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October 27, 2017 5:16 pm

NCLGA President Takes Heat over Letter

Monday, June 5, 2017 @ 9:57 AM

Prince George,  Last Friday the North Central Local Government  Association sent a letter to the Lieutenant Governor questioning the constitutionality of  the agreement between the NDP and the Green Party. ( see previous story)

That letter sparked a backlash over the weekend for NCLGA President Shaely Wilbur.

The letter   questioned  if the agreement ,  which has the  three elected Greens, propping up the NDP to form government, “fetters” the independent  thinking of  MLAs.  If so,   is the agreement  constitutional?

Wilbur says the letter was not meant to be partisan,  “It was just a  question of,  is this the case?  If so, please take it into consideration.  If it’s not,  then please  disregard.  We didn’t expect any out come from it,  we just were voicing a concern. ”

Wilbur says  she has  been the subject of the “wrath”  of some  NCLGA members who took to social media  to express their  displeasure.

( below  a tweet by Scott Elliott,  a councillor in  Quesnel, and who was the NDP candidate  in the Cariboo North riding}

“Lots of members are upset about the letter” says Wilbur ” Well, it is what it is, so, we move onwards and upwards.   We are here to advocate  for all of North  Central B.C. and that’s for everyone so that’s what we will continue to do.”

Wilbur says  the NCLGA’s attention will now shift to  examining  the resolutions that were just passed at the most recent AGM  “Our planning and priorities committee is going to look at those,  and the Board’s going to sit down and  look at the job that’s ahead of us, and that’s what we’re going to work on.”  She says in the case of the letter to the Lieutenant governor,   the NCLGA was simply looking  at concerns that were put forward,  and now  it’s time to “Move on to the next job.”



Now it’s time to move on ? Now that you’ve called our democracy into question you want to move on . Why not form your own political party ? I’m sure the MSM in bc would give you hundreds of thousands of dollars like they did Christy and gang . Before you jump to conclutions let’s wait till the RCMP finish their investigation into the political corruption . If they ever do conclude it , we may see the numbers change via perp walks a la delmastro .

    “Now that you’ve called our democracy into question you want to move on”

    Since when is someone who heads up a democratic organization representing the northern segment of municipalities asking whether an agreement made behind closed doors of people who were elected is constitutional, calling our democracy into question?

    Provide me and the rest of the readers who might be interested in your type of thinking on this with a rationale on exactly why you would say that.

    We can read the constitutions and the policies of each party. I, for one, would like to know how the policies of the Greens and the NDP align when they agree to support each other in a non-coalition agreement.

    If they formed a coalition, I would expect the same.

    As far as the definition of “gang” goes. In order of most common use of the term:

    1. an organized group of criminals
    2. a set of switches, sockets, or other electrical or mechanical devices grouped together

    1. form a group or gang; synonym: conspire, cooperate, collude, work together, act together, combine, join forces, team up, get together, unite, ally.
    2. arrange (electrical devices or machines) together to work in coordination.

    It seems to me that the Greens and NDP is actually better defined as a “gang”.

    So, the Green-NDP gang since they are not a coalition by their own declaration.


“…Christy and gang”

A gang is a group of good friends or family with identifiable leadership and internal organization, identifying with or claiming control over territory in a community, and engaging either individually or collectively in illegal or violent behavior. Some criminal gang members are “jumped in” or have to prove their loyalty by committing acts such as theft or violence. A member of a gang may be called a gangster or a thug.

Just saying.

Let’s not leave out ” Sectiongang ” just sayin .

    Or gangrene

    They are not railroad workers …… don’t mess with the word “gang” you used in the way you intended in the first place.

    Own up to your original meaning if you have any fortitude. I do not like wimps, especially in the politics of political incorrectness in which we find ourselves these days.

it is simple, the Greens sold out to the NDP, instead of representing the people who elected him.

    Exactly. And to me that does not mean having to join the BCLibs either. It simply means stand up for your beliefs and the policies you campaigned for and vote as three individuals or as a party each time an issue is put to the house for a vote.

    One vote at a time, up front and there for everyone to see in open debate.

    THAT is democracy!!!!

    Wanna form a coalition? DO so before you go to the electorate so that they know what you are voting for. Simple. Other countries do it, why can’t Canadians who are supposed to be part of the English cradle of democracy??

Word is from report on Global that Weaver’s first choice was to join forces with the liberals to form a more stable government than the one we will probably end up with. The only problem was one holdout among the greens that would not go along.

    The liberals are in the pocket of global and the rest of the MSM . Even David Black and his so called newspapers are libcons donors . You can’t believe anything they say about the Greens or the NDP . Did you notice that none of them said anything about the RCMP investigation of the libcons during or after the election ?

      Andrew Weaver is the biggest phoney of the three of them. Beaking off the whole campaign that the greens only accepted small dontions from individuals when in the backrooms he was putting the squeeze on big property developers getting $20,000 from one and was turned down trying to get $30,000 from another. I’d have given him 10,000 three dollar bills:P

      The story about the greens first choice being the liberals as a dance partner was from Keith Baldry of Global not the liberals. The guy can’t even hold a three person caucus together….bodes well for the province going forward(not).

      You are as bad as that McDonald Trump clown- blame any story that does not fit your narrative on MSM bias.

      As sparrow says, you are a mere copy of Trump and know just as little.

      You don’t trust “Mainstream Media” because you think they manipulate the news?

      But hey, every tom, dick and jane who can muster a blog with more conspiracy theories brought to you by the internet as video, audio or the written word for those who can write are obviously your source.

      It is the way the basket of deplorables get their “wisdom” these days rather then independent and objective exploration and reasoning.

It is my opinion that neither the NDP nor the Greens ever believed that Kindermorgan and Site C could be stopped, delayed maybe, but not stopped altogether. In my opinion they used this during the election campaign as a means to get votes. Politics are becoming more predictable all the time, especially when it comes to not keeping promises, like the kind that never had any chance of success anyways!

    Kindermorgan ( T.KML ) IPO to pay for the twinning of the pipeline has fallen flat on its face . No bank would back it so the only way was IPO specifically for the pipeline . Completely separate from KMI on the Nasdaq where their real assets are . Reason , no one wants to own a stranded asset . Why do you think the tars sands assets are being dumped ? Hopefully Trudeau isn’t dumb enough to use our money to prop them up .

      “Why do you think the tars sands assets are being dumped”

      If you did a bit of reading, you would know that the main reason tar sands assets are being dumped is because Shell, as the second largest publicly-traded oil company is increasing its investment in renewable energy to $1billion a year within the next 2 to 3 years. That is only 4% of its total annual spending to give that an order of magnitude scale.

      10% of director bonuses will be tied to how well it manages greenhouse gas emissions in refining, chemical and upstream operations. Tar sand are know to have a VERY poor record with that unless they use hydro power for their refining process from bitumen to oil. So, they’ll have to wait for Site C completion. It will still be what is probably the world’s most expensive oil, but it will be on its way to being greener.
      Shell is also a believer in putting a price on carbon emissions. Shell is coming under pressure from its investors.

      The tar sands cannot survive with prices around $50/barrel. A substantially higher price is needed for those with investments there to not leave it to the Alberta and Canadian taxpayers to take over.

      “Other oil firms including Exxon Mobil, Conoco Phillips and Statoil have written down or sold their Canadian oil sand assets which have become more expensive as the oil price has fallen from more than $100 a barrel in 2014 to around $50 today.”

      With the US producing more domestic oil these days using new fracking technology, such as in Oklahoma, they will not need as much Canadian oil either.

      Despite Trump, there are consumers in the USA who are shying away from Tar sands oil.

      Access to tidewater? A minor issue!!!!

      Things change in front of our various eyes. You seem to have yours closed.

      This just in for market watchers such as you …….. ;-)
      “Crude-oil futures fell Tuesday, as investors shifted their focus back on a supply glut with U.S. producers continuing to expand their oil digging operations despite softening prices.”

      Latest data show that U.S. oil producers activated more oil rigs in the week ended June 2. The latest addition of 11 rigs marks a 20 straight weekly increase.

      “This means shale producers see prices under $50 to be still economical,” said a Singapore-based crude trader.

      Traders will be closely watching U.S. weekly oil data due Wednesday. Despite the increase in crude production, U.S. crude inventories have decreased for eight straight weeks.

      Holy Happenstance, Batman!!!!


From the above link.

dated May 7th, 2017, two days prior to the election

Headline: Weaver: Most of BC Green team convinced “they will never ever work with” NDP in minority government

That is on the BCNDP web site, it states the following

In a speech to the Powell River Chamber of Commerce this week, Andrew Weaver indicated that most of his team would refuse to work with an NDP minority government.

While discussing his view of the behaviour of NDP supporters on social media, Weaver said:

“It has convinced most of my team that they will never ever work with that party if that party were to form government.

The event was hosted by the Powell River Chamber of Commerce, whose directors have donated more than $12,600 to the BC Liberal Party, and was promoted on Facebook by former Liberal MLA and Christy Clark biographer Judi Tyabji.

Weaver was introduced by Pat Hull, whose company has donated to the BC Liberals and whose Facebook likes include Christy Clark, Matthew Wilson, and Christy Clark’s biography (written by Tyabji).

Weaver interrupted his speech to note the presence of Clark government appointee Gordon Wilson, who warmly greeted Weaver.

Weaver, the doctor of philosophy, newly minted politician, turned liar like most other politicians who will say anything to win over a crowd of potential voters. As in “you do not like the leadership of the BCLiberals, but you cannot vote for the NDP? …. Have I got the solution for you ….. Vote Green as a protest vote…….

As they say in the Carney world … a sucker is born every minute.

Or as Ambrose Bierce rote in his Devil’s Dictionary in the 1800’s:
Politics: A strife of interests masquerading as a contest of principles. The conduct of public affairs for private advantage.

Some things never change.

    Careful or you might crack the blind allegiance that Ataloss shows to Weaver. Actually deaf,dumb and blind allegiance would be a lot more accurate:D

    Weaver has merely changed his day job from waxing poetic about Kierkegaard existentialism to Brazilian waxing the voter.

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