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October 27, 2017 5:14 pm

NCLGA To Rescind Letter to Lt.Governor

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 @ 3:02 PM

Prince George, B.C.-  Following an emergency meeting this afternoon in  Prince George, the North Central Local Government Association has  decided to rescind the letter it sent to the Lieutenant Governor  questioning the constitutionality of  the  agreement between the Green Party and the NDP in B.C..

The NCLGA has issued this official statement to all NCLGA  Members:

I have been instructed to inform you that the Board of the NCLGA has endorsed, unanimously, a motion to rescind the open letter addressed to Her Honour, Lieutenant Governor Guichon, dated June 2nd, 2017. The motion further states that the Board, unanimously, recognizes that the letter should not have been sent.

In addition, this official statement has been approved, unanimously, by the NCLGA Board of Directors:

It was an error to send a letter on behalf of all NCLGA local government members without a thorough vetting by the board members duly elected and appointed by them.  The NCLGA Board sincerely regrets this and will be taking immediate action to ensure this does not happen again.  Furthermore, the NCLGA Board will be sending an official letter of apology to all NCLGA local government members, all leaders of political parties in the BC Legislature and to Her Honour, Lt. Governor Guichon.

The NCLGA unanimously reaffirms that it is a non-partisan association, and recognizes that the contents of the open letter in question have been perceived as partisan, inappropriate and untimely. The NCLGA Board remains committed to promoting the social, environmental, and economic well-being of all NCLGA members, and emphatically states that it will work equally with all stakeholders, decision makers, and elected representatives to that end.

On behalf of the NCLGA Board,

Oliver Ray

Executive Director


Who really cares, this is one of the most useless bureaucratic posts I have ever read! No offence Elaine, you just pass on the news!

You bet. This is a waste of time. Who cares what these people think or do. They have nothing to do with the general voting public yet every time I turn around, they are in the news.

I appreciate 250 following this issue as we, the people of BC, work our way through a very interesting post-election period. The letter and its aftermath had some traction in other media outlets, especially CBC which had a good interview this morning. I suspect the NCLGA will go back to being a low profile organization; lesson learned. This wasn’t their finest hour.

So, what was the real reason, who got to them and had them change their minds?

I thought their original letter was spot on. What a disgrace they were forced to back down. I thought they were to advocate for the interests of northern communities and not be silenced by political correctness.

Clearly if anyone should call out the idea that our government can be formed behind closed door quorums as unconstitutional, then it should be the representatives of the municipalities. It is a dereliction of their duty to do otherwise partisan or not.

This is a coalition formed after an election behind closed doors in secret that included in its negotiated settlement huge issues for the North like shutting down Site C construction and removing half our MLA’s in the legislature so that the Lowermainland and Victoria can appoint list candidates from leftist party hacks.

The spineless turn of events by NCLGA is exactly why the North is becoming the political backwater that it is.

    The original letter was not endorsed by the collective group, but was fired off by a rogue president who was overwhelmed by sour grapes. This may shock you, but not every single town and city of the north is riding on Christy Clark’s bandwagon.

From the comments I have read it would appear that the original letter was sent by a person who was a Liberal supporter and donor acting alone and on her own behalf, but claiming to represent an organisation that is supposed to be non-partisan. In other words, her actions were unethical and dishonest. When the other members of the organisation heard about it for the first time through the press, NOT from her, they immediately called an emergency meeting to metaphorically slap her down for acting in a partisan and biased manner. If she wanted to make the points she did she sould have sent the letter in her own name or the name of her local Liberal party constituency association, not abuse her position of trust in another group.

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