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October 27, 2017 5:10 pm

MP Doherty Stands Up for Kinder Morgan

Saturday, June 10, 2017 @ 7:00 AM

Prince George, B.C. – Cariboo-Prince George Conservative MP Todd Doherty has spoken up in favour of the controversial Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain Expansion Project.

It followed the first motion newly elected party leader Andrew Scheer made in the House of Commons recently. 

The motion stated that (a) the project has the “social license to proceed,” (b) “is critical to the Canadian economy and the creation of thousands of jobs” is (c) “environmentally sound as recognized and accepted the National Energy Board” (d) “is under federal jurisdiction with respect to approval and regulation” and (e) “should be constructed with the continued support of the Prime Minister.”

In a speech in the House, Doherty thanked Scheer “for taking a principled stand on an issue that is dearly important to us in the province of British Columbia.”

While arguing the pipeline needs “a champion” he bemoaned Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s alleged inaction on the file.

“Unfortunately to one’s surprise, our Prime Minister made the announcement, but has been absent on this front, choosing to offer a few platitudes not from Ottawa, or his riding of Papineau, but from Italy.”

(The PM was in Italy at the time of Doherty’s speech).

He continued: “Forgive us for our cynicism. I remind the House that we saw the Prime Minister and his cabinet absolutely, 100 per cent, and uncategorically swayed and influenced by outside parties with the reversal of the northern gateway project.”

Doherty added his B.C. caucus “has been afraid to have him discuss it” in B.C. and asked him to “stand up to them” to ensure it’s finally built.

“We are not just talking about a pipeline. We are talking about Canada’s economy.”


First point – has the social license to proceed. Todd Doherty needs to travel outside of his mutual admiration society. The last election made it abundantly clear to me that the majority of BC’s citizens have not given Kinder Morgan a ‘social license’ to proceed. The Central Interior is outnumbered by the Lower Mainland and outvoted.

Second point – critical to Canada’s economy. One tanker spilling a significant portion of a load of dilbit will be catastrophic to BC’s coast for generations to come. Exxon Valdez is still not cleaned up and Exxon is still avoiding and evading it responsibility, and it spilled ordinary crude oil, not dilbit. Canada will survive the loss of the Fraser River salmon and the cruise ship economy of BC, but BC won’t.

    Critical for Canada’s economy ?? Hyperbolic Toddd or what ? It wouldn’t even make a rounding error . Give yer head a shake doherty . The word critical is a life or death word . The pipe isn’t here now and we are still alive . How is that ?

I sincerely hope that our CPP ( CPPIB.Com ) does not put any of our pension funds into the KML (Kindermorgan) pipeline IPO . It’s bad enough it owns imperial oil . We don’t need to invest in future stranded assets .

In lower mainland papers they are literally talking civil war over the Kinder Morgan pipeline issue. It turns out every elected politician in the lower mainland, every mayor, the mayor of Vancouver, Burnaby, North Van, and the proposed new coalition government of BC are all saying this project will never happen.

No one other than Doherty is claiming this project has social license.

Doherty should join the ban on coastal tanker traffic for bitumen, and put his support into the Canadian economy instead by supporting a mega refinery in Bear Lake that could export a refined product which would minimize any impacts on our coast frompotentialexports.

    Pushing Kinder Morgan will be the death of conservatism in the lower mainland and Vancouver Island, if it is not already. We will all pay for this with the rise of leftist power in BC and their other policies that come with leftist power.

    In accounting they use the term sunk cost and cut their losses rather than taking on more losses for a bad decision. For the sake of having conservative politics in BC I think they need to let this issue drop.

I guess we now know at least one entity that is buttering his bread.

Todd’s LAST STAND… He won one with PTSD and figures he’s on a roll….ahhaha

Hardly makes sense. Trudeau wanting a green economy yet wants to allow a pipeline to move crude to port so others can contribute to CO2 using a Canadian natural resource. CO2 tax in Canada to wean the public off fossil fuels but okay to ship fossil fuels off shore, endanger the coast line of BC, and contribute to further CO2 in the atmosphere.

Not sure where Doherty come up with social license from the public of BC. He best wake up and smell the roses. Most residents of BC don’t want the pipeline.

right on doherty we just can’t live on green grass.get the pipe line in.

Lots of prattle on the issue of this pipeline. Most of it is not based on any facts what so ever. I might go into more detail later.

In the meantime, people in BC lower mainland and the island, might want to consider that the oil and gas that runs their cars and a large portion of the jet fuel that flies the planes out of the Vancouver/Island airports comes from oil produced and shipped from Alberta.

If you think you can play hard ball with Alberta you might want to consider where you will get your gas/diesel/and jet fuel from. This Alberta oil is refined in Prince George (small refinery) and Burnaby. The balance of the jet fuel needs are trucked in from Cherry Point Washington.

So, no oil (crude or otherwise) can be shipped out of Alberta without the approval of the Premier of Alberta. So if you want to play hard ball with Alberta, you might want to buy a new pair of running shoes, and a bike. Eastern Canada learned this lesson a number of years ago.

Time to wake up an smell the roses.

    You’re just being silly palopu . This isn’t the Ukraine and ms. Notley isn’t Putin . In fact she wouldn’t be able to do anything but pout a little and we all know how painful that would be . Eastern Canada did learn their lessen . That’s why they are the leaders in renewables in canada .

      Perhaps if Canada’s largest population (Ontario and Quebec) used more Alberta “oil” and stopped using imported oil from countries with far less stringent environmental standards than those that Alberta’s energy industry operates under, Notley would be happier and the rest of Canada would be better off economically.

      It will be a very long time coming before Eastern Canada has enough windfarms and solar to amount to anything! Don’t believe me? Check out the graphs on this site!

      ht tps://www.cns-snc.ca/media/ontarioelectricity/ontarioelectricity.html

      Leaders in renewables? Hydroelectricity was originally and continues to be the highest capacity renewable if a province is lucky enough to have the geography for it.

      Forget about solar and wind as a primary renewable for the time being in the top 5 provinces.

      Here are the hydroelectricity capacities in 2014 by Province:

      1. Quebec ~ 40 gigawatts
      2. British Columbia ~ 15 gigawatts
      3. Ontario ~ 10 gigawatts
      4. Newfoundland & Labrador ~ 6.8 gigawatts
      5. Manitoba ~ 5 gigawatts
      6. Alberta ~ 0.95 gigawatts
      7. Yukon ~ 0.95 gigawatts
      8. New-Brunswick ~ 0.95 gigawatts
      9. Saskatchewan ~ 0.87 gigawatts
      10. Northwest Territories ~0.56 gigawatts
      11. Nova Scotia ~ 0.38 gigawatts
      12. PEI = nil
      13. Nunavut = nil

      Site C will increase the BC Capacity by 5.1 gigawatt hours/year.

      Some of that should be sold to Alberta for use in their reducer refineries of the bitumen to reduce the greenhouse gases created by the use of gas in that process as well as further depletion of non-renewable resources.

      Shell oil has pulled major investments out of the oilsands since they find it difficult to counter the public outcry regarding oil from the oilsands. Whoever takes over will be facing the same issue and will need to address it by improved refining methods, including building a refinery or two close to the fields so it does not have to be piped as dilbit.

    Pal:”So, no oil (crude or otherwise) can be shipped out of Alberta without the approval of the Premier of Alberta.”

    I thought she was totally determined to ship some of the Alberta production through B.C. to the Pacific coast!

    Are you saying that she is now NOT approving? Doing Horgan a favour?

Obviously Ataloss and Prince George have a problem in processing information,.

In 1970 Alberta and Ontario were having a dispute in regards to Alberta’s natural gas shipments to Ontario. Ontario tried to play hard ball, and Don Getty the Premier refused to sign the necessary documents that would allow the gas to leave the Province of Alberta. As a result the shipments of natural gas declined and created a huge shortage of gas in Ontario. Ontario buckled, Alberta got what is was looking for and a lesson was learned.

So fast forward to 2017. Alberta ships 300,000 barrels per day of oil, gas, jet fuel, and other refined products from Alberta to the Burnaby waterfront.

The Burnaby/Prince George refineries need this oil, otherwise they would have to shut down. If the Alberta Premier did not sign the documents allowing the oil to leave Alberta then we would be in trouble in a very short period of time.

I doubt if this situation would actually happen, however it did happen in the past, and could happen. The idea that we have all the power in this situation is BS.

BC talks the talk, however it cannot walk the walk.

    You are getting your shorts in a knot over a U.S. Huston Texas company being able to increase their capacity to ship more Dilbit to Asia from foreign owned leases in Alberta . Did you actually smell the roses in your own back yard ? You actually surprise me palopu . I thought you were one of us . I hope they do spend the money to build it . Then I can watch as the stranded assets have their Kodak crescendo !!! If you want to help . Buy T.KML . They are cheaper than they were a week ago . They’re a macbargain .

      They are not cheaper because they are landlocked. They are cheaper because no one wants oil from the Alberta oilsands. On top of that, the US is producing enough of their own again for the time being.

      Let’s see if the Chinese will bite at the invitation to build a refinery. At the rate that investment has left since the drop in oil prices – over $22 billion in six months – the sands are likely fetching a bargain price for long term investors like the Chinese.

    Palopu doesn’t know what he is talking about on this topic. Kinder Morgan does not supply the PG refinery nor does the Husky refinery depend on Alberta oil. Husky refinery is supplied from oil wells in the peace country from northeastern BC piped in via the Pine Pass.

      Not a drop of oil sands bitumen is processed in PG.

      Exactly where does Palopu state that Kinder Morgan supplies the PG Refinery?

      The Pembina pipeline segment you speak about does carry the feedstock for the PG Husky plant. However, Taylor is not exactly the starting point of the pipeline.

      Here is the map of pipelines:

      The red lines belong to Pembina. They branch out from there to regions near there in BC. Most are feeding products from Alberta, from both conventional wells as well as from reducer refineries associated with bitumen sands.

      So, where do you get your information from with what the source is of the feedstock carried by the pipeline which goes through PG all the way to Kamloops?

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