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October 27, 2017 5:20 pm

Alternate Approval Process Underway

Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 9:02 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The City of Prince George has  officially started the alternate approval process related to borrowing dollars for four  projects.

The projects  require  elector approval  because of the  length of term of the loans.

The  projects  and the amounts are as follows:

  • Mobile equipment  $4.223 million –  term is 10 years,  estimated  to add $9.34 annually to  the average residential  tax bill
  • Public Works Yard Development   $1.45 million – term is 20 years,  estimated to add $2.09  annually to the average residential tax bill
  • Nechako Riverside Park $630 thousand- term is 20 years,  estimated to add $0.91 annually to the average residential tax bill
  • Hart Industrial Storm Drainage $1.47 million – term is 20 years, estimated to add $2.12 annually to the average residential tax bill

Under the Alternate Approval Process,   each   item would require  the signatures of  5,417  electors, in order to prevent the borrowing for a specific project until the City holds a referendum.

The Elector Response forms are available  at City Hall during regular business hours  (8:30 to  5 pm Monday to Friday,   or online  by clicking on the  links listed below   for each of the specific projects:

Mobile Equipment

Public Works Yard Development

Nechako Riverside Park

Hart Industrial  Storm Drainage

The deadline for submitting the  Alternate Approval Forms to the City is 5 pm on Wednesday July 12th.   The results of the  process will be presented to Council on July 24th  when  Council will make decisions on the various projects  based on the  results of the alternate approval process.



How many thousands did we just pay for a spanking brand new website? You would think with all the technology out there that they could have set up an online voting system for this, but they know it would be too easy for people and they could never get these wasted money plans passed.

That would make it to easy for us to sign the forms .

The alternate approval is underhanded.

An expression by council in the ignorance of maintaining the dignity of the democratic process… requiring voters to publish their name with their vote.

Whats to stop the city from saying okay we will have an alternate approval process, but voters get the dignity of a private ballot like they do in any real democratic process?

You know, for once I would really like to see the pencil pushers down at City Hall sharpen up those pencils to get rid of all the wants and desires and get down to needs for this city. That goes for new developments, always newer equipment and so forth.
Its funny but the rest of society has to live within their means. I would like to see more money put into maintenance of buildings the city has, and maintenance of our infrastructure.
It seems, that once people get elected to office, all their dreams of what they would like to see for this city, become a very real possibility for them and they just can’t hold themselves back.
They don’t ever consider the foundations of society of only being able to have what we can afford and making do with all of it.

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