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October 27, 2017 5:19 pm

Friday Free for All – June 2, 2017

Friday, June 2, 2017 @ 12:00 AM

This is the day  you  can  speak up on issues that matter to you.

It’s time for the Friday Free for All.

You  pick the topic, but please, be respectful to each other.   Comments which  resort to name calling or bullying will be deleted,  and  privileges may be revoked.

Obey the three simple rules:

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So NDP Leader John Horgan has sent a letter to BC Hydro’s President and CEO, urging the corporation not to finalize any contracts that do not contain a penalty-free cancellation clause “until a new government has gained the confidence of the legislature.”

Geez John, you’re not the Premier yet! Jumping the gun just a little bit, aren’t you?

Hmmmm, I wonder if Christy Clark will email BC Hydro’s President and CEO to urge her to finalize as many contracts as possible over the next couple of weeks, especially the one’s with huge cancellation penalty clauses? ;-)

    Not even the Premier yet and he’s already trying to put people out of work. They need to shut the power off to Victoria and make them go ‘green’. No made in China solar panels though, that exploits the workers.

      rumour has it horgan is getting a wall built at hope to keep the northeners out from lala land.

Christy is way ahead of you on that file. She vowed to get the project to the point of no return before this election. Something about a legacy for her name.

    Better than Glen Clarks fast ferry legacy,LOL!

The NDPers must be estactic that they get another chance to screw up the province it’s not they haven’t learned from their first 3 times governing so I hope they are prepared for another economic recession that the next government that will follow them will have to fix yet again.

I must admit it is the WRONG thing to do.

Yes the Libs did a great job while in power.

Lost in court over classroom size with the teachers, homeless shelters overflowing with the less privileged, highest child poverty rate in Canada, hydro and ICBC insurance rates soaring well past the rate of inflation, near the bottom of the provinces in minimum wage, housing crisis in Vcr that has eliminated the average joe from ever purchasing a home, and the massive drug related deaths in the streets of BC.

All of the above were no doubt part of CC’s family first plan.

    How about the NDP inaction on beetle kill they had numerous opportunities to deal with the beetle kill infestation but chose to listen to the environmentalists and native bands

    Then there was the near complete shutdown of the mining industry which put thousands out of work again because they listened to those who had no business in the industry

    Oh and how about the time the NDP refused to help with the softwood lumber dispute saying she hat it was federal territory not provincial

    Don’t forget that it was the NDP who put in buy BC first good idea but it caused a lot of businesses to leave, fail or build because the NDP wanted investment but they never had a clear plan in place on how to buy BC first and you see how well it’s working for Trump now

    All the above listed cost BC thousands of jobs you may choose to forget and ignore those facts but I lived through two of those governments and I remember all too well how bad it was for the north

The Liberals have brought this Province to the brink of disaster. We will not see
the results of their shenanigans for a years, and of course by that time they will try and blame it all on the NDP.

We have huge problems to-day, right now as noted above, and all people can do is cry about how bad the NDP is. Talk about wearing blinders.

    Yeah never mind the fact that the Alberta NDP’s deficit this year ($10.3 billion) will be four times larger than the combined deficits of the other nine provinces put together. You think the BC Dippers will be any different?

      Wasn’t the NDP in Alberta that spent their rainy day funds and now have nothing to fall back on.. Was a shame when they started dipping into their Heritage Funds

      I did know the ndp in Alberta is the exact same as the one in BC… just like saying the liberal party is exactly the same as our provincial one..

    Disaster? The envy of other provinces? Triple A rating? Surely you jest…..LOL

A lot of the top people at Hydro will be working on their resume’s and wont’t have time to do anything else. Their days at Hydro are numbered. Don’t forget that the top jobs were all filled by the Liberals. The President and CEO was a deputy minister to Gordon Campbell 2005-2009 before she went to Hydro.

Not to worry. The NDP history of circling the wagons and shooting inwards will soon come in to play. They have yet to recognize that government is a business and their record of operating a business is dismal. (fast ferries, banning raw log exports, building decks, bingogate) Let us not forget that great anti-business leader Glen Clark who “did not raise taxes” but introduced user fees for everything resulting in significantly less money in the taxpayers pockets. Now working for that great “socialist” Jimmy P. Did not take long for his true character to come out once he was ditched as the premier.

    Government is not a business . Where do you get this stuff ? The orange idiot down south thinks it’s a business . He also doesn’t understand the difference between a society and a business . Now that the idiot has walked away from the rest of the worlds treaty on climate . The idiot doesn’t understand that act will strengthen the rest of us as his winter palace slips under the waves all to sate his fossil fuel keepers .

      Its actually a monkey business. If site C is completed it will harness us with debit we have never seen and the usa will jump for joy to get all this cheap power that is subsidized by the BC tax payer.

      Ataloss, are you still buying into that fallacy about man having any ability to negatively affect the climate?

      Global warming, oops “Climate Change” is happening, always has, always will, but “Manmade” climate change is the biggest ruse of our lifetime!

      Ataloss, have a look at this article from yesterday. The numbers sure don’t look very good for your solar and wind renewables, do they?

      I’m sure glad that BC has huge batteries storing massive amounts of reliable kinetic energy! One of them is called Williston Lake, another is called Dinosaur Lake! Site C will create yet another one of these massive batteries!

      ht tps://www.fraserinstitute.org/blogs/the-reality-of-canada-s-renewable-revolution

      You say government is not a business ……

      Let’s start with a simple definition

      Business = “the practice of making one’s living by engaging in commerce”

      Government policy regulates trade, commerce, markets its territory’s industries, provides subsidies to its industries, and operates actual industry through government agencies which provides services to it population and runs crown corporations.

      Essentially, government regulates private businesses and operated public businesses

      Do you live in this world, or do you have a fantasy land all to yourself that you live in?

      Hart Guy, I sure hope you are being sarcastic in climate change not being man-made… if you aren’t being sarcastic, I implore you to re-take elementary school science. Or even just watch Bill Nye’s new series on Netflix.

      Two other things come to mind, regardless of whether or not climate change is caused by humans.

      Arnold Schwarzenegger posed the question: you have two closed garages, each with a car left running in it. One is entirely electric, the other is entirely gas… pick a garage to sit in with that car. If you think that finding alternative fuels isn’t beneficial regardless of the impact on climate, please go sit in the gas-powered car.

      Second, a comic that keeps popping up had a great line in it: what if climate change is a hoax and we make a cleaner, healthier planet for nothing!

      Turn off Fox News and read a scientific article.

      OMG Sieg, Bill Nye, the science guy?

      Exactly what in his curriculum vitae defines him as a climatologist, his mechanical engineering degree?

      “Bill Nye Isn’t Really a Science Guy But He’ll Play One on TV to Push His Leftist Agenda”

      “he is only a former engineer who decades ago jumped careers into entertainment. He parlayed a regional sketch comedy television gig into a successful children’s television show. He used that to gain access to real scientists and allows people to assume based on his proximity that he is one himself.”

      ht tp://www.redstate.com/jimjamitis/2017/04/25/bill-nye-isnt-really-a-science-guy/

      Bill Nye, yeah right!

      Sieg, perhaps you might want to search for, read and/or listen to the opinions of pioneer environmental activist and Greenpeace co-founder Dr. Patrick Moore, who also happens to be an Ecologist, holding a PhD in Ecology and a B.Sc. in Forest Biology.

      I’ll take his scientific opinions over those of Bill Nye and Aaaaarnooold anyday! Speaking of Aaaaarnold, ask him how he’d like to sit in the factory that manufactures batteries and components for electric cars! Electric cars are not green!

      walked away from the rest of the worlds treaty on climate . The idiot doesn’t understand that act will strengthen the rest of us as his winter palace slips under the waves …


      Bwa-ha-ha-ha. You actually think that treaty would make a difference to the climate??? All it’s designed to do is transfer emissions and wealth away from the successful developed capitalist countries to the third world “developing” nations. Only a fool in the US would sign onto that scam.

Congratulations to all the PGSS grads today!!

Hey all… The NDP aren’t in charge…..

Was supposed to golfing today… so much for that..

Have a great weekend everyone…

Be safe out there

Something not political for a change! The epitome of laziness and lack of enforcement? = the idiots still running around with studded tires on, ridiculous up here in CH!

    Don’t you love that pavement destroying hummmm…

      Just simply marvellous eh? I just find it simply amazing, nothing like wearing your winters out way before their time! Guess they have lotsa bucks!

Horgan and Weaver plan on trying to stop the Kinder Morgan expansion. Good luck with that!

Here’s an very interesting piece from yesterday’s Calgary Herald newspaper:

“Braid: In pipeline dispute, Alberta has ways to get tough with B.C.Opinion”

From the article:

“B.C. Green Leader Andrew Weaver says Alberta should “get with the program” and move away from oil and gas.

OK, let’s do it.

The first step would be to stop shipments through the existing Kinder Morgan pipeline to the B.C. Interior and Lower Mainland.

Almost 90 per cent of the fuel for Vancouver and the southern coast comes out of that pipeline, either as gasoline or crude to be refined.
Kinder Morgan is also a major supplier of gasoline to Kamloops and the wider interior. In a separate operation, the company pipes jet fuel to Vancouver Airport.

Imagine the progress if all that was cut off — car-free streets, silent skies, parked transport trucks, happy strolls to pick up the kids and the groceries. Such a blessing!

The Alberta government could actually do something like that. In fact, it already has.”

ht tp://calgaryherald.com/news/politics/braid-in-pipeline-dispute-alberta-has-ways-to-get-tough-with-b-c

Oh let the games begin! Can you just picture Horgan and Weaver swinging swords with Notley, haha!

    There is a difference between “moving away” and “cutting off”.

    Alberta has been seeing the effects of “moving away” from Alberta oil.

    Gregor would love that. He’s already added more congestion to Vancouver streets by closing them for his exalted bikes, now it’s worse. I’m curious if a councillor here came from there.
    Won’t be long before there’s an injunction against all interference with this new line, as Justin said, “It’s going through”.
    It will be entertaining to see two NDP governments scratching and clawing.

Went to the NEW veterans affairs office today, EXCELLENT SERVICE..I am just wondering about a office with the receptionist sitting behind BULLET PROOF glass. ONE (1) chair in waiting room, I would guess that if you had 2 customers. One customer, would have to stand or sit on floor. The office has no local phone line. The office is first come, first served, so I am sure that one chair will cause problems.

    Blew the budget on the glass and couldn’t afford a second chair?

    I suspect they don’t anticipate more then 1 client a week so the one chair should be sufficient.

    You sure it was Lexan, or just cheap plexi?

      Bullet proof glass is at least three layers, with the outer two harder tempered glass than the inner one if there are three layers. The idea is to cushion the impact.

      Unless you know it is “bullet proof” glass, it is likely tempered glass, the same as many storefront windows.

    So I’m wondering, how long were you there? Any clients already there when you arrived? Any arrive while you were there? Any arriving as your were leaving?

    Hope you weren’t the only client there! After all, 5 staff, new equipment, computers, phones, etc., a new office in one of the City’s more expensive properties, a pretty big cost to taxpayers!

    Maybe they should install one of those “tear off a numbered ticket” machines so that the crowd of clients doesn’t result in someone losing their place in line! Today, you might very well have been #1!

    #1, #1, calling #1!

    Next week, the call might be #2, #2, calling #2!

    Heck, by Christmas, they might be calling “#12, #12, calling #12”!

    I’m also wondering, were you able to see the other staff. or are they each sequestered away in their own offices? Can you hear them snoring, or were their office doors closed?

    Waste of money, Donald, you would have gotten the same service in the Fed Gov. building if the vet affairs office hadn’t been reopened.

    They only need one chair in the waiting room because they are unlikely to ever get more than two people at a time, one being served, one waiting.

The bullet proof glass is there so when older veterans start getting dementia and forget that their fight for benefits is with the federal government not the receptionist.

    The IWA office has the same glass but in there defence THEY NEED IT!

What fun it’s been watching the kindermorgan IPO on the TSX this week . They can’t even make the $17.00 they were hoping for . Today it looked like their volume is drying up . You’d have to be pretty inexperienced to buy into that scam . It’s separate from KMI on the big board in the states . So if their T.KML goes under they lose nothing . Good one to short though . They’re the good old boys from ENRON . The ones that didn’t go to prison that is . Hard to believe theyve got any volume at all .

    Your right, they’ve done this scam before with Enron and also the fiber band network roll-outs.

    Its the classic drive by bond/share offering; followed by a manufactured bbankrupting of the fledgling company; followed by the secured creditors getting all the assets for pennies on the dollar for a debt free company ripe for huge profits post bankruptcy… for the banksters with the preferred and secured only.

    BC after all is notorious for being the pump and dump securities fraud capital of the western world.

Any idea’s what the queen of corruption is offering ndp-green members to join her? How long will she obstruct democracy by not recalling the legislature ?

    Maybe they won’t have to wear high heels. Maybe the Queen will go on sick leave to buy some more time.

    Who would that be?

    Meanwhile, the word is that Christie will recall the ledge in June to let the process take place instead of waiting till the Fall like she usually does.

Man reading these comments you would think we just elected a couple of orange haired baboons and just given them the password to BC’s nuclear arsenal.

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