, for the price of one ticket to China we get something anyone who can walk or ride a bike can use. I ride out there and I’m surprised how well the hikers and bikers co-exist. People are smart enough to take hold of their dogs when we ride by and most bikers keep an eye out for hikers on the access trails.

    And the nice thing about Pidherny is it is protected from development, unlike Otway where MTB and running trails get wiped out anytime the Nordic people expand – which is fine – it’s a Nordic center – but a lot of the effort of trail building now has gone to Pidherny because it’s protected. It use to be just a downhill oriented park, now it’s truly becoming more accessible to all bike riders and hikers.

      I agree with your comments ski51, this seems like a very good use of money and different user groups can very much co-exisit and all benefit from a development like this.

      Sounds like a win win to me!

Pretty obvious… NO comments allowed before the matter was presented to Council… NOW that its over and approved, comments are allowed

    If that’s the case then why don’t they do it for ALL the issues that are brought forth to council. I don’t really care that there wasn’t comments allowed, not going to lose sleep over it, but it just struck me as odd is all, why the original story had comments disabled and lots of other stories to do with council meetings and agendas are open to discussion.

Maybe Stillsmokin is just reaching for a negative spin to put on this story. As if the comments in this cancer pit would brought forth to the council and presented as public opinion. Lets hope the comment section on this website are not a fair representation of the 250 area.

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