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October 27, 2017 5:20 pm

Feds Release Forestry Aid Package

Thursday, June 1, 2017 @ 11:20 AM

Prince George, B.C. – The Federal Government has unveiled its plan to aid  workers and communities that maybe hit by  the impact of the softwood lumber  dispute.

Facing countervailing duties that could cripple some  producers, the plan  provides $867 million dollars in measures to support forest industry workers and communities through:

  • loans and loan guarantees of up to $500 million to  help viable forestry companies  with the Business Development Bank of  Canada making $105 million in commercial financing available to  eligible forestry companies  in the short and medium term.
  • investments to diversify forest products and markets, to increase the industry’s resilience to these unfair trade actions and promote its long-term health.

Additional measures announced today include more than $260 million in new funding to:

  • support efforts to expand overseas markets and promote the diversification of Canadian wood products beyond those targeted by U.S. duties on softwood lumber;
  • help Indigenous communities and organizations improve the performance of their forest sector initiatives;
  • provide a temporary extension of the maximum period for Work-Sharing agreements from 38 to 76 weeks in order to reduce layoffs; and
  • expand supports to help affected workers upgrade their skills and transition to new opportunities.

The Government of Canada continues to press the United States  to rescind what it calls  an “unfair and unwarranted trade action” and  remains confident  a negotiated settlement is not only possible, but in the best interests of both countries.


The dispute is all about subsidies. If the US views all this aid package as even more subsidies they will just dig their claws in.

    It’ll be a sad day in Canada when our Federal Gov’t policy and bills are dictated by another country. You are talking about another country encroaching on our sovereignty. If Canada stands for that then we are in trouble.

    lmorge-have to agree.

Why are Indigenous communities being singled out for help? Won’t all Forestry based communities be needing the help?

Too bad the CPC didn’t renegotiate the SLA before it expired, could have saved Canada this $1B. Instead Harper decided to have one of the longest campaign in history in an attempt to bankrupt the other parties.

Its not about sovereignty. Its about a reaction of the Lumber barons to more perceived subsidies on the part of the federal gov. to the forestry industry.

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