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October 27, 2017 5:22 pm

Clark Won’t Back Down- Will Let Legislature Have Say

Tuesday, May 30, 2017 @ 1:48 PM

Prince George, B.C.- Premier Christy Clark  says she will let  the legislature  decide on  the future of  the  government.

She says  after  reviewing  the constitution, and precedent she says  she will  resume  the legislature sooner rather than later,  and let those in the legislature  make the decision on a test of confidence .  She fully expects  her team will not pass that test.  “We  have a duty to  meet the House  and test its confidence.  Constitutional convention tells us that  and I intend to do that in very short order, certainly before the end, closer to the beginning of the month of June.”

“We all know that  Mr. Horgan and Mr. Weaver have made an agreement.  They have announced a significant deal and  what’s most important  is this basic principle, if there is going to be a transfer of power in this province,  and it certainly seems like it  will be,  it shouldn’t be done behind closed doors, it should happen in  public as constitutional convention tells us it should.  It should happen in the people’s House, with 87 members elected by British Columbians to our Legislature making that decision. and as I said,  that’s what constitutional convention requires us to do.”

She says she would not ask the Lieutenant Governor to call a new election and  “is more than ready and willing ” to take on the role of  Leader of the Opposition.

Clark says the one thing that all involved in the process have “one thing in our heart and that is  truly the best interest of British Columbians.”  She says it means   everyone  must work together to provide stability in B.C. “And I don’t mean just politicians working together,  I mean working together  as British Columbians,  recognizing  that we must make sure  that rural and urban, that multi-ethnic communities that people from all walks of life have the opportunity to work together.”

The Premier’s comments  come just moments before the New Democrat and Green caucuses  will hold a media event to pledge their support for  each other in order to  form  government.  That event follows the ratification of the agreement by the NDP caucus.  The Greens  ratified the deal  yesterday.


She just doesn’t care about anyone but herself… the voters have spoken. It’s a weird situation we are in..but Clark..you didn’t win.. let it go..

I don’t have the votes but I want to be leader…wahhhh. Lol

    Well P Val, the “I don’t have the votes but I want to be leader…wahhhh.” comment can relate to Horgan and Weaver as well. Neither of them actually received more votes than CC and they want to lead as well. So were actually going to let the losers of the election govern our Province.
    Horgan made some BS statement that the people of the Province have spoken and elected a new leader. That’s actually not the case. Without the Greens and NDP spooning up to become one (which they aren’t or one of them wouldn’t exist)neither of them actually won the election.
    I don’t know about you PVal, but I’ve lived through the horrific days of the NDP dating back to Barrett and were in for some nasty crap.
    Be prepared to empty your wallets, lose a home, job and I hope you have a smile on your face when your paying for the utopian world they promise to all the self entitled.
    Its not the Barista at Starbucks that’s driving the economy of this Province and all you NDP fans are about to find that out.

      Go talk to any senior about how this gov treats them. Like garbage. Increasing their medical, dental, vision costs, increasing prescription costs, lowering coverage levels etc etc.

      Northern health sits in their air conditioned offices making money off the tax payers while seniors in housing have to live without AC. How is that okay ? Wonder how many seniors suffer horribly in this heat. Everyone in Simon Fraser lodge for sure. Is that right to treat our seniors like that. You must think so because that’s how Clark has been treating them her entire time as premier.

    Your right that the voters have spoken. They voted the liberals in with the most seats. What the voters didn’t do..Is they didn’t form a back room deal between the two loosing party’s.

    In the business world this would be known as a hostile take over..

      But it’s not the business world, so the comparison doesn’t work. What the NDP and Greens are doing is completely allowable in our system. It may or may not be desirable (depends on your politics), but it’s definitely within the rules. In fact, one could argue that it’s actually the responsible thing to do (for elected members to form a coalition in order to govern effectively).

    Following constitutional procedure is not the right thing to do?
    I just find your comment a little strange.
    No winners in this political circus, as she said, let’s work together for the voters.

Since when did CC give a hoot about being prime and proper. Only now that she is about to go down does she think about British
Columbians. I guess all the smiles and promises didn’t cut it with the electorate this time around. The LNG card had already been played.

As the leader with the most seats in the Legislature, Clark is doing exactly what she should be doing. If the cards do not play out for her and she ends up losing in the Legislature, then fine, but in the meantime, she needs to continue to fight!

Horgan blabs on and on that the majority of the people have spoken, but he ignores that the majority did not vote for him, either represented by seats in the Legislature or by popular vote!

Horgan and Weaver ignored northern and interior BC and their allegiance clearly is to Greater Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

Unfortunately, we have an idiot in Ottawa, and soon we are likely to have our very own provincial idiot, just like Ontario and Alberta!

Far better for Clark to go down fighting than to concede defeat!

    100% in agreement with you Hart Guy.

    Well said, Hart Guy.

    Fair assessment HG. She is doing what anyone else in her position would do.

    When did you move to Ottawa?

    Totally agree HG. The way I look at this situation is, the Greens and NDP bring the government down, we go to another election (Which could be as early as the fall) and spend millions more. One thing for sure, I hope for 2 possible outcomes with that.
    1- The libs win a majority

    2- NDP wins a majority and no longer needs the Greens in his back pocket.

    If 2 happens, the Greens will loose out on the best position that they could be in only to be dumped by the NDP and promises that Horgan is making to them. And I hope they don’t get the 4th seat they need to form official party status.

    Exactly, well put.
    We will have an uncertain and inexperienced group fighting for control of the ship. Let’s see how well Horgan and Weaver get along, there can only be one leader, right now they both appear to assume it is himself.

Christy is just wasting our time and clinging to power – waiting for a job offer from one of her big corporate donors?

We all know that she doesn’t have the confidence of the house because it’s more than likely she won’t table a budget that includes the changes needed for the NDP and Green vote.

Going to be an interesting few months until everything gets sorted.

    Myself and the other 43% of the Province would rather she attempt clinging to power that to concede to those other two.
    I’d rather spend money on a non confidence re-election than attempt 4 years with Horgan and Weaver.
    How anyone can think those two are good for our economy is beyond me. We are whether anyone likes it or not a resource based province. Nothing else is going to drive our economy any better, and without a strong economy there’s going to be mass casualties. And whether people agree with that or not, the money required to run this province and support the workers and welfare of our population has to come from somewhere. Whale watching and eco-tourism isn’t even going to come close.

      clinging on…reminds me of that old joke…what does star trek and scott tissue have in common…they both circle URANUS looking for cling-ons

      I think you should look at the government’s actual revenue, not just listen to the lemmings on this page. The property transfer tax generates more revenue for the province than all natural resources together. Guess where that revenue is generated…

      Ice, why do I find your comment disgusting and offensive.

      “Ice, why do I find your comment disgusting and offensive” .. because you are way too sensitive? Maybe you should rethink your handle.

Newsflash – the BC Liberal Party won the election. That’s a simple fact. The latte slurping communists of the Lower Mainland and Vancouver Island will have to wait until there’s a vote of non-confidence in the House.

In that situation every single NDP and Green MLA would have to show up to vote. For two parties that couldn’t run a hotdog stand together that might be tough. You can bet the Liberals will all be there though – they’re an experienced, well-oiled machine and by far the best thing for this province.

My take on her speech is that she is on a suscide mission now..(excuse the spelling…lol)

P Val
“Go talk to any senior about how this gov treats them. Like garbage. Increasing their medical, dental, vision costs, increasing prescription costs, lowering coverage levels etc etc.

Northern health sits in their air conditioned offices making money off the tax payers while seniors in housing have to live without AC. How is that okay ? Wonder how many seniors suffer horribly in this heat. Everyone in Simon Fraser lodge for sure. Is that right to treat our seniors like that. You must think so because that’s how Clark has been treating them her entire time as premier.”

Its exactly like the NDP treated them during their last go around. Don’t tell me different either, because I had loved ones in those institutions at the time and I saw the garbage support they received with an NDP government.
Now to improve that support in institutions requires $$$. Do you believe that decimating our economy is going to help? Your going to be taxed beyond belief. Any corporation that really drives us economically is going to stall. Tax Money!! Ever hear of that? Once the big business starts to fall apart there going to come after your pockets for the rest… THATS HOW THEY WORK!
Like them or not, the liberals are much better on your wallet. If I have more to spend I have no issues spending extra to make life easier on my loved ones and donate where I choose to. Plain and simple. Be responsible where I need to be.

    How much money have we made off LNG that Clark promised us ? Not a penny. But has sure cost us.

    So because the NDP did say back when it’s okay for Clark to do it. How laughable. She kept spewing families first, and that’s what she did went after families pockets.

      That’s right, With the NDP we’ll all survive on Butterfly’s and cupcakes.

      Well the liberals did announce 5000 more health care aid worker positions just before the election… so not totally ignored….

Thank you for noting that the seniors lived through the NDP Era without AC. This province was in Kaos and that is why they lost that election.
Just wait…this will all go south when the Greens become too demanding.
Wait it out….

The NDP lost the election, but with some shady dishonest stuff they are ready to start screwing over the province, just what BC needs for a leader. Not even one day in power or even in power and pulling shenanigans. Getting union bride money is legal for them however liberals getting money is not…anyone believing this is just plain stupid or a bipolar Schizoid from using too much pot.

    Please describe the shady and dishonest shenanigans.

All that money spent from so many corporate friends and all they got was 43 seats . She’s doing everything she can to keep the wolves at bay .

Damn straight, and so she should! A total crock of crap!

Weaver wants official party status for the Greens!

Sorry Dennis, you only won 3 seats, not the 4 needed for official party status!

Oops, wait, whine and complain, then form an alliance with the NDP and hope the rules, which aren’t good enough for you, get changed to suit you!

You didn’t get 4 seats Dennis! Suck it up and show some integrity! Or is official party status worth throwing your integrity out the window?

    They have already agreed to change the rules so that the Greens will get official party status,. Such is the way of politics.

Most would agree even a good coup is a bad thing, this is not even a good coup. Gloating over a bad thing shows what morals you have.

The Liberals gave Campbell the boot ’cause he couldn’t win another term with HST and BCRail hanging over his head. Too bad they didn’t give Christy the boot before this election and I’m sure they would have got back in.
The Federal liberals and Federal conservatives also missed that boat with Chretien and Harper and got booted out, as well.
Sorry Christy, so long it’s been good to know you, but your time is up!

Methinks there is going to be an uptick in the number of Prozack prescriptions among the righties in the next few weeks if their irrational ranting on Opinion250 are anything to go by.

    Oh ammonra, you really do need to get over yourself!

    While right wing governments held power, we “righties” were subjected to more than enough of what you so self-righteously refer to as irrational ranting! The righties don’t have a lock on irrational ranting! You “left-wing nuts” showed that you were more than capable of your own share of irrational rants!

    So, what with all of the years of irrational ranting from the you and your fellow leftwing nuts, don’t you think that we righties have earned the right to have some of our own irrational rants?

    Stop being so greedy! It’s unbecoming of you!

      If you are not careful, Hart Guy, you are going to burst a blood vessel!

There is nothing more refreshing than the sound of silence coming from Christie Clark, and her Liberal buddies. They are now slated to 4 years in opposition and they will have to come to terms with that.

No more yap, yap, day in and day out. No more sounds of scissors cutting ribbons and painted smiles on faces.

Just wait till they have a look at the books, then we will see just how bad off we are with this less than stellar Liberal Government.

Christy will go on to greener pastures, as the role of leader of the opposition is below her, plus the party would like to see her head on down the road.

I think Christy will move to Ontario now that they are raising the min. wage to $15.00 an hr. with other benefits also included.

righties dont worry. CC will be well looked after by her corporate big money donors that received big reward dividends from this less than stellar cronies.

Question…. If one members of the Green/NDP Party gets fed up with the newly formed (unofficial) coalition, can they cross the floor and become a Liberal?

OMG…I would love to see this play out and the balance of power shift to the Liberals!

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