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October 27, 2017 5:13 pm

Legislature to Resume

Wednesday, June 7, 2017 @ 12:40 PM

Victoria, B.C. –  The answers to  B.C.’s  Government  questions  will be  available  two weeks from tomorrow.

Government House Leader Michael de Jong has issued the following statement:

“Today, on behalf of Premier Christy Clark, I informed the Office of the Speaker that the legislature will be recalled on Thursday, June 22, 2017.

“The first order of business in this new parliament will be the election of a speaker. After which, and in the aftermath of a very close election, the government will seek to determine if it continues to enjoy the confidence of the house.”

With the NDP and Greens  aligning  to have one more seat than the Liberals,  it is likely the Liberals will be  moving to the opposition side of the house  before the month is through.



I’m glad to see that Ms. Clarke is keeping her word to recall the Legislature in a timely manner. I hope she continues to do so and does not recommend another election to the Lieutenant Governor after she is defeated.

We need another election. Voters did not elect either the NDP or the Greens and those voting for the Greens did not vote NDP. Yet here we are, the liberals get the most votes, the green voters get the NDP and the NDP get the run of government.
Honestly folks, the only people that would be happy with this are the NDP and they still didn’t get the most votes. They align themselves with the least voted party and get to Govern the province? Bad choice and not fair to the green party voters either.
The Green voters voted Green. They did not vote for their party to align with the NDP.
Hold another election. The cost is small potatoes compared to what both those party’s will cost the province in revenue and GDP and jobs, taxes, income, homes, lives etc…
Let the true winner with the most votes lead us. After all that’s what we voted for.

absolutely right we need another election very soon.lets have a majority
one way or another. the way it is now is no good at all.

60 percent of us voted to drive corperate , union and other corrupt money out of our elections . Where are the RCMP investigation results into the electionsBC charges ? Let’s hope they will be revealed before the 22nd . The last election still stinks to high heaven .

    Over 60% did not vote for the NDP!

    heck, over almost 85% didn’t vote Green!

    So Ataloss, why didn’t you comment yesterday on sparrow’s comment to you:

    You commented: “Where are the RCMP?”

    Sparrow replied: “They are adding staff to look at the way Weaver put the big squeeze on property developers for big contributions of green to the greens…..see story from yesterday:


    Ataloss, you disappeared after sparrow’s comment! How come? Where’d you go? Didn’t you want to address the issue of corruption from Weaver and the Greens?

      Ataloss did not say 60% of those who voted, voted for the NDP.

      Not too good at that addition thingy, eh hartguy . Stick to pie charts . Way easier !

      There are no “elections BC charges”, they didn’t investigate and turned the file over to the RCMP to maintain an impartial air over the election. As I recall the NDP had to return 8,000.00 … no 10,000.00 … no they discovered a few more 12,000.00 last time I saw a news article on the story that the RCMP have to look at as part of their investigation.

      You are also plunking in independents who may not have been in favour of removing union and corp donations in your round figure.

      You also fail to account for those who just performed a “protest vote”

      What stinks to high heaven is the Greens assigning their independent votes to the NDP

Have to disagree with the above comment; the last thing we need is another election. We elected 87 MLA’s and expect them to collectively form a government and opposition and get on with the province’s business.
There is no reason to believe that another election would result in a legislature that has a different makeup or that a clear majority would be held by one party. The voters are not wrong.

Another issue that will have to be reconciled some day is the disparity between the number of voters in the urban ridings and the rural northern ridings. Typical ridings in Vancouver & suburbs, Victoria, Kelowna & Kamloops have about 25,000 voters; the rural northern ridings have half as many. PG ridings had close to 20,000 but Nechako Lakes for example had just under 10,000 voters. There is a case to be made that in the central interior we are over-represented.

I would not call this a timely manner. Horgan and Weaver should have sent Christy a letter giving her four days to recall the Legislature the same as she gave them to report on site C.

    Will be interesting to see if Horgan can control his temper, or Weaver may walk across the floor.

      Grizzly- Wishful thinking.

      Yah, but it would be funny, right?

Send Clark packing.. take away her credit card..that will save us approx $500,000 a yr.. good start

    I hope she takes Ding Dong with her.

You folks do realize I hope, that if another election is called, the Liberals will win with a majority.

    The Liberals might win, then again, they might lose. They are the only party with a multimillion dollar bank balance. We know people can be bought.

      I would be willing to bet that most voters cannot be bought . Kids don’t vote . We vote for their futures . Christy and gang vastly underestimated our integrity . She talks the family first talk , we live it . The only ones intoxicated by the natgas dream are the ones that have a vested interest . The rest of us smell the rat . How’s all that natgas money working out for ya Christy ? You’d think it would have bought you a majority . I guess twenty million dollars doesn’t go as far as it used too . At least MSM made out like bandits with all that ad money . Maybe your minions will get you a do over . Sounds good huh ?

      ? You do know the NDP took in over 6 million in donations last year right?

    Well, if you can see the future with such certainty, could you please give me the winning 649 numbers for the next draw?

It’s time for a change in government. They should have a maximum 10 years. After that they become arrogant, feeling entitled as if they’re royalty.
I’m hoping with a minority, or a coalition that we’ll be able to tell them what we want and need, instead of them telling us what’s good for us.

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