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October 27, 2017 5:21 pm

20th Annual Pride Events Penciled In

Wednesday, May 31, 2017 @ 6:00 AM

Prince George Pride Parade 2016 – photo 250News

Prince George, B.C. – Plans haven been finalized for this year’s 20th annual Prince George Pride festivities.

Pride president Stacey Hewlett says the highlights include the rainbow flag raising July 5 at City Hall, the Drag show at the Generator July 7 and the Pride Parade July 8 downtown (11 a.m. start).

“It’s a big year this year. We’re doing a few things differently and we’re getting ready for a really big party and we’re hoping it’s going to be fun for everybody.”

She says the biggest change is that the Generator Cabaret has been designated ‘Pride House’ and will host both the drag show and post parade celebration.

Hewlett adds she’s seen a lot of social progress being made the past two decades.

“I think the change is incredible. There’s always more we can do and we can always be more inclusive but I think the change is spectacular,” she says.

“I think the first parade drew around 50 people and now we’re close to 2,000. It’s a family friendly event and the way the city has gotten on board the past 10 years has been fantastic.”


Drag show? Cool, nothing like some quarter mile drag racing!

Got absolutely no problem with this just as long as they don’t get this stupid arsed idea of not allowing uniforms, Red Serges etc. to march with them. If this occurs cancel it fo next year! It is about tolerance throughout, not pick and choose who can and can’t march.

    I don think that there will be any problems our community is too small to single people out..

    The RCMP just started participating locally in the last couple years, partly thanks to Mayor Lyn Hall who is the first mayor in Prince George to participate. Besides, the ban in Toronto is only of RCMP officers in uniform, they are more than welcome to participate in plain clothes. We don’t need to mention how gay people have been treated by the police over the years, do we?

    How exactly would the event be cancelled if RCMP were asked not to participate? Do the RCMP have the power to do so?

This is now a bigger event than the May Day Parade. Times they are a changing…

Should not matter if they are plainclothes or uniform, it is a Canadian Heritage known all over the world. Sure, there have been issues with authorities, but get over it! Like mentioned, times are changing. How about Corrections, Sheriffs, etc.? some have been also treated differently, uniforms are uniforms, it’s the people in them that make it count. It is a big event so all is good! Enjoy the parade!

    Excellent advice Neil! “Just get over it” could be applied to almost everything. Bad recyclers, rogue cats, cyclists, etc. For someone who spends many hours a day ranting and raving online, your advice would prove very apt. I hope to see you at the parade!

    Also this was not the fault of the Pride organizers. It was BLM (Black Lives Matter) thugs trying to take over the event to push their agenda.

The morning drivethru lineup at Tim Hortons is bigger than the May Day parade.

    Bwahahahaha, isn’t it Camp Day or something like it? I find it amazing, I can walk inside, make an order, get it and leave. Meanwhile people are sitting on their arses and texting away while cars are idling continuously. The epitome of laziness throughout all the fast food drive throughs! Very very sad!

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