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October 27, 2017 5:09 pm

P.G. Chamber Successful at AGM

Sunday, June 11, 2017 @ 8:32 AM

Prince George, B.C. –  The Prince George Chamber of Commerce was successful in having three  of its resolutions  passed  during the  recent  BC Chamber  Annual General Meeting.

The Prince George Chamber of Commerce’s sponsored or co-sponsored resolutions now become part of the BC Chamber official policy manual used for advocacy to the Provincial and Federal governments.  The resolutions put forward by the Prince George Chamber include:

Port and Major Airport Share Capitalization – Privatization of the major ports and airports, the AGM agreed, was ill-advised as it would  cause harm to the traveling public as well as  business communities.  The recommendation  calls for the current governance model  to continue.

B.C. Provincial Nominee Program: Supporting the Labour Needs of Today and Tomorrow – The Chamber resolution calls for  improvements to the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) to meet labour requirements of large scale projects of strategic importance, and to make sure it meets the labour needs of BC.

Access to Justice: Further Development & Expansion of the Civil Resolutions Tribunal – In order to help speed up and simplify the process of settling small legal disputes for businesses, and other civil litigants (avoiding excess costs and uncertainty), the  recommendation  calls for timely implementation of the Civil Resolutions Tribunal Act to the full $35,000 limit; to ensure sure this dispute resolution mechanism is properly resourced; and supporting options for expansion of the Tribunal.




I certainly agree with not selling off our Ports or Airports,. Tax dollars have got these to the point where they can make good money, and rather than sell them off to private business, we should be reducing costs to the flying public, and to Port users so we can continue to compete.

Hundreds of millions of dollars went into Canada’s airports with the implementation of the Airport Authorities. This money was paid by the flying public and was restricted for use for airport improvements only.

So in essence the flying public who paid airport improvement fee’s now have equity in these airports, and any sale should ensure that they or the community where the money was spent, get all or a significant portion of their investment back.

The sale of airports, ports, the setting up of infrastructure banks etc; etc; does not bode well for the average Canadian. Don’t recall any of this during the last election.

Is Trudeau selling us out.?????

    As I’ve said numerous times before, Liberal parties are the parties of the debt dealers. Their inner circle in Ottawa, just like that in BC, is made up of financial manipulators. All the better if a Trudeau or a Clark is the nominal head and front person for what really goes on in the public pocket picking for private profit department. WE won’t see a dime back for all the taxes we’ve paid, and continue to pay, in interest on the funding of existing port or airport infrastructure by ‘borrowed’ funds. Nor will the sale of these public assets reduce public debt one iota. They’ll simply enable the government to borrow more, which they’ll do, to meet other burgeoning expenses. Burgeoning because of the effects of inflation, which they’ll try to further induce since it always comes initially under the guise of prosperity.

    All this could be avoided if the bone-headed Conservatives recognised there is a correctable flaw in the way accounting relates to money at the macro-economic level. Instead of doing that, they’ll end up preaching austerity (again) as the cure to the Liberals wanton spending. One will be as bad as the other, only austerity hasn’t got any guise for what it really is.

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